Types of Music Streaming App Development :
A Pool of Options for You!

While the market is vast, there are a number of music streaming apps having varied audiences. Confused?

Check out the types of music streaming app development below:

Music Store Applications

These applications involve a prominent commercial trading element in their services. Therefore, the primary features of music store applications involve:

- Engagement: Apart from music being the source of engagement, this music streaming app development also incorporates standard e-commerce engagement tactics, including discounts, bonuses, etc.

- Monetization: These applications encourage customers to access the app’s subscription for premium features.

- Feedback: Networking is essential. Thus, these applications welcome user input in the form of reviews and comments.

Music Streaming Applications

Music streaming apps are the most widely used type that plays music, enables custom playlist building, provides suggestions, and a lot more. The primary elements of these apps include:

- Recommendations: This music streaming app development involves a recommender engine for generating relevant recommendations.

- Discovery: The primary component of a music streaming app is to attract more users, which is possible by enabling them to discover the music of varied genres.

- Personalization: The app enables sorting out music based on period, genre, mood, tone, pace, etc.

- Social Networking: The app allows applying custom playlists as promotional tools. Therefore, these playlists can be easily shared via social media platforms.

Music Storage Applications

Music storage apps are directly linked with storage, be it cloud or phone’s internal storage. The characteristics include:

- Customization: It curates precise and selected media along with customization.

- Uploading: The applications allow external uploads.

Music Streaming App Development:

Here’s how a reliable music streaming app development company likeTechugo builds a music app:

Understand the basics of music streaming apps
Select your business niche
Prepare your music library
Get licensing
Pick a monetization model
Estimate the app development cost
Regular updating
Make the choice of the platform- Android, iOS, or other
Music App
Music Ara

Best Features to Add During Music
Streaming App Development

First, it is vital to partner with the best music streaming app development company to incorporate top-notch features.

Second, which features to include: Here’s a list:

For Users
  • Registration
  • Quick search
  • Playlist
  • Music player
  • Play offline
  • Recommendation
For Admin
  • Music publishing
  • Subscription management
  • User management
  • Help center
  • Dashboard
  • Ads and promo
Music Earphone
Music App

How to Monetize Your Music
Streaming App?

Some of the most common monetization methods offered by a music streaming app development company are:

Create a freemium model
In-stream ads
Be available on every platform
Music CD

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Frequently Asked

Streaming has introduced a massive revolution to the music industry by bringing a change in the quality of music and how users access the same. Nowadays, users are interested in getting subscriptions of these platforms for hassle-free music streaming.

There are a number of models that can be leveraged with an app for efficient monetization. Some of the popular models are as listed below:

- Freemium model

- In-stream ads

- Subscriptions

An efficient music streaming app development company follows the below mentioned steps for app development:

- Idea refinement

- Research on music streaming market

- Define the target audience

- Decide the niche of your app

- Plan the app features to be integrated

- Decide the platform

- Hire a music streaming app development team

Streaming API in a music streaming app is the subscription mechanism that relies on CometD which allows the real-time streaming of event messages.

The cost of music streaming app development can not be given in a specific figure. In fact, it varies depending on a number of factors such as choice of the platform, features integrated, UI/UX design, cost of the developers, and more.

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