13 Oct 2022
Updated on November 9th, 2022

Why Should You Build an App Like Pinterest and What is Its Development Cost?


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Build an App Like Pinterest

What’s your most loved platform for taking inspiration? Be it following a fashion statement or decorating one’s personal space, we all look for references from applications that are built for the same. 

I know your mind is leading you somewhere! 

Let me guess! 

Is it the Pinterest app?

What does Pinterest do?

Well, social media networking has become a paramount activity in everyone’s lifestyle, and undoubtedly, we are always at arm’s distance from our smartphones. 

Honestly, Pinterest started as a platform for people to create their mood boards, and soon it became a comfortable space for all the creative heads. 

Did you know? 

The Pinterest android and ios applications now has more than 433 million monthly active users! 

Jaw dropping, isn’t it? 

But How Exactly Does the Platform Function?

Undoubtedly, human beings are able to perceive visual details in a much-enhanced manner. Therefore, it is not shocking that apps like Pinterest are doing well by emphasizing text and visual information. It is a popular social network app that enables its visitors to browse and come across content they want to see to acquire inspiration! 

Additionally, it enables the audience to bookmark or ‘pin’ their likes and interests in the form of videos, graphics, and GIFs. 

Furthermore, the platform has got the back of one of the most powerful technologies known as Machine Learning that identifies and puts forward content based on user history and saved pins. 

Launched back in 2010, the platform has witnessed tremendous growth and bagged awards, including Best New Startup, Best SocialMedia App, and People’s Voice Awards. 

The reason behind Pinterest’s success, and what transformed the idea into a money making app

top-notch factors

1. Innovation and Originality 

Did you ever come across an app like Pinterest before it got launched? 

It won’t be wrong to say that Pinterest built the foundation for visual marketing, and now excels at communicating via graphics. Moreover, it promotes itself as a platform where visitors can land to seek creativity and inspiration. 

Additionally, businesses are also making Pinterest a part of their marketing strategy since brands see a visual-centric approach as a benefit to develop their value and attract a higher customer base. 

2. Simplified Yet Classy UI/UX

If you’re a regular Pinterest user or have visited the platform, you would have noticed a clean and flexible user interface. 

It is precisely one of the best traits offered by the platform that enables visitors to seamlessly understand the app’s functionality. Additionally, the layout perfectly fits with the user’s photo collections, making it easier for them to discover anything they want. 

3. Autonomy and Ownership

Do you know why the growth team of Pinterest managed to gain the trust of its audience? 

The entire credit goes to autonomy that drove user growth! 

It enabled the team to support quick decision-making and delivery of efficient results. Not only this, but the autonomy culture was also passed down as a legacy to every member of the growth team, including the designers, managers, etc. 

The strategy helped the team to follow the same objective, which is to drive the company’s success and deliver an exceptional user experience. 

4. Last But Not Least- Women’s Favorite!

At an earlier stage, the platform’s target audience was the homemakers in the Midwest, engaging them to try their own DIVs and more. 

According to reports, the platform holds a solid female-oriented customer base with 71% due to the content posted on the platform. 

How Did Pinterest Win Its Audience’s Hearts? 

So, how does Pinterest work?

To develop an applaud-worthy Pinterest-like app, it is vital to rope in a team of app developers that invests their sweat and blood in making your product a massive success! 

Therefore, connect with a reliable mobile app development company that supports your journey and helps make your rollercoaster ride a smooth one. 

Pinterest features

Take a closer look! 

1. Account Creation and Login

For any app to operate smoothly, it must allow users to create an account by entering their personal details like name, age, gender, etc. Moreover, you can also incorporate login via social handles to speed up the process. 

2. Search 

To easily move through the platform’s content, the search feature adds to the convenience as a user can type the keyword, and all the related information will appear. Furthermore, users can also narrow down their search results by applying filters. 

Pinterest also has a ‘magnifying glass’ in the pin’s corner that enables users to conduct a visual search, allowing them to find similar images or products as searched. 

3. Home 

Pinterest’s home feed monitors users’ preferences and likes based on their search history and directs content similar to it. Moreover, all the latest updates posted by the ones they follow appear in the tab. 

4. Save and Share

Tapping on a pin pops up options like ‘Save’ and ‘Share,’ which enable you to create a board or share the images via social accounts respectively. 

5. Board Creation

We have already discussed digital boards on Pinterest that can be created by saving the pins. In this manner, images can be grouped together as collections based on their niche, such as travel, fashion, interior designs, and whatnot! Not only this, but users can also upload images from their gallery and remove them whenever they want.

6. Dashboard

Every profile will have a dashboard that displays all the information about the user subscriptions, subscribers, and all the pins created. For an improved content organization, Pinterest sorts out the same in alphabetical order.

7. Notifications

The push notification feature of Pinterest directs new messages and updates from friends to intrigue people, so they visit the app. 

8. Following Tab

The following tab serves two purposes: it displays a list of saved items and works as a recommendation tab. Therefore, the tab is used by the users to view their favorite content and subscribe to new accounts. 

9. Location-Based Content

It is one of the incredible features incorporated by Pinterest as it displays content based on the user’s location. Therefore, end users are more likely to come across pins from users who reside in the same area. 

Furthermore, the app enables users to add their location to the boards to make it easily discoverable. 

The Tech Infra of Pinterest 

Python and Django


Well, its tech infrastructure says it loud and clear! So, do you want to know more about Pinterest’s business model and technological advancements? 


