2 Oct 2019
Updated on December 28th, 2022

What Provokes Your On-Demand Food Delivery App To Flunk?


Ankit Singh

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Food Delivery App

A mere thinking of food delivery apps, make you go weak on your knees, and you instantly start to think of the fresh and hot served food coming all the way from the restaurants or the eating joints, just for you.

I know it sounds extremely scrumptious, and make your mouth drip the water and you start visualizing the lip-smacking food just served fresh hot, but this dream gets shatter terribly when you get to know that food catering service through the app platform, is nothing but a marketing propaganda, and it will only be an app, not something which would serve you the food.

Is it like that???

Technically, NO, but yes on the expectation meter, this is quite a vision to be encountered since the on-demand food delivery apps these days are offering only the apps and failed majorly to serve the users as per their commanding needs, and this flaw leads to the app rejection.

It is indeed a heartbreaking news for the restaurant app owners, but unknowingly these mistakes are quite often followed by the app developers and as a result, only an app gets built not a successful mode of interaction between the users and the services through the gateway of a mobile app.

Then what’s the solution to beat this issue bubble???

This issue bubble can only be pierced out successfully when a series of factors would be considered to tackle the situations oozing from this bubble…

Well, I think enough of a rhetorical treat to your ears, let’s hop back with a practical note to solve these issues with a successful mobile app platform designed and developed for your restaurant.

With this post unleash the reasons which can make your app fall into a trash bin by the users…just read ahead and find out the solution to save you from the horror of app rejection…so without any further ado let’s read ahead…

  • Delayed Delivery Time

The app speaks of only one aspect and that is a convenience, which users expect to receive in abundance from your app platform and if users fail to receive it, then no matter what gems and crystals your app has got pasted on it, it would go unnoticed.

When it comes to get your startup or the food business to mint more money, it is often experienced that quantity empowers the quality and users bear the brunt of it.

Never take the quality for granted at any given cost, and if your app has received multiple orders then increase your manpower and not let the users get suffer on account of late deliveries.

  • Cluttered UI

The restaurant mobile app must not give a cluttered design and look through the app, since it needs to be accessed by the users to deliver food, so the options and the categories or the deal of the day, must be highly clear to your users, and they don’t need to get bewildered by the outlook of the app and get puzzled enough to leave the app.

Make sure your app does not require a tutorial to access but its UI and UX are sufficient enough to give the clear hint to the users to give them a walk-through to access your mobile app.

  • Scarcity of Reward System

Competition is soaring in each business field and every industry needs to take a pace with this competition bug, with an app platform, but this app platform must offer a series of benefits and the rewards to the customers as well.

Now you must be thinking that it is just an added expense for your business, but I would call offering the rewards on your mobile app, is an investment and it gives the users a very valid reason to stay hooked to your mobile app only.

  • No Emotional Touch

Your restaurant mobile app needs to create a storyline for your users, which they would love to go along with till every feature of the mobile app is explored. If your users find it difficult enough to stay for more than 2 min on your mobile app, then believe me there is something wrong which must be addressed in accordance with the need of the hour.

The happy traveling experience on your mobile app means a happy customer or user experience, thus make sure that your mobile app is gaining the right set of features and the functionalities based on the users’ needs.

  • Flood of Bugs

If your app crashes or gets bugs during the user experience, then sorry to say but your mobile app is nothing but a waste for your users, which they would love to uninstall in no time.

Make sure your mobile app is getting tested not at the last, but at every step if the development phase to reduce any size of errors and mistakes which can cause a havoc for your users to experience a seamless app piece.

These strategies can only work for your mobile app, once you choose a right mobile app development partner for your app concept, which has a team of experienced app designers, app marketers and app developers, who can understand your business, your users’ needs, and the ways to address those points with an app platform.

If you are finding it troublesome enough to get such mobile app development partner, then you must land at the doorstep of Techugo, which is a leading app development company due to the number of successful mobile apps designed and developed by Techugo team

Get in touch with Techugo team today and help your restaurant business to bloom further with an app platform.

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