18 Nov 2020

Why Choose Kotlin Over Java For Android App Development?

Why Choose Kotlin Over Java For Android App Development.

All around the world, Kotlin is triggering the curiosity of multiple app development companies. Since a huge chunk of developers has adopted Kotlin, many wonder the reason behind the same. Why do most of the teams prefer Kotlin over Java? This question is among the top FAQs. So today, we are here to figure out what the fuss is all about.

For coders transitioning to Kotlin from Java, we have 10+ fun facts that can prove very useful. Keep reading this blog to find out!

1. Simpler And Shorter

Kotlin helps developers to write shorter and simpler codes, which means there are much fewer bugs and errors. When one uses it for Android app development, the chances of errors reduce to a great extend. And to add the cherry on top, it also helps coders to concentrate on the quality and logic of the code.

Fun fact:-

      For 50 lines in Java, Kotlin takes only 1 or 2 lines of code.

2. Raw Types

Before generics, raw types were used quite frequently. They allow backward compatibility, but they also can throw a CastClassException. Due to which error can occur during execution and not during the compilation stage. Since Kotlin does not allow raw types, it produces a type-safe code. This is definitely a huge advantage over Java.

3. Compatible With Java

Kotlin’s interoperability allows it to relish all the existing Java libraries, JVM, and frameworks. It is amazing that coders can fetch all the Java libraries and frameworks as Kotlin is perfectly compatible with them.

4. NullPointException (NPE)

It is the major reason why technocrats choose Kotlin over Java. It lets them eradicate NPE, which is undoubtedly a great advantage for coders.

5. Google’s Official Language

The popular search engine announced it as their official language for Android development. Hence, it will fetch first-class support as compared to Java.

6. Removes Java’s Common Flaw

This language improves the quality of Android application development. By making the apps better and smarter for the users, it removes all the common flaws of Java.

7. No Checked Exceptions

One of the problematic things in Java is the checked exception feature. Non-existent checked exceptions can easily irritate developing teams, as empty catch blocks force them to search the code for a non-existent exception. So to pull developers out of their misery, Kotlin has completely eradicated them. This helps a lot in boosting the type-safety and verbosity.

8. Cross-platform App Development

You can transfer front-end development to Kotlin, which allows you to create Gradle codes. This process enables developers to create iOS apps.

9. It’s Way More Concise Than Java

With more reliable code and fewer crashes on the UX side, the other perks of its code include-

  • Easier to read
  • Easier to maintain
  • Easier to apply changes when required

10. Safer Code

Since Kotlin’s code is compact, concise, and clear, it is naturally safe. Its creation prevents most common programming mistakes, which automatically results in fewer errors.

11. Kotlin’s Compiler- Safe & Smart

Its compiler detects errors at compile-time and hence, makes most of the fail-fast principle. With multiple checks, the runtime errors and bugs are reduced.

In A Nutshell

These are the top eight reasons why the developer’s community is stepping closer to Kotlin. Since the goal is satisfied end-user, one must leave no stone unturned to create an impeccable application.

But this is not all, as there are several other technicalities that teams need to focus on. If you want to learn more about them, then feel free to reach out to our professionals. We can help you to convert your dreams into reality by building an exquisite business app for you and your users!

For more such interesting tech-related information, stay tuned!

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