Take a look. 

1. Pinterest Machine Learning

The technical engineers of Pinterest have now integrated Machine Learning into the app to understand users’ preferences based on their previously saved content. Therefore, it suggests content based on the same! 

The ML algorithms help the app deliver accurate and inspiring content to its users for them to easily add pins to the boards. 

2. Pinterest AI

Pinterest Lens is a prime example of how the app utilizes Artificial Intelligence to enable users to conduct a visual search online or offline. 

It is pretty simple! The users can point their smartphone’s camera at an item, and then AI monitors the same for presenting the suggested products. 

3. Pinterest Augmented Reality

As mentioned earlier, with females being a higher number of users of the app, Pinterest has introduced features like try-on by amalgamating augmented reality technology

4. Pinterest CVT 

You must be familiar that Computer Vision Technology (CVT) is an AI element that Pinterest uses to transform the manner people shop nowadays. 

Considering advertising, CVT is effective as it enables targeting the right audience based on their saved mood boards and pins. 

Building an App Like Pinterest in 5 Steps 

For building a platform like Pinterest, it is vital to plan the development stages efficiently. Therefore, moving ahead step by step and in an accurate manner is what’ll develop a frictionless app for the long run! 

Steps to build an app like pinterest

1. Start By Conducting Market Research

Market research demands studying the target audience, competitors, and the demand for your app idea. It is significant to work in a direction that’ll generate revenue and harvest additional profits. 

However, primarily, studying the target audience is relevant to find the volume of the potential customer base. Additionally, it also helps unveil the end user’s likes and dislikes for the delivery of improved services. 

Listed below are a few pointers that are crucial to analyze: 

– Features that the audience would love to see

– Pain points experienced from Pinterest-like applications

– Reasons that motivate customers to download the app

2. Emphasize a Monetization Strategy

One of the most asked questions is does Pinterest cost money?

Applications like Pinterest most commonly follow a monetization strategy from the three models below:

– Subscription Model 

The subscription model allows customers access to premium features and other services in exchange for a monthly or yearly fee. However, it is advised to sell services in recurring revenue on a month to month basis as it brings more profit and advantage! 

– In-App Advertising

Companies can monetize using in-app advertising by running ads for third parties. Therefore, a few popular models include: 

– Cost per view for viewing a video

– Cost per action for tapping a banner to grow the platform’s conversion

– Cost per click for enhancing the platform’s traffic

– Cost per impression for showing a certain number of ads

Notably, Pinterest ads do not work in the manner you think it does! These ads are modernized and appear in the form of pins. Therefore, whenever a user taps on any image, it is taken as an interaction with the ad banner.

– Freemium

The freemium model provides a basic version of an app with limited features. Furthermore, if users are willing to use its advanced or premium version, a certain amount is charged!

Talking about Pinterest-like applications, it is not easy to juggle between premium and free models. However, the freemium model possesses the power to attract a higher audience. 

3. Prioritize UI/UX Design

Amongst all the image hosting platforms, Pinterest is considered to be top-notch for a variety of reasons; however, one of its elements worth flaunting is the UI/UX design

Pinterest comprises a consistent vertical grid which makes it a clean interface. Sure, it is not necessary to follow in the same footsteps; however, you must emphasize your consumer’s preferences before designing the entire app. 

4. Pick a Tech Stack

While you’re dealing with the tech stack to develop a platform like Pinterest, it is significant to consider scalability possibilities. Therefore, pick out technologies that easily scale, and it entirely depends upon your project size and conditions. 

5. The Mobile App Development Stage

While developing a mobile application like Pinterest, there are numerous pointers that need attention. For instance, media content must load as fast as possible without buffering. Additionally, it must also maintain a good quality image. 

The Cost of Developing a Pinterest-Like App

There are numerous factors that contribute to the mobile app development cost of a Pinterest-like app. What are the prime factors? 

Take a look! 

1. Choice of the Platform

It is vital to pay attention to the detail that the cost of developing an iPhone app varies from the Android platform. Sometimes, businesses opt for cross-platform app development; however, if you’re a startup, it is advised to pick one platform to keep from burning a hole in your pocket. 

Another exceptional option is to develop an MVP incorporating a basic functionality and features. Thus, you may make alterations based on the feedback at an early stage! 

2. Complexity of the App

Again, a number of elements comprise app complexity, for instance, tech stack, set of features, design elements, and whatnot! 

Pinterest is indeed a complex mobile app; however, it entirely depends on how complex a framework you choose for your business.

3. Size of the Team

Another factor that highly contributes to the cost of Pinterest-like app development is the team size, and the composition looks like team lead, project manager, QA, frontend and backend developers, etc. 

4. Location of the Organization

Where’s the development agency located? 

Yes, it is one of the factors that again affects the cost of app development. For instance, a company based in the US will charge a lot more than one that resides in India. 

5. Testing and Launch

Once the product development is done, the product must be tested to check for bugs and any other drawbacks. Therefore, these issues must be tested well and rectified to provide app users with a frictionless experience. 

Create a Pinterest-Like App with Techugo!

Indeed, developing a Pinterest-like app demands a thorough analysis of the market, an exceptional design, and more. 

Now that we have presented a full-fledged article for you, are you well-equipped to develop one before hiring an ideal team of app developers? 

Therefore, if you’re looking forward to on-demand app development, it’s time to get in touch with the best mobile app development company for more insights! 

What do you think? 

Have a great day, and happy innovation!

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