15 Jun 2021

Why On-Demand App Development Is Such A Trend These Days?


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On-Demand App Development

The App development industry has helped people and is still helping in a number of ways. Mobility of products, more importantly, convenience of customers, have helped the industry flourish. A few people, country, race, gender, age no bar saw some problems which needed to be addressed. They just didn’t see issues but the answers too! These visionaries created the required solutions and became what we all call “entrepreneurs”.

What took this process further ahead was the advent of on-demand applications. These apps focus on providing immediate services, in a short time span. They allow users to use available solutions, order any kind of service within minutes, like – booking a cab ride! The focus of these applications on mobility, efficiency and convenience has made them a favourite and thus are always IN DEMAND! 

Let’s get to know them a little better and understand their importance. Along with that, you will get to learn how you can benefit from such platforms as a user, a business owner. Let’s get started…

What do we mean by on-demand service applications?

on-demand service applications

These applications are literally what their name suggests – apps catering to the immediate demands of users and providing them with the required services.
They connect customers and different service providers, with each other. This way, the customers are able to avail the services they require and the business providing these services earn revenues, simultaneously.

The on-demand economy is revolutionising the way supply chain networks work, with the prime focus on delivering goods and services fast.

The kind of unmatched convenience the ‘services providing apps’ enable consumers to experience is unmatchable and praise-worthy. These applications are a trend as they very well deserve it!

Types of such apps

Types of such apps

‘On demand’ is an umbrella term. There are different kinds of services that fall under its ambit. Let’s get well-versed with the types of such apps…

• Healthcare
Many of you might be thinking… ‘healthcare, really?!’ Well… the answer is yes, that’s why it is one of the bullet points dear reader. Allow me to explain how and why.
On-demand medical apps connect patients directly to doctors. They can have a word with their general physician and take recommendations and prescriptions. This takes place in a manner similar to an ordinary visit to the clinic.
For obvious reasons, serious diseases and health issues cannot be dealt with online, as patients in those cases require proper diagnosis. But apps can be used to ask for doctor’s advice and prescriptions online. Such an option proves to be helpful in emergency situations.

• Food delivery
Our lives along with work schedules are getting tighter, busier. There are times when we just want to reach home relax with a wholesome meal, without much efforts. A food delivery app is an aid for such times. Restaurants nowadays are delivering all kinds of cuisines – Italian, Indian, Chinese, Lebanese, Thai, Mexican, etc. along with diet menus!
There is a plethora of options for everyone to choose from; that’s why almost everyone has a food delivery application in their smartphones, right?

• Home services
Cleaning house, pest control, household chores, babysitting, walking your dog – there are service providers available to take care of all these tasks. You can call plumbers, masons, etc., to fix a leakage, fix your door, or any other refurbishing your home requires. Help is literally a click away!

• Taxi services
Taxi and cab booking apps benefit ventures the most as commute is an everyday thing! People have to travel for work, to offices, markets, hospitals, pretty much everywhere. An option to book taxis or cabs, lets people save fuel, time and energy. This entire process takes a few minutes from booking to ride arrival.
A cab driver, his details, pick-up and drop locations of the rider, along with several payment methods has made booking taxis a hassle-free task. There are obvious reasons why online cab services trend!

• Gift delivery
There is a reason why playing on convenience, benefits on-demand businesses – people have less time to spare. Sending gifts is a warm gesture and conveys a lot. It is important, but taking out time to visit XYZ shop and then buying something that you are not fully happy with, just for the sake that you travelled, isn’t a good experience.
There is no need to drive down to your favourite gift shop that’s miles away when you can access a number of wonderful gifting options through an application. Such platforms, offer a great variety, let you pay according to your payment choices and deliver the gift too! What saves time and energy and brings a smile – this option does!

• Beauty
Not everyone is comfortable going out of their house for beauty treatments, especially after the pandemic hit. Applications are catering to this particular need of users, as well. From make-up to spa, everything can now happen in your comfort space – your home!

• Streaming services (Netflix, amazon prime, etc.)
Streaming services include the OTT platforms we all pay for, to watch digital content. Some examples are Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc. These platforms provide us with quality content as quickly as we subscribe!

