22 Aug 2016
Updated on July 28th, 2020

What Makes Your Healthcare App An Engaging Portal? (UPDATED)


Ankit Singh

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Health is an integral part of everyone’s life, and its relevance can never be taken for granted. Due to the spark of technology, it has now become possible throughout the world to diagnose and treat new and existing diseases.

Undoubtedly, apps are the future of healthcare, but if you have a game-changing medical app idea, you need to take special care to protect the precious data your app will handle. In the current market scenario, launching a healthcare app is a good idea considering the number of potential users across the globe. But there are a few things that are good to know before you start developing your own healthcare app:

Does User-Experience Matter?

Since the health app is patient-centric. The key is to create a design that makes the patient process flow as seamless as possible. If the healthcare app is patient-centric, then everything must have the user experience of the patient in mind.

A healthcare app is accessed by medically disadvantaged people, so the UI should be much easier to access than other apps. This means most people who are ill or undergoing symptoms of ill health or other chronic conditions should be able to navigate through the app with a minimum modicum of effort.

People with various levels of health discomforts use this app, so the user experience must be crafted with the most positive look, feel in terms of content, color schemes, alert sounds. The app should be able to create a positive ambiance for the users that their health care concerns will be addressed here without any hassles.

UI/UX for Health app  

Health app is used by the people who either need it for others or need it for themselves, in either case, the technology, which is used in healthcare app, must be user-friendly, but the healthcare app has its own set of requirements.

Good UI/UX is required for every app, but with the high frequency of data input and the amount of data in healthcare apps, the design needs some extra effort. To develop great healthcare apps, the importance of UX (user experience) and UI (user interface) design cannot be avoided.

Data Security and Confidentiality

Healthcare apps need to be specially taken care of due to their security and confidential aspects. While making healthcare apps designers and developers need to take one extra step to make sure that their products aren’t just functional and beautiful, but also safe.

The first and the foremost functionality to be watched for is the apps’ functionality, which would ensure that user data is protected from data thieves and other privacy threats.

Consider the regulations based on the app market, because the healthcare data is so sensitive, which can directly affect the user’s safety and privacy. For instance, for an app to be launched in the US market, the app must comply with the Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act (HIPAA).

The same goes for the app to be launched in the European or Asian markets. Do check and comply with all the rules & regulations of the concerned app market.

Include the privacy policy that explains what information is being collected and how it will be used. As the owner of a healthcare app, you need to keep patients’ protected health information (PHI) a top priority.

On avoiding the regulations, the chances of getting your app rejected go much higher, because even the app stores are very particular about the health care guidelines.

Include Value-Added Services

You should get the optimum use of your healthcare app. Add more number of emergency services to your healthcare app to ensure maximum effectiveness and value for the healthcare app. Healthcare app is fully based and focus on diagnosis and suggestions, add Ambulances on call, ICU on wheels, online pharmacies and home delivery of medication after diagnosis and prescription are complete.

App Testing

App testing is a crucial phase of any app development. No user wants to use a bug installed app, so make a goal to make your app error-free. Specially the app testing in healthcare apps is much more required, failing which can lead to some serious consequences.

The app testing can be performed either manually or with automation tools but needs to be performed on the specific guidelines, such as: testing the security and authenticity for PII, PHI and other regulations such as HIPAA compliance , testing of the app data from different units, from different devices, networks, and locations, testing with poor connectivity, testing the app on different mobile platforms (iOS, Android, Windows, etc.), and browsers for compatibility.

In the case of an emergency, if health care providers cannot access patient data on the app, it may lead to the death of the patient or may lead to some form of impairment, so the app testing has to be done from every aspect and in every situation like signal drops, refresh rates for the app data, etc. This step is most necessary since the level of dependence and criticality is higher in this nature of the app than others.

Trending technologies

The inclusion of trending technologies, such as VR & AR in the capacity of app development, has eventually helped in many ways. Now with this latest technological invention, healthcare apps are able to engage their patients and provide better facilities.

Final word

It would truly be wrong to say, that apps are no more managing our lives, rather you shouldn’t be surprised to know, the way the people adapt to mobile technology and looking for convenient approaches during illness has also increased the demand for mobile health apps.

On the other hand, if there is a brilliant healthcare idea you have got, and willing to help people live a healthier, more fulfilling life, then don’t go anywhere.

Simply reach out to the team of expert at Techugo to bring your concept live upto your expectations.

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