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3 Sep 2018

How Youtube Can Garner Impressive ROI For Your Mobile App

I wish I had never made an app for my business!!!

Has this thought ever crossed your mind???

Maybe it did or maybe you are from that lucky brood, which never faced the lack of user engagement with your application.

However a larger number of applications are not the part of the latter situation as the competition is growing rapidly, and every minute there is something more interesting and much more viable then your application, which suddenly drops ROI for your app.

I don’t think so I need to mention that what happens next because it is but obvious that you would receive NO monetary benefit out of a mobile as there would be a dry land of leads.

You agree well, with this ideology, that competition has grown overtly fierce hence your app needs to come up with a stronger marketing strategy to win the obstacles thrown from the competitors.

In this wake, one strategy which you can really look forward to is the YouTube promotion.

What’s new in this????

I expected this reaction; what’s new in this and all!!!

A perfect YouTube SEO strategy is the only reason behind your videos being watched and shared by potential user base.


If you are wondering that how does getting discovered on Youtube matter, then you must know that if you really want your videos to get optimized from SEO perspective, then you must create a strong discoverability platform for your app related videos.

If your video is getting watched, liked and shared by the users, then ultimately your app and your business would receive the significant traffic and sales.

Find it interesting now???

I know you must be, but in order to increase your brand identity through YouTube videos, you need to follow certain strategies, which I am going to mention in this post…let’s find together…

  • Video Annotations Are Important

Annotations, which often leave you engaged with the video, work as the interactive transcripts for your videos. With this, it gets highly possible for a wider range of users to find about the video.

If you have noticed, that some of the YouTube videos have the captions, which allow the users to get on their search result effortlessly.

In many food videos, the annotations describe the recipe and then it is carried further with a Subscribe for more option, which eventually works as a CTA button.

By implementing this, in your app video, you help your users to download it and explore more about your application.

  • Write Only RELEVANT Description

Every social channel comes up with its limitation and YouTube is not an exception as well.

It has the 1,000 character space limit for video descriptions, so don’t be a spoilsport, and utilize every bit of the space available.

The more you write better it is.

Hey wait…but that does not mean that you would write everything under the sky to consume that space, but you need to use only the relevant description, which accurately describes your video.

Here you can integrate the keywords but don’t sound it so forceful, rather your app description must have the engaging tone which describes your video appropriately.

Don’t Forget To Optimize The Video Title

I know it might sound absurd to some of the marketers out there, who simply think that optimizing the Video Title is only good for websites or blogs and with youtube videos it is nothing but the waste of time and efforts.

But sadly you are wrong L

The Title for your YouTube video is something, which you cannot ignore, in any given cost and if you are really looking forward the targeted audience to find, click and watch your videos, then don’t forget to give a skip to meta titles.

The titles are the only aspect which compel the users to watch your videos, hence you must not take it for granted, rather you must utilize this and let your audience explore your video.

  • Get The Video Playlists Created

I remember that how I end up usually watching a series of interesting videos that is due to the playlists.

This very factor is considered as one of the most significant parts of the YouTube SEO strategy because it allows the users to end up watching more, which enhances more views and traffic on your mobile application.

  • Integrating The Right Set of Keywords

Keyword ranking is the only aspect which works as SEO and ASO booster, if you really want your app to get ranked on Google and receive the attention from the targeted audience, then you must take the help from the keyword integration.

Unfortunately many marketers play wrong with this approach, and pick the keywords only associated with the application, but here you have to play a smart game, and must not restrict your keywords search to one gene only, rather expand your vision, and make the specific business type of your app, as well to be the source behind the keyword search.

The keywords which you implement on your youtube video will help it to get discovered by the users, so don’t sport a random approach with this strategy, but put your efforts in getting something best for your keywords.

  • Don’t Fiddle With Video Length

When your app is really trying its level best to reach the users’ hearts then marketing is the best way to deal with this situation.

As we hear the term that videos can be engaging, but when your aim is to market only, then you need to be as succinct as possible and anything which is less than a minute must be taken into consideration.

If you are thinking that why am I giving more focus on the length, then you cannot deny the fact that a maximum number of videos which are shared, always have a shorter length, this is because of size and its easy-to-be-discovered factor.

The chances of getting your app searched and identified through the YouTube videos is indeed an interesting and engaging way, but this can only be proven fruitful when your app complements the performance shared on the videos.

So to make it happen with your app, you must get in touch with a leading top mobile app development company, to help you get a successful and scalable app solution specially designed for your business needs.



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