4 Jun 2020
Updated on June 17th, 2020

What To Choose For Cross-Platform Development; React Native Or Ionic?

React Native Or Ionic

Indeed, the current spectrum of React Native apps and Ionic apps has carved out a mesmerizing effect on the development filed. However, you must know that both frameworks come under cross-platform development.

What is cross-platform development?

As the name suggests, Cross-platform development is a process, wherein apps and products are made for various platforms or software environments. In normal development practice, developers need to use different ways to create a variety of operating systems for any specific product or app. But in the cross-platform environment, developers don’t need to create different versions of the app. They can pick a cross-platform app development process and it helps in efficiently run the app on multiple platforms, using the same code.

Why you must opt for cross-platform development?

This is the major question that is being asked by the developers and the businesses, However, to help you get the answer to this question, we have brought a few points…

  • The single codebase facility, allows developers to export various operating systems;
  • Offers the convenience to developers to offer a similar look and feel for all the platforms;
  • Provides a cost-effective solution, as one team handles the requirements;
  • A time-saving option for the developers and businesses;
  • Enhances the chances of receiving a huge number of downloads and users.

Is there any limitation to be experienced with cross-platform development?

Yes, just like any other development platform, there are few limitations within cross-platform as well.

  • It doesn’t integrate seamlessly with respective platforms;
  • There are few native-only features, which are not available in cross-platform applications;
  • With the Cross-platform development, developers need to look for some other option, as it doesn’t support all the features provided by every platform.

A quick overview of React Native

Facebook brought React Native in the year 2015, and since then it became a popular framework in the app development market. Today React Native apps, are much-in-demand by biggest enterprises, due to incredible benefits it has got to offer. React Native is based on JavaScript, and this inclusion makes this very framework a high-level and most-demanded programming language. React native developers can use native components, which are written in Objective-C, Java, or Swift, and help in enhancing the app’s performance. However, these native components cannot be reused on any other platform, and the developers must change the particular database.

On the other hand, you must not forget that React Native holds the best recognition in the market, due to the immense advantages it has got to offer. Also, the community of this framework is increasing ever second hour, as there is a huge list of benefits, which every developer wants to access, and with a vast community, it becomes easier for them.

Also, it utilizes a popular library consisting of significant web development language i.e, JavaScript, that further helps in delivering the real native applications.

Famous apps built on React Native

  • Pinterest
  • Instagram
  • Skype

Pros of React Native

  • Code re-usability saves time and money in development;
  • Developers can access the changes made directly with the hot-reload feature;
  • The UI interface is extremely user-friendly with a high response rate.

Cons of React Native

  • It is not a fully cross-platform app framework;
  • With the React Native updates, there is a lack of consistency;
  • React Native developer experience a slow debugging process for Android.

A quick overview of Ionic 

Ionic is a leading open-source cross-platform app framework, which is most popular and is licensed under MIT. You should know that Ionic utilizes HTML5 for translation and holds a similar design structure just like AngularJs. And the design elements have received the influence of Android and iOS as well. With Ionic, you get a full-fledged option to build the native-like hybrid apps for iOS, Android, and PWAs. After React native, Ionic is the second most popular framework and allows developers to build successful app solutions in a faster manner. One of the greatest advantages of using Ionic is, that it works similarly, no matter which platform the app is getting built on. However, there is a need to make a few changes in the UI components. After following the rules of a specific platform you can make the required changes and create a sizzling app solution.

Famous apps built on Ionic

  • IBM
  • SAP
  • NASA

Pros of Ionic framework

  • A SaaS UI framework created for mobile operating systems comes along with various UI components for a strong set of apps.
  • Ionic makes it easier to transform from automating native builds to live updating and CI/CD;
  • There is a vast community across the world, making it easier to get answers to different queries.

Cons of Ionic framework

  • The mechanism of in-app navigation is not that simple;
  • Ionic has a complicated UI-router.

In a nutshell…

It is difficult to decide the best cross-platform development among these two platforms i.e. Ionic & React Native. As both have their own sets of advantages and demerits, hence it largely depends on the requirement for your project.

Are you confused about which cross-platform suits your app development?

This is where the Techugo team of the Ionic developer in UAE, can help you win the battle. You need not grow panic, our team of experts will help you decide the best technology for your app needs. Give us a call today and get the no-obligation quote for your app concept.

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