24 Jun 2020
Updated on June 21st, 2022

Which Platforms Can App Developers Utilize To Make More Money?


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Platforms To Make More Money

The world is under the spell of mobile app technology. From small to large-scale industries, everyone is witnessing the impact of this trend and is leaving no stone unturned to merge it with the process. We can witness a series of continuous efforts by a variety of sectors. The reason behind its unprecedented popularity is the fact that it has the capability to eradicate all the problems present in between the users and the processes.

Isn’t this technology a wonder? A platform that can provide a solution to all your problems at fingertips. As we step closer to the era of absolute digitalization, the impact of application technology is becoming clear. People in the business world are utilizing the app’s capability to bridge the gap between the connected parties. This is a sure-shot way to achieve success accelerate the revenue funnel.

If you have a business and looking for a way to ace the business world, the app technology provides a great solution. The scope expands if you are aware of the different platforms and domains to expand the business. In this blog, we will learn more about the popular ones, and later you can let us know what suits you the best.

Popular Platforms For App Development To Make More Money

Businesses these days are very critical of the choices they make to shape their revenue structure. Hence, they take calculative steps to analyze every part. From going digital to adding a feature or enhancing the user experience, a lot of time goes into the selection process.

So here we are bringing you the most popular platforms for app development. This will guide you to make aptest choices and emerge out successfully. Take a look for a better understanding.


It is one of the most popular platforms in the world. By dominating almost the entire world, this OS has no plans to slow down any time soon. Google is leaving no stone unturned to keep the popularity of Android on top. As the majority of the market uses this platform, the scope of business to generate better revenue increases. It is basically a highly popular mobile OS. It is an open-source platform, based on the modified version of Linux kernel.


One of the topmost competitors of Android is no doubt iOS. On one hand, Google has a lot of popularity and volume, and on other, Apple has a profit. Apple has no plans to share iOS with any other company and is still the biggest competitor of Android. Both of these popular platforms lend features to each other, and that is why they have such a huge range of popular features. There are a lot of similarities, but iOS always manages to bring out its own features and unique interface. It provides a great quality of applications with impeccable UI. It regularly updates its system and hence delivers a smooth set of operations.


Have you heard about this operating system? No? But the fact is that this platform is about to become the largest OS in the world. It is meant for ultra-budget devices with low-end software. Have you heard about the Nokia Banana phone? Yes, you can find the use of KaiOS in them. It is a web-based OS that uses applications created on web-friendly HTML 5. With a lightweight OS, it is fully capable to support web-based applications.

Tizen OS

We have a lot of OS by Tizen is gaining continuous popularity because of a little extra support from Samsung. Its story starts when Meego, developed by Nokia and Intel was removed. Then both the tech giants collaborated once more to bring Meego back as Tizen OS. It operates mostly like Android with multiple gestures for intuitive interaction. It is blessed with amazing HTML5 support, but its only drawback is that it lacks third-party support.


Do you remember the buzz created by blockchain? The core community is slowly and steadily developing its foundation and strengthening its roots. To expand our options and move beyond Android and iOS, it is necessary to create a secure platform with the help of blockchain technology. SIRIN Labs is leaving no stone unturned to hit the nail, as they have already developed a phone called ‘Finney’ based on this tech. It operates on SIRIN OS. It is very simple to use and allows access to Google Play Store. The fact that it is secured by blockchain technology is drawing a lot of attention from different sectors.

Now you know the most popular platforms in mobile app development. But it is time to answer the popular FAQs related to the same. It will help you to broaden your spectrum and deepen your knowledge about the most trending techs of all time. So without any further ado, let us get started.

How Mobile Apps Help Businesses To Make Money?

Before we jump on to the different domains, let us know about the factors that make application development the first choice for any business. Let us find out why this technology is becoming such a big hit in the world. There are a lot of different ways in which an application helps a business. Let us check out a few of them-

1. Value

Mobile applications solve day to day problems faced by users. They make complicated tasks simple and smooth. The app curbs away the need for a shopper to go out and purchase the necessary items. With so many advantages, it woos the hearts of its users again and again.

2. Convenience

The audience doesn’t even need to break a sweat to get access over any sort of service. They possess the capability to bridge the gaps present between any possible connection. By providing services on tips, they are able to make the lives simpler. Imagine not requiring to stand in the long, tiring, and never-ending queues just to fetch the necessary items from the nearest shop. Isn’t it fantastic?

3. Quality

The quality of the goods and services that the users get here is magnificent. They get a variety of quality products that they can choose from. The brick and mortar stores suffer from a lot of faults and limitations that hold them back from providing quality products to the consumer.

4. Security

This platform provides extreme security to users. It is very simple to use and make transactions. These platforms are very well designed to hit the nail. The shoppers don’t need to carry cast to different locations as they can do the payments online, sitting at their homes.

