16 Mar 2023

Why The Future of Flutter Will Be Your Next Big Obsession?


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future of flutter

Google created Flutter, an open-source framework for mobile application development. Developers can create natively compiled desktop, mobile, and web apps with one code base. It’s a flexible, user-friendly framework allowing developers to create high-quality mobile apps easily.

Google also developed it. Flutter provides developers with a wealth of widgets and tools to create beautiful, responsive user interfaces. Hot reload allows developers to see any code changes instantly without rebuilding the entire application.

What is Flutter App Development?

Google introduced Flutter, a cross-platform free tool that allows Android and iOS app developers to use a single codebase. It supports Firebase APIs and Android Studio. Inline videos can also be used. It makes it easy to build high-performance apps. It is more of an SDK that works with iOS and Android. Flutter app development is a great choice to bring many startup apps to life.

Flutter App Development Services can help you create a fully functional mobile app with features. It will provide a native-like experience and allow for flexible UI designs. Flutter is more than a framework. It’s a complete SDK (Software Development Kit) that includes essential features for creating cross-platform mobile apps. 

Why Choose Flutter for On-demand App Development?

  • Rapid app development and hot reload

Flutter stands out from the rest thanks to the hot reload. Hot reload makes it easy to build UI, add features, and bug-fix apps in real-time. Hot fill instantly shows developers the latest changes made to their code. Developers don’t need to save the file to see the results of any last-minute adjustments. This file can reflect updates to the app’s current state and allows developers to continue code execution. Developers can also finish app development in real-time.

  • Flutter is open-source software

Flutter is an open-source language. Whether your project is complex, Techugo, a top app development company can help you turn your idea into an excellent solution. Use the many built-in beautiful material designs, including rich motion APIs and seamless, natural scrolling behavior. Cupertino widgets are also available. Developers can explore endless design possibilities while building apps with Flutter because it is open-source.

  • Flutter’s Widgets Catalog is Outstanding

Startups are concerned about their on-demand apps’ performance while investing in app development. Flutter has every widget you need to make your app perform like a native app. You can quickly develop your app using Flutter’s extensive selection of devices like navigation, scrolling, icons & fonts. Many top brands have used Flutter to create their on-demand apps.

  • A single code base that can be used with all operating systems

Flutter is a mobile app development company that you can use to create apps for iOS and Android. Cross-platform apps can be developed by developers using a single code base that mimics native apps in terms of UI/UX and its features.

Why should Businesses Choose Flutter App Development?

Flutter app services are top-rated as they speed up the development process and are simpler and costs are lower, allowing for apps with minimal designs and fluid animations.

Let’s dig deeper to see why Flutter is such a great choice for cross-platform mobile app development.

  • Cross-platform support

The main reason to choose Flutter app development is to create natively compiled apps for multiple platforms with just one codebase. Flutter can also be used to create Android apps. This makes it easier to create two apps, and reduces the complexity.mobile apps simultaneously.

  • A quicker time to market

Flutter uses one code for all platforms. This speeds up the creation of mobile apps.

  • Cost-effective

It is possible to reduce development costs using one codebase rather than two. The mobile app is simpler and more user-friendly.

  • Excellent User Experience

Mobile app developers can create excellent interfaces that users love with a wide range of widgets. 

  • Google Guaranteed

Flutter and Dart are used to build mobile apps. Google will provide support for years. Flutter will be a long-lasting technology as Google already uses it in other projects.

  • Global Reach

Organizations looking to launch mobile enterprise apps in international markets will be pleased to learn that Flutter offers localization support for more than 20 languages.

  • MVP Best Suited

Flutter can be used with Firebase and does not require separate backends to build simple MVPs.

How much does Flutter App Development Cost?

Flutter app development costs depend on many factors, including supported platforms.These factors will be discussed individually and analyzed for the overall cost estimation.

  • Complexity of Features

The most crucial cost-influencing factor is the features. The more complicated a component is, the more time and cost it will take to build an app.

  • Locate Developers

App development fees can vary depending on where the developer is located. 

  • App Design

The cost increases for animations and high-definition graphics integration.

  • App Maintenance

Your app must attract users. Therefore, you should work on the design aspect regularly.

  • Platforms for deployment

The two most popular platforms for app development are Google Play Store and App Store. Each forum requires payment. 

Why is Flutter the Future for Mobile App Developers?

Flutter is an excellent option for mobile app development because of its speed, cross-platform capabilities, and beautiful user interfaces.

Dart comes with a set of tools that can be used to fix and optimize Dart code. These tools can be accessed via any browser or IDE you are using. In addition, devTools will help you code Flutter faster and give you deep insight into the app.

Flutter DevTools include an inspector, debugger, performance monitor, network monitor, and logger.

What is Flutter’s Role in Cross-Platform Frameworks, and How Does It Compare?

Developers who wish to create cross-platform mobile apps with Flutter are well served by this platform because it combines beautiful user interfaces and fast development.

Flutter’s active and helpful community provides developers with support and resources. This makes it much easier to use and learn than other cross-platform frameworks. As a result, Flutter has been able to stand out from the rest and gain popularity.

