1 Jun 2021

Why You Must Consider Becoming A White Label Mobile App Reseller?


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Every agency is opting for white label reselling solutions nowadays. Such options enable businesses to make profits with no-code platforms and hence, appear lucrative to them. There are several reasons for the buzz – simplicity, affordability, scalability, to name a few. 

Everything today is just a click away, all thanks to smartphones and smart devices. They have been revolutionising the way enterprises operate and the way users perceive and consume products. The industry has been serving the needs of both, users and business owners. 

Who do we need to thank for this? Applications! Yes, those small useful tools reside in our phones. These ‘tools’ have made our lives easier and have helped us immensely in multitasking! They make things accessible; they take care of problems like – ordering food, paying bills, buying medicines and essentials, etc. They are nothing but a tiny yet wonderful solution for our day-to-day problems.


The mobile application industry is thus expanding. The wondrous tools in our smartphones- applications are the catalyst in this growth. They are being developed and used widely. Owing to these factors, global mobile application revenues for 2018 were more than 365 billion USD. If these numbers appear mind-boggling, wait till I share with you the estimate for the following years. Brace yourself… in 2023, applications are likely to generate revenues of more than a whopping 935 billion USD!! 

So, now we know the reasons why almost every business venture is striving to grab this opportunity and earn the best possible profits! 

Let us deal with each important term (in the title) individually, before diving deep into the benefits of reselling applications. So, without much ado, let’s get to business! 

What is a white-labelled application?

Such an app can be rebranded and re-sold to other buyers. Your company can customise these apps accordingly and then sell them to other prospective buyers. The buyers can then publish them under their brand name, on app stores.

Another interesting fact is that these apps are built by a corresponding white label app development company, which enables rebranding and reselling. It happens when an application is ordered from a reselling company to various other clients. Moreover, this service can also be outsourced to a third-party team. Here, without worrying about installation costs, development complexities etc., users can add app/apps to other marketing services.

White label applications are created for clients on someone else’s dashboard, that you can personalize and rebrand. By adopting white label solutions, businesses build apps in way less time, without spending any extra resources on developing codes or system architecture.

What is an  app reseller?

A company or an individual that creates applications with the intention of selling them further to more clients, is regarded as a mobile reseller. A corresponding program with the same name allows a business to sell applications. 

This program is ideal for application developers as they can create app solutions for Android and iOS platforms, easily and then offer them for purchase. 

The advantages of becoming an application reseller

The benefits of becoming a reseller are many. Read on to know better. The entire pitch for white-label-reselling is no gimmick but has a lot to offer to businesses! Keep reading… 

  • It is easy!!

    Yes! It indeed is very easy! You don’t need to be technologically well-versed and/or experienced – anyone can become a white label mobile app reseller! Such “DIY” application building platforms are quite easy to handle and build.
    A few of such programs enable you to only focus on sales and not worry about designing applications! So, the key here is this – pick the right partner or partners, while deciding whether you wish to go for it now or not, as you would require an application development company to support and guide you through it.

    But remember… just because it is easy doesn’t mean you don’t need to lift a finger – don’t ever do that! Learn from and take advantage of educational materials online or offline and expand your knowledge related to this domain. The more you will know, the better you and your team would perform!
    The best part is, you can rebrand apps, of course, and customise them, all under the ambit of white-label! Now you have a major reason to consider exploring this domain, right?!

  • The still expanding industry

    Mobile applications are being developed because of their high demand in the market. The revenue estimates have already been discussed with you. The boom is here to further expand, just like the universe did, after the Big Bang! This is how fast-paced the growth and expansion of this industry is!

    These small tools – apps, have become a necessity in every industry, thanks to the smartphones and the ease with which the phone-app combination works. It has proved to be immensely helpful and there’s no disagreement, whatsoever, in this regard. Time spent using apps has increased, the number of smartphone users has spiked – for anything virtual, there are apps and if there aren’t, then they are almost on their way! Businesses require all kinds of them. By being a white label reseller, you can sell more than one application to the same client.

  • It is inexpensive to become an app reseller!

    Yes you read that correctly … no burnt pockets, literally! If you wish to become a reseller company, you do not need to invest a huge amount of money to get going. Just with a small basic initial investment, you can create and sell mobile applications to businesses. Interestingly, you need to pay a feasible monthly fee to avail a white-label application seller program.

    While analysing the pros and cons of entering into an industry, the cost is always in mind. Adding to that, evaluation of potential returns on your investments is more of serious concern. With the mobile application market at its peak, it is one of the wisest decisions to invest in white-label reselling! Two of the major reasons being – high demand and low competition.

    Becoming such a reseller can generate huge ROI for your business and of course, the cheap cost is a factor too. There is enough scope for you to earn profits, irrespective of your set pricing structure!

