3 Mar 2023

Why is Test Automation Key for Delivering High-Quality Mobile Apps


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Test Automation

Mobile applications and their use have risen, with millions of people depending on them for their daily work, communication, and more. According to Statista, global mobile app download reported in 2022 is 255 billion and projected to generate $ 613 billion and above revenue by 2025.

It is important for the developer to ensure the quality of mobile apps in such a highly competitive market. However, huge complexity is involved in developing high-quality mobile apps. To ensure the mobile app performs well and meets the user’s expectations, testing mobile apps is crucial.

With mobile app testing, you can lower the efforts and time required to release mobile  apps. Automated mobile app testing can expedite the release process with the right set of tools and frameworks. However, the choice of automation testing tools truly depends on your requirement. With such an approach, testing mobile apps becomes easy, fast, reliable, and bug-free.

In other words, test automation expedites the process of testing and validating the mobile app’s functionality. Thus, this allows developers to release high-quality mobile apps in the market.

In the present blog, we will discuss why test automation is crucial in developing high-quality mobile applications. However, before highlighting the key significance of test automation in mobile app testing, let us first know what is meant by test automation.

What is Mobile Test Automation?

Mobile test automation is an approach to testing mobile applications, managing test data, and using results to improve the quality of the mobile application. You can understand mobile test automation as the quality assurance measures which help early detection of bugs in the mobile application. You can use testing tools and frameworks to execute test automation of mobile applications on different platforms like iOS and Android.

With mobile test automation, you can automate the test using test scripts, ensuring it meets its required functionality. Unlike manual testing, which involves a huge amount of time, effort, and risk of error in mobile app testing, automation testing outweighs such issues. It has become the key to delivering a high-quality mobile application as it could lower time and cost and increase test coverage.

Gathering specific information on mobile test automation is important to understand how mobile test automation can be useful in developing high-quality mobile apps. Some of the key points in mobile test automation are explained below.

  • Mobile app testing can be done on emulators and simulators, which offer testing in a controlled test environment.
  • Mobile app testing can also be performed on a real device cloud for more accurate results.
  • Test automation covers all the critical functionality of the mobile application. For example, you can test different screen sizes, OS, and resolutions.
  • You can easily integrate mobile test automation into CI/CD pipeline.
  • You can use test automation to mimic different test scenarios and the app’s functions in controlled conditions like a poor network.
  • Mobile test automation is executed on different platforms to ensure the flexibility of the application.

Let’s now look at how automation of mobile tests is essential for producing top-notch mobile apps.

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Why is Test Automation Important for Producing High-Quality Mobile Apps?

In our increasingly technologically advanced world, where mobile apps are so prevalent, organizations need to ensure the quality of these apps. Organizations can use automated mobile app testing to ensure their apps are up to par and function as intended. Test automation offers many advantages and benefits that can prove invaluable for organizations.

The following are some advantages of test automation for mobile apps:

  • Ensures Faster Releases

Mobile app development and testing activities can be expedited with the help of test automation. This results in faster releases, enabling organizations to gain a competitive edge in the market. Test automation can also help speed up the regression testing process, essential for releasing a high-quality app.

It can also eliminate manual errors during the testing process, thus ensuring the delivery of high-quality mobile apps. Mobile test automation easily integrates into the CI/CD pipeline, allowing faster and more frequent testing throughout the Software Development Life Cycle.

  • Comprehensive Testing Coverage

Mobile app test coverage can be greatly improved with test automation. It is difficult to manually test the various combinations of devices, operating systems, and networks. However, test automation can efficiently cover all these combinations, ensuring high-quality mobile apps. When you conduct test automation for mobile applications, it covers various scenarios, like negative scenarios and edge cases.

Moreover, with test automation, the entire test suite can be automated in a fraction of the time. Thus mobile applications can be thoroughly tested, lowering the possibility of the emergence of bugs and other issues. This leads to faster delivery of high-quality mobile apps.

  • Enhance Accuracy and Reliability

Test automation helps to ensure that the app performs its intended function accurately, reliably, and efficiently. With manual testing, testers check the same things repeatedly, increasing the probability of missing out on minute errors.

