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We are not a Team

We are a Family

We understand, how much important is it for you to know who we are and how we approach your business. This page will let you know about the people, who make us a BIG ever expanding family and put efforts regularly to make our company unique to deliever your project with perfection. Let's start the journey...

  • Abhinav Singh CEO

    Hi, this is Abhinav - a seasoned entrepreneur and CEO of the globally recognized Mobile Development Organization, Techugo.

    He is a quick thinker and solutions oriented expert with an ability to innovate and update new concepts in the mobile space. He is known as "People's CEO", since he recognizes and rewards staff for their creativity and inspiration. His passion in developing and implementing innovative technology solutions has a pivotal role in empowering Techugo to reinforce the increases in revenue growth.

    His non-technical background includes undercover dancer and swimmer, and a mascot for badminton and poker. With a big designation under his collar, he has no free time, but if he did, he would learn how to play piano and possibly sleep.

  • Preeti Singh CTO

    Hi, this is Preeti- CTO - Chief Technology Officer with Techugo with a history of developing award-winning applications at the forefront of the technology.

    She is usually the first person you'll speak with at Techugo. She'll answer all your app development questions and concerns. She has been creating and shaping applications and software for a long time, with a focus on user- focused design.

    Fondly called 'Pretty', she is highly praised for her team management skill, down-to-earth personality with strong taste buds for sweets. When she is not immersed in her client's projects, you might find her engrossed in photography, traveling, being outdoors, writing and finding new and exotic types of sweet dishes.

  • Purushottam Kumar Sr. Web Architect

    Fondly called 'Puru', he is Project Analyst & Technical Lead with TechUgo.

    He has rich experience in product development and design for client projects coupled with modern engineering pattern. He utilizes his experience to help clients refine and improve their product visions. He is rigorous about details and passionate about innovation.

    When not at Techugo you can typically find him at your local eating corner, he is a devoted foodie with a hunger amoeba transplanted within him.

  • Navneet Sharma Sr. iOS Developer

    Hello, this is Navneet- Senior iOS Application Developer with Techugo.

    He has worked with nearly every aspect of iOS from simple apps to working on the OS itself and he enjoys solving problems and coming up with new and innovative solutions. He leads the Mobile app development projects from a technical perspective and delivers across the entire app life cycle – concept, design, build, deploy, test, release to app stores and support.

    When not working, he often escapes to his home theatre and loves watching all the animation movies and moreover as a secret ninja, he provides comic relief and snuggles with his PJ's at the fast-paced and high-tech Techugo office at intervals.

  • Shashank Tiwari Sr. Creative Designer

    Hi Folks, this is Shashank - senior UI & UX designer with Techugo.

    He is multi-talented designer, with a focus on user-centered design and pixel perfect prototypes and a lover of typography, data visualization and grids. He works on User Experience / UI Design services such as Web / GUI Application Design, Mobile / Tablet UI Design, Usability Evaluation, Interface Wireframes, UI Standards and Style Guide Documentation, Branding & Identity Design, Logo Branding, Information Design and Iconography.

    When not obsessing over the details or working out a design problem you can find him as a backpacker and riding mountain bikes or hiking in far-away lands.

  • Meenakshi Shukla Human Resource Generalist

    Hello, this is Meenakshi- Human Resource Generalist with Techugo who works at both strategic and operational levels.

    She happily handles and manages the full spectrum of human resources program, services and function. She is enhancing the organization's human resources by planning, implementing, and evaluating employee relations and human resources policies, programs, and practices. She loves learning new management strategies and fascinated by how things work, she applies those passions into building great HR policies at work.

    She is happiest when spending time with her amazing family and if you can't find her in front of her computer, you might find her on an adventurous trip taking limitless selfies and meeting people all around the world.

  • Vaibhav Sharma Head Business Development Manager

    Hi, this is Vaibhav - Business Head with Techugo.

    He has an extensive knowledge of IT domain. At Techugo, he uses his experience to help clients refine and improve their product visions. He draws upon astute business analysis, technology insight and user experience. You can call him a born problem solver who loves finding creative solutions in difficult & complex business situations. He has a passion for functional, business development strategies, and tries to bring those ideas to everything he does. He loves architecting marketing and business plans and developing them into a fun and intuitive experience.

    Outside of business development, he can be found bike riding, sipping on Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain.

  • Gaurav Singhal Sr. Android Developer

    Hi, this is Gaurav- Senior Android Developer with Techugo.

    He is mobility professional and capable of managing Android technology projects from concepts to completion with remarkable deadline sensitivity. His forte lies in project estimation, finding technical feasibility of client's requirements & app submission process. He has already managed and developed the Business/Custom/Educational/Entertainment applications on the Android platform. Notwithstanding his tech background, Gaurav is free-spirited and has a versatile personality with an uncountable brood of talents like: dancing, singing, mimicking, standing comedies and winning people's heart with his attitude. Gaurav enjoys spending time with his friends & family, coding applications, eating and thinking about all angles of application development.

    He is a big Poker & Counter Strike lover, seems to have an interest for everything and he lives by the saying, "do what you love and you won't have to work a single day of your life."