22 Dec 2022
Updated on January 11th, 2023

What is the Future of Android App Development for 2023 & Beyond?


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 Businesses must be aware of the rapidly changing trends in Android application development to survive in today’s digital age. App development will continue to grow as more people adopt the latest technologies.

Additionally, market demand and user behavior toward Android apps can change. To expand your business’ reach via mobile apps, it is essential to be aware of current trends.

Statista reports that users download almost 7.9 million apps from Apple Store and 28.3 billion apps from Google Play Store. Additionally, worldwide there are approximately 7.1 million app users.

Smartphone users typically have 35 apps installed on their phones. However, they don’t like those apps that slow down their devices. Therefore, while building your own digital solution, ensure that your technological partner makes a robust app that will bring many more opportunities to your door toward successful thriving.

While connecting to the best android app development company in USA, you can definitely build an efficient app having a dynamic technology stack

Reasons to Consider the Android Platform for your Project

Here are some reasons why Android is such a fantastic opportunity for Android developers around the globe:

  1. Android apps are in high demand because most smartphone users use Android.
  2. There is an increasing demand for Android applications. This means that there are more Android developers.
  3. Android development is low-cost and offers high returns.
  4. Android is a powerful development platform.
  5. It allows us to create new and exciting projects using the services already available on our android devices.

Android Tech Trends Arriving in 2023

Read below to explore the wide range of Android tech trends arriving in 2023.

  • 5G

Although fifth-generation wireless technology (5G) has been gaining momentum for over a decade, most carriers have only begun to roll out 5G access in 2021.

Speed is the main focus of 5G. 5G is faster than 4G technology and can operate at 100 times faster speeds than most networks. It allows people, individuals, and enterprises to connect to wearables, machines, and devices. Because it is so fast and transfers information in milliseconds, this reduces latency and provides a better user experience.

There are many use cases. One simple use case is for users to stream HD videos to their devices without buffering or quality loss. PwC has published a study that describes how a 5G-enabled Healthcare Ecosystem — which includes apps, the internet of things, and wearables — could help patients monitor their health and improve their quality of life. This could allow for earlier diagnosis and reduce healthcare costs by about $2,000 per patient.

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  • AR & VR

Augmented reality (AR), which imposes artificial images on real-life objects, is how Pokemon Go users can play while walking in their neighborhood. Virtual reality (VR), on the other hand, creates an artificial environment. Meta’s Oculus Quest 2 allows users to exercise, travel, and view concerts in an immersive environment, all from their living rooms. AR and VR are not just for gamers. These technologies quickly expand to other industries, such as travel and real estate.

AR technology is now a booming industry. This was made possible by COVID-19, an unexpected catalyst. Many people no longer felt safe attending open houses when the pandemic struck. Rapid App Development made it possible to conduct virtual home visits.

Matterport, a 3D virtual tours platform, has created a digital solution that allows home sellers to scan their homes with LiDAR sensors from their smartphones or tablets. This capability was previously only possible with high-end camera equipment. 

  • Cross-Platform Development

Your business needs will determine the technology that you choose for your app. Cross-platform app development is a better option if you need to get an app on the market with complex features quickly.

Cross-development is a way to ensure that future trends in apps are developed. This will allow mobile apps to be used on different operating systems (Windows and Android, iOS, etc.).

NativeScript, React Native, and Xamarin is essential tools in the app development market. They will also help to lower costs and increase app development speed.

  • Blockchain

According to the forecasts, global blockchain revenues will increase by approximately $39B by 2025.

Blockchain integration solutions will revolutionize the way apps are created and deployed.

Initial blockchain technology was known for its ability to function with all cryptocurrencies reliably. It’s now used to store data for nearly every app, such as fintech, retail, and health apps.

It’s a decentralized ledger that tracks transactions between different parties and is shared with all stakeholders. This makes the system transparent and secure. It stops fraudulent transactions and allows transactions to be modified only when all stakeholders are aware.

This technology is also ideal for peer-to-peer transactions. It helps to keep track of all trades, regardless of their app requirements.

Blockchain is vital for businesses and must be integrated with legacy systems’ back end to achieve better results.

Blockchain integration solutions will enable digital assets to be seamlessly shared and communicated in the future.

  • Instant Apps

Although instant apps aren’t new technology, they are growing in popularity. Instant apps allow users to access certain parts of the app without downloading. This is particularly useful for apps only used once, such as parking and coffee shop locater.

Instant apps can be a boon for e-commerce businesses as they provide their customers with a direct experience of their products. For example, a traveler might book a hotel or order a taxi from their app without downloading an app.