• Movers and packers
Long gone are the days when one had to make a call to movers-packers. Everything can be managed through a website, an application, etc. You don’t have to wait for hours to connect with the business owners. You can simply download one such app, provide the date and time for your moving in and out of a place and… voila! The movers would be there to help you.

Why are such applications exceptionally famous?

App Development

There are multiple reasons why on-demand apps are such a big trend. They are amongst the most used applications. The reasons are as follows:

• Availability
Mobile devices are everywhere with almost everyone using them. This makes the nearest service providers accessible!

• Lower cost
Usually such apps provide services at lower costs as opposed to the traditional service providers. This is the main driver for people opting for on-demand applications.

• Require minimum efforts
Personal and contact information gets saved at once. It eliminates the need to provide details each time users place an order. This saves time and gets the job done within no time.

• Variety!
The kind of variety users get is an obvious perk of using such apps. There a number of options to choose from and users can find a solution to their problem in a number of ways, in no time.

• User preference
These platforms allow users to make deliveries arrive according to their convenience. They can prepone or postpone the delivery date and time accordingly, mostly this includes extra charges.

• The choice!
From a number of providers, users can choose the provider they wish to take goods and services from.

• Frictionless payments
There are multiple options available for users, to make payments the way they like.

• Tracking facility
Every application provides a tracking facility these days. It helps keep a tab on the delivery and know the real-time location of the delivery valet.

Talking about the cost…


Giving an apt estimate for the development cost of any application can be misleading as different businesses, even if of the same kind, can have different demands and needs. People have different preferences and operate differently; so ‘one size fits all’ approach can’t really work here. Hence, monetarily, every different app has different requirements.

Getting in touch with industry experts or a competent app development company can help you with your ideas and brief you about the cost according to your needs. Experts of a particular field know better and inform better as well. Though not a cheap option, application development is worth every penny that is invested in it!

How your business can benefit from them?


• Increasing mobile phone users – your best chance!
Number of smartphone users are increasing every day. More users, implies more downloads and an increased demand for applications. You can grab this opportunity to benefit and garner a large user base.

• Your security and scalability
Such apps are better with scalability. Plus, when you choose custom mobile solutions, they provide you with the required safety and security.

• Unlimited business opportunities for you
As a business owner you’d have access to user information – their name, address, location, contact details, interests etc. This can benefit you in innumerable ways.

Before you move forward…

To develop an app, not just the one we discussed about, but all kinds of apps… paying attention to details is a MUST. DO NOT MISS reading what is in succeeding paragraphs.

It is not easy to create an on-demand application. It involves a team of experts and developers that decide every step and curate their ideas and operations accordingly. It doesn’t just demand monetary investments, but investments in terms of time and effort as well.
Therefore, it is very important to be through and thorough with your study, analysis and all sorts of questions that surround your product, its development and growth.

To be crisp, thoroughly study the market, take care of front-end and back-end coding, to name a few. Use the driving force – convenience – that appeals to the psychology of the users in the best way. Bank on that and create your own on-demand mobile application! 

Now that you know what importance such tools hold in present times, you mustn’t procrastinate any further, right!! 

Concluding suggestion

Identify the pain or problem – look out for the issues people around you are facing, with regards to services etc. Not all places have every service available!! The entrepreneur inside you seeks an opportunity there!

Along with that, make sure the problem is not seasonal. Why? Your business would flourish only during a part of the year. App development is a serious and costly affair. Therefore, what is important is, to invest and move ahead with a potent winner idea that will bring in revenues all year round. Spending a lot on something that might turn obsolete in a few months is of no use!

So, if you have an on-demand app development idea, get that validated! HOW? By reaching out to us at Techugo! We are an app development and web solutions company catering to businesses worldwide. We will do the needful for you in the best and most efficient way possible!

Being leading developers, we understand the importance of fulfilling and understanding customers’ demands. Customer needs are a priority and if a company is able to cater to them properly, it becomes a success mantra as well! We take care of such points and many more. Our team is (thus) known for delivering the finest of services. 

So, if you have tech-related ideas, queries, questions, even divergent opinions, link in today! We love building projects and busting the myths surrounding the tech world. Connect with us and witness the wonder yourself.

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