13 Apr 2016


I have completed a year with Techugo this month, which is an achievement in itself. My mail account, LinkedIn profile and Facebook account got flooded with numerous wishes from my well-wishers. On a very light note, I checked my account and realized , my account has sparked due to my endless fashion cravings!! This thought crossed and congealed my brain-nerves, millions of times before as well, and not to mention, especially a day before and after of my salary. But at this moment something which matters is my journey with Techugo.

Just to give a quick introduction to my readers , lemme put a few words about myself, I am a hard-core fashion addict, who has been served with the weed of fashion with every passing minute. My salary vanished, disappeared and finally turned to no-existing condition, from my account, within hours of its crediting. So I packed my bags and decided to head towards a different job, where non-fashioners exist, after giving a thought, I realized an IT firm is the best destination for giving a halt to my fashion desires. Like many others, I also fed myself with a pre-conceived notion “IT firm is a place for geeks”, but the moment I stepped into the Techugo, it was a new world of IT sector for me and it was fashionable enough for me to be proven wrong. No wonder IT moguls were riding in the saddle of Techugo, but with an elan and a style quotient.

My plan of turning de-Fashionista, died, then & there, but sooner after joining, I realized my company followed the choice of fashion pros not by force but by choice, since being a mobile app development company , a different set of clients are at our office every second hour, so meeting with the clients in your chic identity, is the primary work culture followed by Techugo. No doubt, Abhinav Singh- our CEO, has always given a chance to every single person in our company to share their views and opinions, either bad or good. So on one of the casual occasion while sitting for a weekly meeting, I just asked a random question, “why don’t we do something in fashion”?, albeit , my question was simple but alarmed BDM team to hit that genre for maximizing the business credibilities.

Finally, my suggestion or a question, ended up in a result of “E-Commerce Website”  an online portal for the fashion Turks, to showcase their creations online and worldwide. This portal has a tag-line of “BE ACCESSIBLE GLOBALLY”, which translates the dream of every designer in India & Abroad to depict their creations in every nuke & corner of the world. This portal allows all sorts of features for the users to optimize it fully, worth to mention, my brain seedling “E-Commerce Website” has received a huge applaud from the users that now, Techugo team is handling renowned designers from India, and converting their business online.

This all happened within 1 year of my career span and I have cleared the misconception that Smart women can’t do fashion, and today I feel glad to be a part of an IT firm in the most fashionable way…with a successful feather of fashion portal, in my career hat.





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