This trend is so popular, why not join the party? It is more common for users to use an already installed app without having to install it. It also eradicates the need for a separate mobile website which can be costly and time-consuming.

These apps are better for users and more likely to succeed.

Android Instant apps can be developed using the same source code as regular Android apps, as they do not require a separate codebase. This is a significant advantage for developers as it saves time and allows them to focus on their core competencies.

Want to build android apps with this technology?

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  • Beacon Technology

Beacon technology was introduced in 2013 and has been a popular trend in Android app development. The future of beacon technology is huge.

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What is a beacon?

It’s a small wireless device that transmits signals to nearby devices using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). A beacon can be activated when a user’s device is within range of the beacon.

You can also use Beacons to notify users of special offers and events near them by sending push notifications. Many businesses prefer beacon technology to increase foot traffic and sales.

We’ve seen beacon technology in museums, airports, and retail stores since 2022. A Statista report shows that the beacon market will reach $56.6 billion in 2026. It is growing at almost 60% annually.

This cutting-edge technology allows businesses to target customers with targeted messages and ads based on their geographic location. Beacons can also help locate high-value assets, such as inventory, within a retail store. Moreover, technology is a way to interact with customers and collect data about their behavior.

Businesses will soon be using beacons to communicate with customers via their android phones.

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML).

Today’s smartphones use machine learning and AI to improve the user experience. This is achieved by analyzing user behavior and giving them recommendations and personalization.

It has been used in mobile app development. When people think of artificial intelligence, virtual assistants like Siri and Alexa come to mind. Moreover, there are chatbots, voice transcription, smart predictions, and alignment of content according to visitors.

Social media networks use AI to offer better content recommendations to users. According to reports, Google is also working on an AI-powered operating platform that will power future smartphones.

AI is being used to personalize, as well as for security purposes. For example, Android’s Face Unlock and Iris Scanner use AI to identify a user’s iris or face. This is done to ensure that the device’s rightful owner can access it.

This trend is also affecting the business sector! Many companies use AI to automate repetitive tasks like image tagging, translations, and fraud detection.

  • Wearables

Wearables can include watches, earbuds, and other smart devices, as well as specific articles of clothing. Wearables have many functions. They can be used to activate voice calls or help people track their steps. Around 1 billion connected wearable devices are in use around the world. The market for wearable technology was worth $116 million in 2021. There is significant growth ahead. It is expected to reach $265 billion in 2026.

Consumer electronics make up the largest share of wearables. There is increasing interest in their use for more than simple step counting, especially in healthcare. Some wearables, such as the Fitbit and Apple Watch, have been cleared by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to use an electrocardiogram application to monitor irregularities in heart rhythms.

Wearables will soon have smart app capabilities that can be used to secure your data. Apple recently partnered with Schlage lock manufacturers to create smart locks that an Apple Watch or iPhone can easily open. Furthermore, You can add a virtual house key to a mobile smart wallet.

  • Apps for Foldable Smartphones

Yes, you read that correctly, foldable phones are back, and we have seen it in Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip series.

The new series offers a new way of using our phones. These phones have larger screens but are still portable. These devices are still in demand despite the recent updates.

The number of foldable phones shipped worldwide soared in 2022 to 13.5 million units. International Data Corporation predicts worldwide foldable shipments will exceed 41.5 million units in 2026.

In the future, foldable will be able to replace both a smartphone and a tablet by being two-in-one. So how can you use this technology to your advantage?

Software developers who can create user interfaces that adapt to different screen sizes and dimensions should be considered. For foldable phone app development, flexibility is vital.

Apps that focus on visuals, such as gaming and video streaming, can also be developed to take advantage of the larger screen.

Industries that offer opportunities for Android developers

To give you an idea of the demand for Android, I have listed the following industries:

  • Finance 
  • Medical
  • E-Commerce
  • Gaming 
  • Maps and Travel
  • Security 

This isn’t the end, as nearly every industry and business requires Android developers and users. Google, YouTube, and VMware are just a few examples.

Why Must You Reap Benefits with Android App Development?

As part of today’s digital revolution, Android mobile apps have profoundly impacted many industries. Although iOS is a trendy platform, the following are reasons why Android development is the best and most preferred platform for businesses. Read further and explore why you should take the best android app development services. 

  • Low costs and a high ROI

The Android SDK is a crucial advantage in Android app development. The best android app developers use these SDKs to create interactive apps. However, the developers/development teams need to provide a one-time registration fee for application distribution. They can then use any device to build and test their product on their smartphones. This ensures low investment and higher user engagement. 

