The testing allows you to gauge an app's ability to handle the pressure and traffic, which is likely to increase from users on a regular basis. Also, it helps the UI/UX design to be complemented further by making it glitch-free.


What It Is All About?

It is one of the most crucial stages of development, wherein every single error within the product is analyzed with the help of professional testers, who scrutinize the end-product from every angle possible to sieve out the bugs out of the seamless performance.

Something which sets a successful solution different from a normal is all due to the seamless performance, which can be achieved only through the QA, as the final seal on the deal, predicting there is no glitch to be experienced by the users.

Why QA Is Not Optional?
The need of the QA does not need any introduction, as the existence of many businesses in today’s scenario, is only possible through the trending technology only. These products need to go through the rigid Quality Analysis process to confirm their compatibility with the users’ demands.
It eliminates the risk of rejection due to low performance
Helps in garnering the quality, performance, & functionality
Let it get an edge over competitors
The app becomes a successful product due to efficient performance
Why You Need Techugo?

At Techugo, we aim to transform each of our developed solutions to be successful and efficient enough to bring profits to your business. Our team has a dedicated team of experienced testers, who prefer software testing on real devices utilizing the different methods of testing to deliver unmatchable user experience.

The stack of our testing consists of:


Alpha Mode

Our testers imply the Alpha mode to identify the every minute defect or the bug , it might be conducted before the beta testing process. This helps in abundance as it saves the time for reworking on the product after the bugs could be reported at the Beta Quality Analysis process.

Acceptance Mode

We ensure to indulge our clients to share their views and opinion about any issue faced during the performance. Here the clients check and verify every bit of the functionality and the feature works in accordance with the expectations.

Ad-hoc Testing

We conduct this mode on the ad-hoc, letting the testing process not to be influenced by any case or documentation to get a fresh perspective on the methodology. However without the test case, it is a difficult task, but we do it, so any iota of the bug can be caught at this level.

Beta Mode

This Real Environment process we follow, to ensure that product works as per its aimed requirements and the users’ expectations. Within this, we collect feedback from the real-time users and work on it, to help our end-product to grow successful further.

Back-end Mode

Our team is well-equipped with the different methods and with back-end mode, we check the data stored in the front-end to understand the table structure, schema, and the data structure to name a few.

Browser Compatibility Mode

We conduct the Browser Compatibility mode, for the web applications. It allows the QA team to be sure of the product’s compatibility with different browsers and OSs specific demands.

Black Box Mode

We carry out this mode to determine whether the internal system design of the mobile solution is fitting the needs of the users’ requirement.

Compatibility Mode

Our QA team prefers to validate that how the solution runs and behaves in different environments. This helps us to realize that product runs effortlessly on different database and configuration without an issue.

End-to-End Mode

In this process, we cross-check and validate the complete mobile solution from tip-to-toe, excluding any type of error or bug within the product.

Example Mode

Calling it an informal way is much accurate, at Techugo we test the flow of the solution and note down the changes with the help of documentation and test cases.

Exploratory Mode

We conduct this testing on the ad-hoc, letting the testing process not to be influenced by any case or documentation to get a fresh perspective on the testing methodology. However without the test case is a difficult task, but we do it, so any iota of the bug can be caught at the testing level.

Graphical User Interface (GUI) Mode

As the name suggests, we test the Graphics utilized within the business solution fitting the business requirements, such as button size, input field on the screen, text-alignment, tables and content mentioned within the tables.

Gorilla Mode

This strategy is conducted for a specific module or functionality, sieve thoroughly to bring out any glitch present in the solution.

Happy Path Mode

This sort of strategy is conducted to ensure the valid and positive features of the solution, which can generate better revenue for your business.

Incremental Integration Mode

We conduct this specific part, on the addition of new functionality within the product, to check its performance and compatibility on different levels.

Integration Mode

Within this segment, we check the different modules, like: code modules, client/server applications on a specific network.

Integration Testing

Within this segment, we test the different app modules, like: code modules, client/ server applications on a specific network.

Load Mode

This type is carried out to check that how much load a solution can bear without any performance degradation.

Monkey Mode

This is the unique way to analyze that if there is any random input of value and data, that how far it can bear the pressure before crashing down.

Negative Mode

Our QA team ensures not to leave any scope for non-performance. Hence we conduct the negative testing, where the invalid data is used to check whether the solution gives the error message as expected.

We are different from our competitors, as we don’t believe in one-size –fits-for-all, therefore we prefer manual testing of the products along with different other scenarios and not just one, to bring out the best out of your business solution.

We have a well-equipped Quality Analysis lab, consisting the advanced tools and real devices coupled with simulators
We have a large and the most proficient QA team
We utilize the best tools in the market; Appium, Calabash, Selendroid, and Robotium to name a few.
Our applications receive the MILLIONS of downloads due to their seamless performance and error-free user experience
We stay available for our client 24*7 for any support & maintenance.


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