11 Nov 2016

Why Create A Mobile App For Your Hotel

Technology deals with our lives at every step and we don’t want to be left out, just because of a loophole in gripping the technology at its best. Reading the newspaper on mobile or connecting with an overseas client for a video call from anywhere we want, are some of the fast-track realities of today’s world. When it comes to managing the business and its demands to stay ahead in the industry, then traveling is inevitable to make new contacts and sign some new deals. On the other hand, when we get to go on a vacation , finding the most suitable options to stay at the most appropriate place, can be less exhaustive and can turn into a disaster, if visiting the place the first time or going in a hurry.

Why Your Hotel Needs A Mobile App?

The digital experience of today’s world cannot be described in words. Everyone owns a Smartphone and has access to the internet .The hotel industry has also not remained untouched from the tech revolution and with the mobile apps, hotels can reach to the maximum number of people and can provide hotels with a new mode of communication with their guests and build long-term loyalty.

Benefits For Hotel

  • Increase in the revenue with direct mobile bookings.
  • Alert guests with special offers and promotions.
  • Change and update the content according to the requirements and the festive offers.
  • Check and track the performance of the hotel through the in-built feedback system.
  • Social media integration lets the hotel to keep track of social media sales and marketing campaigns.
  • A wider reach to the potential guest globally.
  • Repeat Business.
  • Sale of other goods.
  • Better service for guests.
  • New communication channel.

Benefits For Guest

  • Guest can access to all the relevant information.
  • Take advantage of special offers and promotions offered by the hotel.
  • Can directly book the hotel with one tap.
  • Can share the instant feedback with the hotel staff.
  • Can explore more about the activities and events taking place in the hotel.
  • Provides interactive city guide.
  • Guest can compare and choose.

Features of Hotel Mobile App

  • Mobile Booking

How convenient and seamless it sounds to book a hotel room, sitting a thousand miles away from the destination, with just a click. With hotel booking app, users can use their mobile devices to plan their holidays, short trips and book rooms. Searching for the room availability, on arrival is the most irksome job to perform, and usually, you end up paying excessively for the first found hotel. On the contrary, a hotel mobile app lets you book a hotel with the competitive prices with a mere click.

  • Significant Notification

Notifications, if given within an appropriate frequency can work wonders for the business. Hotels can connect with their customers through push functionality since they keep the users updated regarding last minute events and offers. Consequently, a hotel can deliver more relevant, more personalized offers at each step of the guest journey.

  • Showcase what you sell

You can create a much impressive impression on your potential guest by showcasing your facilities in the mobile app. Your hotel mobile app should reflect the photo galleries of different facilities you provide, such as; swimming pools, restaurants, bars, sports area & facilities, meetings and events facilities, wellness and spa facilities and in the last the concierge services. By letting your users, seeing facilities provided by you, you tell them what you have to offer and they can pick as per their requirement.

  • Hotel Check-In or Check-out Process

Mobile apps offer the easiest check-in process by the confirmation number of reservation, with just a tap on the application’s fast check-in option from 24 hours and up to 30 minutes just before their arrival. The convenient access lets the travelers relax and calm down from the traveling exertion.

  • Track The Location

Mobile apps provide geo-location service, which gives the most accurate location information about the Hotel, such as latitude and longitude. Guests can choose the way around the hotel location and choose from a variety of traveling destinations, restaurants, cultural sites and local attractions. You can opt for more advanced features within the app, which would highlight the museums, restaurants, historical sites, and other spots of interest in the vicinity of the hotel.

  • Brand Recognition

Once customer would download your mobile app, the app icon would set on the home screen of their mobile. This will help your hotel to build the brand identity and connect with the customers even when they are not using your hotel facilities at the current situation.

  • Online Presence

To sustain in any business, you need to be available to your potential customers 24/7, regardless of your time zone. Your hotel mobile app creates an online presence for you and you can remain available to guests for any type of service query or requirement throughout the day. Also, users can access to the official social media account of your mobile app and easily access your social media profiles of your hotel to connect with you.

  • Loyalty Program

Loyalty program points help the hotel to achieve their desired revenue goal. Mobile apps help the hotel to receive repeat business travelers, brand recognition. The reward points’ system opts.

The hotel can achieve a lot from the hotel booking app and can upgrade their current offerings. The above-mentioned features, integrated within the hotel mobile app will ensure customers not only download but use the services. Every guest wishes to have a wonderful staying experience and even the hotel owners would not like to miss an opportunity to experiment with ways to create memorable experiences, which would remain fresh and will keep their property at the top of guests’ minds always.

Creating a mobile app is certainly a way to achieve this, if you are looking for a mobile app for your hotel service, you can get in touch with our team to discuss further your hotel mobile app concept to bring into reality. The discussion would help you to gain a better insight of your hotel app requirement.

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