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Making coaching accessible to every person on the planet by delivering a safe space to connect and engage with the perfect coach.

Sterkla App
Sterkla App
The Concept

Sterkla's foundation is based on creating a global movement of conscious awakening. This app offers a helping hand to the people who are undergoing the complexities and challenges of life. It successfully bridges the gap between the user and online coaching sessions. It provides a huge glut of coaches from lifestyle/fitness to financial/parenting.

Sterkla Concept

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  • A marketplace for coaching where anyone can connect and engage with the perfect coach and find the support they need.
  • A fully integrated learning tool that allows the users to chat with coaches in app via message, set-up live 1×1 video calls with the shared screen, and share documents. More than just coaching, Sterkla integrates social activity with a coach feed to inform & inspire.
  • Learning gets easy with quick courses on a variety of topics created by professionals and delivered online.
  • Full stack of management in one app. Here both coaches can attract clients, schedule appointments, set-up & execute video calls, keep client history with voice and text notes, share documents, and manage the billing.

Mobile Application & Website


South Africa, Europe & USA


Online Coaching


Our goal was to create a platform where users can build a connection with a coach, and establish a healthy relationship. It was necessary to create an extraordinary platform and present a unique way to discover the perfect coach in the world.


The initial part of the goal consisted of acknowledging the challenge in the entire development process. The development team focused on enhancing the authenticity of the application. Here the aim was to mend the gap present in between the user and a pool of coaches.


The process was set to dedicatedly expand with an aim to deliver quality to the user base. The roadmap was created with a goal to help the audience witness a brand new world of online coaching. It was required to deliver exquisite services.


The execution of extraordinary ideas delivered remarkable results that focused on boosting experiences and learning. The application was able to bring the world of coaches closer to learners. The end result ameliorated the experiences they shared together.

Our Design Process

The best application is achieved when the overall design focuses on glorifying the features and functionalities of the app. Therefore, our approach was focused on bringing out the best. To avoid any sort of complication the complete process was broken into four manageable parts. Doing this erased the possibility of any complication.


  • User Persona
  • User Stories
  • Market Analysis


  • User Journey Map
  • User Interview
  • Survey


  • Sketches
  • Wireframe
  • User Testing


  • Illustrations
  • Design System
  • Animations
Design Strategy

The complete design strategy was divided into six major steps to bring out the best. The motive was to establish streamlined communication between the brand and the user. The strategy helped our team to move systematically with a proper approach.

Business Goals

The complete design strategy was focused on achieving an excellent platform for both the users and coaches.

Cross Channel

The strategy was based on maintaining design consistency across different channels.

Target User

The strategy took into account different aspects like allowing users to chat with coaches in app via message, set-up live 1×1 video calls with the shared screen, and share documents.

General Task

It was a must to shape and dedicate all the designing parts to meeting the main goal.

Technology Constraints

For a successful design strategy, it was important to look into the technical competency of the targeted user base.

Critical Success Factor

To deliver unmatchable value to the user base was the critical success factor of the entire project.

Project Scope & Timeline

We created a visual representation in order to seamlessly communicate dependencies, milestones, or any other required resources, to successfully execute each and every step. Team defined timeline boundaries with a strong project scope statement to create the desired application.

Final Product
Week 01-06
Week 07-14
Branding & UI Design
Week 15-36
Development & Testing
Week 37-42
Beta Launch

To power the app it was mandatory to select the best technology stack before creating the code. The team navigated a seamless way to select a tech stack without getting stuck under the mountain of overwhelming options. The combination of the selected software products and the programming languages boosted efficiency during the development process.

User Interface

The need to allow the user to communicate and interact smoothly with the application led our team to place increased priority on improving which could complement the user experience journey.

Sterkla Wireframe
Calling Feature

The calling feature of Sterkla bridges the gap between the learners and the coaches. It allows them to seamlessly communicate with one another through video calls. There is also a chatting option that simplifies communication.

Calling FEatures
Sterkla All Screen Design
Design System

Take a look at the design system in order to understand the different aspects attached to it.

Font Style
Text Style
Rubik Regular
Rubik Regular
Heading 1 24px
Heading 2 20px
Font Style
RGB (31, 64, 103)
RGB (240, 73, 91)
RGB (114, 221, 208)
Primary Color
Secondary Color
Tertiary Color
Our aim was to move forward with a clear focus to solve some key problems for clients and coaches. Because of Techugo, Sterkla is on the brink of leading the way through its passion, purpose, and innovation.
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South Africa

To deliver the best, the developing team worked rigorously to examine, assess, and analyze the best possible strategy to move further. One of the major goals was to provide coaches with an ability to grow their followers, through posting good content, delivering quality coaching, and creating quick courses.

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The Result

Religious efforts from all the team members helped the development of an outstanding app like Sterkla. The online coaching platform is designed to make coaching accessible to everyone by removing possible barriers. Sterkla is driven by a mission to make coaching accessible to everyone on the planet.

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