Automation, however, enables the elimination of this possibility as it can accurately check for accuracy, consistency, and reliability much faster and more efficiently. Test automation assures that the app is consistently tested for accuracy and reliability, ensuring the end product is high quality.

  • Ensures App Security

App security is of paramount significance, and test automation helps ensure that all security bars are in place and functioning accurately. By running test automation, developers can swiftly pinpoint any vulnerabilities and take corrective measures. Some key measures mobile test automation takes include static code analysis, dynamic code analysis, penetration testing, and secure code review.

Test automation can also be used to ensure that applications are compliant with security standards and regulations. Additionally, it can be used to monitor application performance and detect any potential malicious activities. This helps organizations deliver highly secure mobile applications without manually monitoring them.

  • Increases App Scalability 

Scalability and rising user expectations can be met with test automation. It enables testers to test the application across various hardware and software. Without test automation, your mobile app may struggle to keep up with the increasing traffic and usage.

You can quickly find any scalability-related problems with the help of test automation. By doing this, you can ensure that your mobile app can manage any load it might encounter in the future. Additionally, it enables the delivery of a top-notch user experience.

  • High-Speed Execution To Fix Bugs

Test automation helps developers locate and fix bugs swiftly. With automation testing, developers can quickly execute tests and find the accurate location of the bug, allowing them to fix bugs faster. This can help ensure that the mobile app is of high quality and that users have a positive experience when using the app.

Furthermore, test automation can help ensure the mobile app is up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies. Automation also allows testers to run more intensive stress and load tests. This can help uncover hidden issues that can be difficult to find manually.

  • Reduce Testing Time

Test automation dramatically reduces the time needed to evaluate an application. This method is advantageous because it permits the test suite to be put together and the tests to run automatically. Furthermore, tests can be performed in parallel, meaning the results can be acquired quickly, thus reducing the overall testing time.

This creates a more efficient testing process and a shorter timeline for launching an app. Additionally, test automation can be used to create regression tests that can be conducted with each new release. This helps ensure that new modifications don’t break existing functionality and that the application fulfils its quality goals.

  • Cost Savings

The cost savings associated with test automation for mobile app development is immense. However, manual testing is a costly and time-consuming process. Test automation facilitates cutting down on expenses and time spent on the testing process.

Test automation integration into the CI/CD pipeline, including wide test coverage and lowering test cycle time. Such features make mobile testing automation fast enough to release bug-free software applications quickly. This ensures lower costs due to delays and rework.

Automation of tests lowers the amount of human error, which can result in costly mistakes. Additionally, test automation can be reused and modified, reducing the time and money involved in developing and testing mobile applications.

  • Validates App Compatibility

Mobile apps must be tested and validated on various platforms and device types to ensure a good user experience. This is key for delivering high-quality apps. Test automation can help save the time and effort required to check the app’s compatibility across various platforms.

The mobile application must be functional on different devices and OS. It gives an enhanced end-user experience and assures its effective working according to their requirements. Thus, test automation ensures the app functions appropriately on different devices. It also assures that the app is stable and reliable. This eliminates the chances of any unexpected crashes during the user experience, both in the development and production stages.

  • Ensures Faster App Loading Time 

Test automation ensures minimal loading time for the developed mobile app. This is because the automated tests check for unnecessary code and other elements in the mobile app, which can slow down the loading process. Test automation also helps improve the app’s user experience as it increases the app’s speed and responsiveness.

Furthermore, this also lowers the risk of bugs and errors, which can cause slow loading time. All this ensures that mobile app users have a smooth, seamless experience every time they open the app.

  • Better Access to Reports 

Test automation provides a better approach for mobile app developers to access test reports. The reports include bug counts, execution times, and other helpful metrics that aid developers in understanding how well their apps work. Developers can identify which features are functioning correctly and which require updating or improving with test automation. This enables us to ensure that the mobile app delivers the best user experience.

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Test automation is crucial for delivering high-quality mobile apps that meet end-user expectations. The advantage of test automation is that it can provide a uniform, repeatable process for testing your mobile application. It also ensures its long-term stability and reliability. Automated tests save time by reducing the amount of manual effort needed and by providing detailed reports of the test results. With test automation, you can also give faster feedback to developers, enabling them to address issues more quickly. In the end, it all adds up to better overall customer satisfaction.

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