  • Customization

Android is an open-source platform that allows developers to customise it as much as they want. Android applications are popular because of this. The OS will enable you to create versatile Android apps that can quickly provide aids to existing business processes and data management functions. Enterprises can reach a broader customer base and adapt to changing business needs.

Android development offers many benefits and business-friendly features that can help increase market penetration. Techugo is one of the giant names in the industry, which has created more than 850 applications. Surely, our support can lead you ahead and bring profit to your business. 

  • Increased customer engagement

This is one of the most significant benefits mobile apps offer to businesses. This allows for direct communication between customers and companies. Your mobile app will enable you to install and send push notifications and in-app messages to as many customers as possible. Customers will be more loyal to you if your notifications contain essential and relevant information.

  • Transformation of the retail experience

The mobile application can transform the retail experience. It allows retailers to stay ahead of customer expectations by delivering a unique customer experience. Many businesses are built on mobile apps. This reduces the overhead costs associated with a brick-and-mortar business.

  • Unique services and payment

Different industries have different mobile apps. You can use your mobile app to help customers book appointments if you work in the service sector, such as salons, healthcare, and online food retail. You can attract and engage customers while reminding or updating them about their appointment. Mobile payments are a popular way to make payments. Small and large businesses can easily integrate payment options into their mobile apps. This will allow them to receive direct payments via debit and credit cards. These payment platforms can be used quickly and are secure.

  • Flexible and scalable

Android Studio has made the OS more flexible and adaptable. It works with all Android devices, including smartphones, laptops, wearables, and TV. It allows Android apps to be compatible with IoT, augmented, and virtual reality technologies. The flexibility of the Android app platform allows developers to create mobile apps that can perform multiple functions once installed on the phone.

  • Competitive

Android OS has been installed on over two billion smartphones worldwide. This demonstrates the importance of this forum. The app will be popular if it is released on Android. This app will help to build the brand’s reputation and increase revenue.

These are the obvious advantages that Android apps offer businesses over their competition:

  • Simple and reliable BYOD and Mobility implementation
  • Reach large audiences
  • Rapid modification and functionality that is business-friendly

Android OS offers other benefits for businesses. We recommend using custom Android app development to drive your business.

Not only is it essential to have a mobile solution, but so is choosing the right technology for mobile app development. Startups can use these technologies to help them make their business ideas more attractive to investors.

  • Python

Python needs no introduction. It is one of the most widely used mobile app development technologies. Developers and preferred companies love Python. It simplifies and speeds up mobile app development.

Python is an object-oriented, dynamic and portable programming language. Python has many features, such as built-in debuggers to facilitate seamless app development, large community support, GUI programming support, and multiple frameworks, libraries, and numerous frameworks. As a result, this language is the favorite pick of developers to create feature-rich, scalable mobile apps in a shorter time.

  • Flutter

Google invented Flutter. It is an open-source mobile application development SDK that allows developers to create cross-platform apps. With Flutter, it is possible to create apps that run on iOS and Android.

Flutter uses Dart to create native interfaces. This eliminates the need to write new code from scratch for developers while creating a single application on two platforms.

  • Java

This object-oriented programming language is well-known. This language is highly secure and easy to use. Also, it is the official language for building Android apps. Java provides a wealth of open-source libraries and excellent documentation and allows developers to create different types of Android apps quickly and easily. You can build apps using Java languages such as Telegram, VLC media play, and SeaWeather.

  • React Native

React Native, an open-source framework developed by Facebook, lets you develop cross-platform iOS, Android, and Web apps. Instead, react native apps consist of native-like features, and you can efficiently run them on multiple platforms.

ReactJS and JavaScript are two of the most popular programming languages developers use to create apps that have seen a meteoric rise in popularity on various platforms. This framework has been used to develop apps such as Uber Eats and Airbnb, Myntra, Facebook, and Airbnb.

Build your Own Tech Solution with Techugo!

The business’s needs and available resources will determine whether you should build a mobile app on the iOS or Android platform. A mobile app developer can help you reach consumers with the necessary functions and features. They can help you reap all the benefits of operating systems and global market dominance.

Mapping down your budget and timeline is essential before moving ahead with the android app development. This includes determining the revenue goal, identifying demographic and geographic characteristics, desired features, range of devices (phones, tablets, etc.), app maintenance budget, publishing, and restrictions. We can help you if you don’t know where to begin.

Connect with us at Techugo and let the experts resolve all your queries and doubts.

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