5. Simplicity

The platform provides a lot of simple ways for the user to shop any products to relish any service. This way it is able to gather a lot of audiences. Brick and mortar stores take up a lot of effort from the buyers and still fail to provide them the desired services.

These are just the 5 different ways apps provide services to its users. There are a lot of other advantages that apps provide a variety of user base. For businesses, these advantages can build a path to unmatchable success. One thing to remember here is that there are a lot of applications present in the market. So to stand out of the cutting edge competition, it is important to think out of the box and apply unmatchable ideas in order to dominate the market.

What Are Types of Businesses That Can Create A Mobile Application?

It provides a lot of ways for developers to utilize it in several methods. In this blog, we will be sharing 12 different domains to develop an application. Take a look to broaden your horizons and expand your scope.

1. E-commerce

E-commerce is a process to sell and buy goods and services online. E-commerce applications are on the rise since they provide a lot of convenience to the user base. Developers can choose the best layout for the application, and enhance its appearance. To make the app engaging the development team can add extra features like loyalty, payment, and whatnot.

The popularity of this app is rising day by day because this platform allows businesses to sell globally. The traditional model of selling and purchasing is changing. Brick and mortar stores are no longer the hub. When a user can get every necessary item delivered at their doorstep without breaking any sweat, then there is no need to stand in queues to get the items billed. Push notification is another feature of eCommerce apps that provide a lot of monetary benefits to the businesses.

2. Education

This is the most important field and the most sensitive one too. The shift of the educational sector from traditional means to online is a clear indication of transformation. As we step closer to absolute digitalization, it is important that the schools and colleges walk hand in hand. Shifting education online means that the grip expands. The students residing in remote locations can also have access to education.

The development of apps in the department reduces the cost by eradicating the need for real estate, transportation, and the rest of the necessary resources. Through this even students can learn new methods. This can also improve parent-teacher communication. There is no doubt in the fact that online platforms decrease communication gaps between all the parties, for example, institutions, teachers, parents, and students. Personalized content also plays a huge role in increasing the popularity of these platforms.

3. Entertainment

From live streaming to video making, these applications have a lot in store to provide a huge variety of audiences. Everything the user needs are available at the touch of their fingertips. App technology is being largely used in the entertainment sector to provide content and engagement to a massive audience. These are the following factors that mobile app development companies must keep in mind while developing an entertainment app-

  • Different and several sources of information
  • Beautiful designs
  • Simple sharing options
  • Platform to interact

This industry greatly depends on apps, hence the situation calls for extra efforts by developers. Companies like Hulu, Netflix, etc are doing wonders by providing valuable and entertaining content to their audience. The popularity of these applications is defeating gaming applications, and soon it will become unbeatable. With the introduction of a variety of technologies like blockchain, the system is getting a lot secure. With the integration of techs like augmented and virtual reality, there are a lot more entertainment features being integrated. The progress clearly suggests that the scope of these applications is unmatchable.

4. Fintech

This term is used to describe financial technology, and it contains a wide variety of technologies in this industry. It is used to describe any company that provides financial services with the help of technology. Therefore, a lot of companies are switching to app development to deliver financial services through technical means.

To gain success in this department, developing companies need to understand the complexity of these applications. To woo the hearts of the user base, they provide a lot of impeccable features in order to make the financial life easier for the users. Mobile payment apps and gateways are two of the most popular use cases in the fintech department. Such solutions allow the audience to carry out banking activities without any extra effort. Right now, the global fintech market is on roll and it is expected to grow up to 24% by 2022. It is a cost-effective and convenient way for users. It has a broad range of application, for example-

  • Mobile banking
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Investment apps
  • Insurance

The scope that it delivers is wide-ranging, and the future is reaching close to its zenith. Hence, it provides a golden opportunity for developers and companies.

5. Real estate

Just like any other market, real estate is full of competition. In order to get ahead of competitors, it is important to keep trying different strategies. Therefore the companies are integrating apps in their process to add new offers, features, provide new services. This gives them a lead over the local competition. The majority of people want to sell and buy property online with the help of mobile apps. The features that will be used in the app depends on the business model. Platforms like these allow independent brokers to put properties up for rent or sale.

Another way to create a mobile app for real estate is through a platform that only features listing. But before creating any application, it is a must that you do the market research. Check if the clients are looking for a platform that you are planning to provide. Study the features carefully before integrating them.

6. News

These apps are getting popular all over the world. There are now different apps that send out updates about trending topics. A lot of media hubs are merging their platform with an application to provide quick updates to their users spread across the globe.

7. Skill development

As the world is under the lockdown to minimize the impact of coronavirus, a lot of skill-developing apps are getting popular. For example, people are now learning different languages with apps.