    You can understand the importance in this light – if you are already a local small business marketer, you can seamlessly integrate mobile apps into your current company and can start offering clients a new mobile dimension for their businesses!

  • There is high demand for mobile apps

    Every business owner nowadays wants to invest in mobile applications. Apps have worked wonders for all kinds of businesses, have helped them increase their reach and revenues. This stands as a testimony for others out there who wish to grow and earn better. Those who don’t have an app to represent themselves, want to develop one as they don’t want to be laggards.
    They very well know that launching an application is one of the surest ways to grow bigger and deliver an excellent experience to the customers. This wonderful experience only, builds a loyal user-base and keeps the revenues flowing in.

    But mind you, apps aren’t just a promotional tool but are used to serve internal purposes in business organisations as well. They are used to improve communication, resolve HR inefficiencies, etc.

    People still search for ‘app development’ on Google, even today. Implying thereby, that mobile app technology and solutions are still sought-after and haven’t reached their full potential. Obviously, the trend won’t slow down in the near future too. Evidently… you can make hay while this sun is shining super bright, right!

  • Easy to measure success

    Before starting a business, a person ponders over several questions; one of them is about the success of the venture. It is nothing, but natural. It is important to know that you are making the right decision and are headed in the right direction so that your business can prosper.
    Reselling mobile applications is somewhat similar. You wish to know how well your app is faring, how frequently it is being used and how many times has it gotten downloaded. The usage of your applications, customer satisfaction and revenues indicate how successful your tool really has been.

    Clearly, knowing the success of apps and thereby your company, is easily measurable! How? Applications receive reviews too, on Google Play, App Store and other app markets. This feedbacks provide insights into what is working, what is not, which in turn gives business companies opportunities to mend their ways, improve and fare better!

  • Enables you to offer affordable applications to clients

    It is lucrative for your business to offer white-label mobile apps. Clearly, the demand is high and this “white option” lets you cater to clients’ needs at a much lower cost. Small scale business owners are hence, always on the lookout and in need of reseller services. They are all willing to monetarily invest in your venture, provided you design an amazing mobile application strategy for them. And white label reselling is one potent, higher ROI giving solution in this regard!
    Of course, you can earn pretty handsome this way, but remember… your willingness to learn, invest, grow and compete, will decide your financial success.

  • Value addition

    Now, who wishes to add value to an enterprise? Everyone!
    White label reselling makes your services more reliable and valuable. As a result of that, clients will find your business appealing, worth trusting and investing! And everybody knows how difficult it is, to build a clientele and further maintain it. The competition isn’t tough in theory only, it is a harsh reality!

    Then how does white labelling come into play? It can prove to be your golden strategy to stand out, compete and earn enormous, as it is not being done by everybody. A domain that hasn’t been fully explored or exploited has obviously a lot to offer to those who wish to dive into it – the same goes for the reselling business.

    If you are a mobile app reseller, you will have more to offer! Clients who have invested enough time in searching for an agency will highly likely choose you, as you have something extra and different to offer them. With the standard services, any mobile application development company offers, you have a plus one! This uniqueness has its own perks and clients’ preference to move ahead with you, will establish this claim better in the future… you will see!

  • No coding required!!

    While using a third-party application and white labelling it, so to say, a client pays the developers for basically a readymade app! This is like having an in-house developer that won’t burn a hole in your pockets. And… that happens when you are an app-reseller!
    Also, since it’s a readymade tool you wish to rebrand and resell, white label platforms don’t require any coding skills. You don’t need to be well-versed and fully or partially aware about coding, programming languages, etc. You can imagine the ease with which you can operate, without requiring to look at any codes!

How to be a good reseller?

How to be a good reseller

Following are a few pointers that can help you become a good one; read on…

  • Honesty is the key!
  • Fulfil orders sincerely.
  • Ensure consistency and it will work wonders for your venture.
  • Quality delivery is one of the golden points.
  • Relevance on social media is a must!

To sum things up…

The demand for apps is higher than ever before and it will only increase with time. The mobile application industry, evidently, is BOOMING! Mobile trends do not just set a bar for developers but influencers and businesses across the globe! They are the buzz and they create one too – a virtuous cycle indeed! 

Why don’t you and your team make hay while the sun is shining bright?! Move ahead with your app ideas, queries, questions and develop solutions… One of the best ways is to reach out to an app-building company that offers white-label platforms for resellers. 

Don’t know how to do that? Connect with the best mobile app agency – Techugo! We provide the finest tech-laced end solutions to businesses across the world. Be it an application or an idea related to space technology – we build the best solutions! Thanks to a talented and dedicated team with rich experience and expertise! 

So, wait no more and get access to the best mobile app reseller program for your agency! Build applications with us and witness the wonder yourself! 

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