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Flutter App Development is a Future of Cross-Platform Development

  • One codebase per platform

Flutter is a single-codebase development framework. Flutter lets you publish your application on Android, iOS, and desktop. Flutter cross-platform app development is an excellent way for businesses to get into the digital space with minimal effort.

  • Widgets that can be customized completely

Flutter supports platform-centric widgets, which is one of its best features. Cupertino widget and Material Design enable Flutter mobile app developers to create platform-specific UI/UX to give users an experience close to native. The 1.22 release, which extended support for iOS 14 and Android 11,  shows how active the framework is in the widget department.

  • Faster application development

The next best thing is its ability to speed up the development and testing processes. It is a single codebase framework that can be used with the hot reload service, making it simple for developers to create an app and then test it in real-time. This is a critical factor in lowering mobile app development costs. 

  • Numerous open-source packages are available

Flutter includes a variety of open-source packages that allow for rapid development. YouTube_player, Frideos_flutter, and Flutter Ecommerce are just a few of the many open-source packages that come with Flutter. This makes the framework even more comprehensive.

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  • Great learning resources included

The Flutter website provides extensive resources for developers from many platforms unfamiliar with its declarative user interface style. In addition, Flutter’s documentation team is a massive resource for developers new to app development.

Flutter’s extensive documentation library and massive community make it easy to learn.

  • Provides a great developer experience

Flutter framework offers best-in-class IDE support via IntelliJ/Android Studio and Visual Studio Code plugins. In addition, Flutter’s mobile app development process requires developers only to know the Dart language rather than requiring them to be proficient in Swift, Java Script, and other programming languages.

Dart has two compilation modes, one ahead and one just in time. This allows for hot reloading during app development. In addition, the statically typed language will enable tools to do the heavy lifting for a Flutter app development business.

  • Development costs are low

The cost of developing a mobile app must be considered. Small businesses and startups usually need more funds to invest in mobile app development. Apart from app development costs, it would help if you accounted for other expenses like team building, marketing, and server cost.

Flutter can reduce development costs. Flutter doesn’t require platform-specific developers because it uses a single code base. In addition, the testing requirements are minimal, meaning cross-platform application development is possible even with a limited budget.

  • Ideal for MVP

Flutter lets you display your MVP to investors through app development. You can only create one app for iOS or Android. In addition, Flutter’s compatibility with Firebase means you don’t have to create separate backends to build simple MVPs. Flutter is, therefore, ideal for MVP development.

These are all great reasons to believe Flutter’s future is bright. But does that mean I’m giving it the title, “The future of cross-platform application development”? We can only answer this question when we compare the framework to other top-level development platforms.

Flutter problems

Flutter’s disadvantages are most closely related to its youth. However, if Google continues to put effort into it, these flaws can be fixed or eliminated in five years.

  • Integration of payment systems: Challenges

There are many third-party libraries already available, and they are steadily increasing. However, more is needed to allow for app development. Payment services, for example, rarely offer SDKs for Flutter. This is why we use native frameworks and SDKs to address this problem.

  • Flutter app size

The downloaded app is generally more prominent than native apps. For example, according to research, Flutter basic app ranks second after React Native app. Java 539KB. Kotlin 55 KB. Flutter 4.7MB. React Native 7MB.

Flutter is the best cross-platform app development approach. Flutter developers are working to address this issue: The app’s size decreases with each new release. You can also find the most recent community insights and documentation about reducing Flutter’s app size.

  • Lack of skilled developers

Flutter was released in 2018 and is still a young framework. Only some developers have deep expertise in Flutter, so finding a team capable of creating a quality Flutter mobile app can be challenging.

Be satisfied if you find a company with Flutter projects in their portfolio, such as SolveIt. To tackle any Flutter issues effectively, it is a huge advantage that your contractor’s experts also have native development experience.

There are many reasons why Flutter has a bright future

Recent years have seen Flutter gain significant popularity, and the future looks bright for this game. These are just a few reasons Flutter is destined for a bright future.

  • It is home to a growing number of developers who contribute to its development, create plugins and provide support for other developers.
  • It was partly developed and maintained by Google, a highly respected and influential company in the tech sector.
  • Its Dart language combination and reactive development model make it attractive for developers who value app performance and user experience.

Flutter Widgets

Flutter widgets can be used to create user interfaces for the app. In addition, they can be customized to make complex layouts or interactions. These are just a few examples of Flutter widgets.

  • Material Widgets

This is used to create apps that adhere to the design principles established by Google.

  • Cupertino Widgets

This is used to create apps that adhere to the design principles of Apple.

  • Layout widgets

This is used to arrange widgets on the screen in a particular way.

  • Text and image widgets

This screen is used to display text or images.

  • Widgets for Input and Selection

This is used to collect input from users and offers options for selection.

  • Navigation Widgets

This is used to navigate between screens within the app.


Flutter is a great tool to help you turn your startup app idea into a profitable revenue-generating app. Flutter allows for user-friendly app development and works seamlessly on various platforms. Flutter mobile application development is a platform that will enable app developers to easily create intuitive apps with interactive user interfaces for iOS and Android users. Connect with Techugo, an on demand app development company to get more insights.

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