8. Social networking

Social networking plays a huge role in our personal and professional lives. Who would have thought that the world would witness such a startling innovation that would lead them towards revolution? With the help of this technology, we can-

  • Interact
  • Socialize

Yes, these applications make it easy for users to socialize and interact with the people present in any part of the world. There are platforms that provide a smooth way to interact with the audience both personally and professionally. People are now attached to the devices almost all the time. For marketers, families, students, friends, the world revolve around social media apps.

It is very easy to share videos, photos, and other information over real-time. The business world is unfolding the power of social media applications as people are touching the new success cornerstone. They are using this tech to get better career opportunities. On a personal level, it plays a huge role in helping families and long lost friends to connect. Developers can ace their creation by hitting the nail.

9. On-demand services

These are the applications that are doing well in the market and their demand is continuously increasing. The perks that it provides the user base are expanding its horizons. The simplest of on-demand apps have three different versions for the-

  • Users
  • Individuals
  • Businesses

There are a lot of features present in on-demand applications that are rich with features to woo the hearts of the audience. Take a look at the list of some coolest features from this type-

  • Chat support
  • Real-time tracking
  • Data syncing
  • In-app payments
  • And much more

Developers have to put a lot of effort into the development of quality features, as it is the only way to make it unique. This is the reason why the cost of developing this particular application ranks high. The number of os quality features are directly proportional to the cost involved in the development process.

10. Environment

The impact of global warming is forcing a lot of giants to focus more on the effect of harmful technologies on the environment. This has given rise to the environment-friendly applications, that work in a direction to minimize the impact of pollution or any other harmful activity affecting the balance. These apps are helpful in-

  • Finding the affected area
  • Identifying the steps to reduce the impact
  • Taking measures to secure the earth
  • Expanding awareness about the degradation of the atmosphere

A lot of companies in the apparel sector have developed applications that inform the users about the environment-friendly nature of the item. AI technology is also being used to identify the areas that need immediate attention. The development of these apps can be very helpful in making the world a better place to live.

11. Traveling

Travelers all over the world are becoming a lot more independent, and the intervention of agents is reducing day by day. The technology is now helping a lot of people all around the world to book hotel rooms, flights, and whatnot. The tech has provided the world with the facility to plan their own tour.

The travel application can meet the needs of the travelers going on any sort of vacation. The uprise in this service is only because of the rise in demands of travelers like-

  • Creating itineraries
  • Accessing travel guides
  • Books hotels
  • Conveniently book flights

This tech allows companies to provide any service they want to deliver to the user base.

12. Enterprise

These kinds of apps are a lot-specific in nature, and the reason behind that is that it caters to a particular demographic. For example, it helps the staff of any specific organization to fulfill certain functions. These apps require the following things, take a look-

  • Scalability
  • Scope of changes
  • Coordination

It is important that all the implemented changes are in coordination with the organization. Since there are a lot of technicalities involved, this type costs a little extra.

How To Find The Best Development Company?

As the mobile app technology is gaining a lot of popularity, the number of companies providing these services are continuously expanding. So there are a few background checks that you need to do before collaborating with anyone. Here are the things that you must check-

  • Do they work on a variety of technology?
  • Is their team rich with the required set of skills?
  • Does the company have the right experience?
  • Are they being acknowledged on leading business listing sites?
  • Do they have good connections with their previous clients?
  • Are they willing to invest in expanding the project’s capability?
  • Are they active on social media platforms?
  • Will they be able to provide the quality that your brand is looking for?


These are the variety of platforms and popular FAQs about mobile app development that mobile developers can use to boost their revenue funnel. But with that, they also need to know a lot about the technology that they will be using. The competition in this market is cutting edge, hence, it is necessary to stand out from the crowd. The only way to shine here is by thinking out of the box ideas and implementing them in a way that wins the hearts of the masses.

Nobody would have thought that within 10 years of its introduction, app technology would be able to dominate almost every sector in the business world. Their ability to provide convenience to the users and the process is remarkable. The services for which we had to stand in the long and never-ending queues are now available on our fingertips. Isn’t it exciting? The scope of development in this domain is unmatchable. From healthcare to entertainment, there is no industry that wants to leave any stone unturned to achieve growth. The mobile application is just a platform for the processes that can be used to fetch a better and larger user base.

Every domain in the market is trying to jump on the success bandwagon by adopting the developments in this field. The above-mentioned categories are the most popular forms of apps that businesses are interested in. But it is also true that processes need to pay extra attention during the development phase, as it is necessary to stress on perfection.

Making money with applications is dependent on the monetization techniques, hence it is important to strategize every step. It is better to refer to a professional team if it is required. There is a lot in store, but the key to unlocking the true potential is by mastering the technique. If you feel like it, then there is no harm in contacting the professional.

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