24 Mar 2022

Your Next Wearable Could be Powered by Sweat: Surprised?

Wearable Devices

The following generation of wearable devices will not only stay close to your bodies but will be powered by them! 

Read again if it’s hard to digest!

Don’t you love your smartwatch? No wonder wearing it is cool, but what’s more amazing is its awe-inspiring features and all the fun things you could do with it. Many users are so obsessed with the device that they are in favor of wearing the same 24/7. However, it isn’t possible!

Do you know WHY? 

Due to its battery-powered functionality! It can be annoying to charge and recharge when a user is fond of using wearable technology. The problem doesn’t end only on smartwatches, but the power issue is also faced by audio-enhancing hearables, AR contact lenses, etc. 

Undoubtedly, researchers are working towards the same to fix the issue by developing stretchable batteries, supercapacitors, etc. However, it does not seem like a long-run solution! 

Then, what could be the most convenient power source? 


That sure sounds funny, but how about giving it a shot? This is precisely what the developers are thinking, and it is what we’ll be talking about in this article. 

So, take a peek? 

Sweat-Powered Smartwatches: An Intimation of Tech and Human Body

Have you ever heard about sweat-powered smartwatches

If not, we’re going to unveil some intriguing information on how these devices work! 

The relationship between technology and humans has now climbed another step of the success ladder since devices can now power energy from the human body. 

Undoubtedly, wearable electronic devices are incredible tools used for health monitoring, and they cannot be denied. Scientists have now developed a new wearable mechanism that generates its power from the lactate in the user’s sweat. 

Does that mean we become the power sources of our wearable devices?


The Evolution of Sweat-Powered Wearable Devices 

It all started with the efforts of a group of scientists from the Scottish institution who created a battery cell using a supercapacitor. The formation of this new functionality has replaced traditionally used electrolytes found in batteries. 

According to researchers, all it takes is 20 microlitres of fluid, making wearable idle for longer durations of use. 

The Transformation of Sweat into Energy 

A fuel cell comprises dual electrodes: an anode and a cathode with an electrolyte in between. The fuel makes its way to an anode, after which it is separated into electrons and protons. Furthermore, the protons pass through a membrane to reach the cathode, while the electrons flow into a circuit simultaneously. 

Sweat is a convenient powerhouse for such devices since it is easily acquired when a person is physically active or exercising. In addition, the fact that athletes adopt the use of smart devices constitute an attractive market for sweat-powered wearables. 

The wearable app development displays information like battery, features, etc., is the icing on the cake. Now that sweat-powered wearable devices are acquiring recognition and are being highly adopted, entrepreneurs will emphasize app development that complements the mechanism. 

What do you think?

If you have a flawless app idea and are interested in developing a wearables app that is unique, here’s how you must move ahead from here:

Wearable App Development: Everything You Must Know!

Wearable apps are a hub that receives information or data directly from wearable devices. These apps have access to the device’s hardware, like sensors that collect the entire data and transfer it to the mobile app. 

Most Popular Wearable Devices of Today

Before developing a wearable mobile app, it is essential to make sure of the type of wearables you are targeting. There exist a few types of wearables, and some of the most popular ones are as mentioned below:

1. Fitness Trackers 

These are the devices that emphasize physical activity, like heart rate, calories burnt, the number of steps taken, etc. Today’s fitness trackers additionally offer features like displaying notifications, online payments, etc. 

2. Smartwatches 

Smartwatches are one of the most popular wearables that eliminate the need to carry your smartphone everywhere. These devices enable users to perform activities like send and receive messages, view notifications, track activity, and more. 

3. Smart Jewelry 

One of the most prominent examples of smart jewelry is the smart rings, used to track physical activity and collect insights that are then directed to the mobile app downloaded by the user. 

Industries That are Emphasizing Wearable App Development 

Wearable app development can highly benefit businesses across industries! Thus, numerous domains are adopting the mechanism, and some of them are mentioned below:

  • Healthcare
  • Outdoor navigation
  • Fitness
  • Education
  • Insurance
  • Entertainment
  • Fintech

To Sum Up!

As per predictions, the use of wearable devices will rapidly grow in the near future and will become a new tool of convenience for many! 

Along with other mobile apps on your smartphone, a wearable app can become another tremendous addition that’ll help you keep track of your health and activity, and acquire financial aid if required. 

If you’re hooked up with any of the above-mentioned businesses, now is your shot at acquiring a competitive edge with the help of this rapidly rising technology. 


To learn more about the same, connect with us at Techugo- a top mobile app development company in USA for better understanding. 

Have a great day and happy innovation!

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