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Tech-talks aims to help you unleash the layers of technology, to make you smarter, more productive and simply happier. Produced by the technocrats of Techugo, this technology podcast & vlog delivers short snippets of tech news and updates. A great treat for hardcore tech enthusiasts!
Mind-blowing facts, no one ever told you before about CyberSecurity!
Cybersecurity offers a shield against the digital vulnerability, but is this all that it holds within? Unleash surprising facts about it with this podcast. Get all ears!
4 Mar 2020 / Bhavna
Hidden benefits of GitHub; you should not ignore anymore!
Heard about GitHub, as a repository hosting service? Wait, there is much more to this apparently ordinary platform. Find out what more GitHub has got to provide, with this podcast…
15 Jan 2020 / Shally
iOS 13.2 Update: Unleash What's New???
iOS 13.2 is a feature-packed update, released after three interim rounds, and has brought many new features apart from bug fixing from prior releases. Listen to the full roundup covered in this Podcast…
1 Jan 2020 / Vivek Indra
Let's hop onto the multi-million Question; what all it takes to create an app like TaskRabbit
Leah Busque has changed GIG-Economy forever with TaskRabbit. Do you wonder how an app like TaskRabbit can come into existence?
18 Dec 2019 / Abhinav Singh
How chatbots can help your business to elevate customer-service?
Are you willing to double your revenue??? Identify the sweet spot for your marketing initiatives through Chatbot and bring an incredible customer-service along with.
4 Dec 2019 / Bhavna
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