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The wave of digitization is inspiring traditional businesses to get on board with the trend of using mobile applications & trigger their revenue funnel.

Irrespective of the size of the company/industry, mobile app development has always displayed and proved its potential to drive growth, manage inventory, boost communication, improve operations, optimise production, and much more.

Top Mobile app development companies like Techugo help businesses bridge the gap between their process and audience in an advanced manner.

A smartly developed mobile application can eliminate all the limitations of a traditional brick-and-mortar business and help to tap into the growing digital world.

So, how about scheduling your first consultation with a top mobile app development company in India?.


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Techugo is a top mobile app development company In India, enabling change with technology and innovation. Our team’s strategic grip over emerging trends & technologies has helped over 27 apps to raise total funding of $896M from Venture Capitals, Incubators, Angel Investors, YC Combinators and much more.

By catering to the clientele's passion points and attributes, we hear, see and help our technology partners to resonate with their digital audience.

Our mobile app development company in India is an active technology partner of over 87% of existing clientele, including Fortune 200s & Global 2000s.

Because of our development expertise, we have ensured long-term monitoring and seamless management of crafted mobile applications.

Through technology partnerships across the globe, our mobile app development company in India aims to forge stronger professional relationships, simplify information flow and deliver high-end products at a competitive price.

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Here’s what Techugo- the best mobile app development company in India has to offer:

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How Does The Top Mobile App
Development Company In India Work?

Product Discussion

This phase helps position the app right in the market through valid user research and robust competitive analysis. The product strategy delivered by the mobile app development company in India reflects the beautiful fusion of our design, development, and marketing strategies, helping us to create a successful app product and consequently let your business experience the difference.

  • We comprehend your app idea

  • We deploy the best and most experienced resources

  • We conduct three layers of testing

  • We offer full-fledged after app launch support

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Analysis & Wireframing

As a leading mobile app development company in India, we analyse your app concept thoroughly and create a wireframe, which makes a screen blueprint; a visual guide representing the skeletal framework of a mobile app. It helps you to understand how the application will work and function with different screens. This creates a symphony in your app idea and technical discipline, and finally brings the world-class app into existence.

  • We help you understand the app flow

  • We ease down the woes of transition

  • We help in reducing the overall development cost

  • We give you a visual representation of the concept

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We include the latest technologies like Flutter and React Native, to name a few to help users get an easy and engaging app interface. We, the best mobile app development company in India, experiment with the latest technologies and imbibe them as a part of our development methodologies and this is where we get an edge over our competitors. Be it the Android or iOS app development process, we being the best mobile app development company, keep our focus intact in implementing the latest technology trends in development strategy.

  • We analyse the app idea

  • We create a wireframe

  • We develop with the help of experts

  • We test app from every possible angle

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We pick the manual efforts filled with complexity to take out the human error out of application deployment. Our team invests their time and passion for deploying an incredible app solution to your end-users. We include reliable deployment strategies; copying, configuring and enabling your application to a specific store, to attain further success.

  • Understand & review the guidelines

  • Keep our app updated with the guidelines

  • Sift the app to make it glitch-free

  • Deploy app successfully

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Marketing Insights

This step helps the app to grow widely popular. From the minute your app concept and design get the final nod from your end, we plan to figure out how to entice the ideal users and encourage them to download the app. Our best mobile app development company delivers strategies that include landing page best practices, app store optimization, referral marketing, and paid media to help your mobile app stand out and survive cut-throat market competition with flying colours.

  • We assess opportunities & threats

  • We create devising marketing strategies

  • We drive app downloads number

  • We identify the audience and convert them into users

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A design speaks volume about the mobile app and clearly indicates how an app interacts with its users. The design holds benefits in abundance, the virtual effects and definitions shown within the design represent the real aim of the app concept. Our designers arrange the application design according to the app content, so the best infrastructure can be experienced.

  • We analyse your app’s concept

  • We maximise the app’s visual sense

  • We keep the audience demand in mind

  • We create a story through our design

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We- a top mobile app development company in India strongly believe in creating extraordinary app solutions which are infused with the trending technologies in a way, so users can experience the best app experience, without being bugged by the technical glitches. Our testing process ensures to cut-down the chaos of complexity of technology into our developed app solution, letting the users enjoy the best experience in every possible manner.

  • We perform syntax testing

  • We follow Automation Methodology

  • We integrate Test Cases Management & Strategy

  • We sift down the app to eliminate the glitch

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Frequently Asked

Techugo is a top mobile app development company in India since they efficiently cater to their client’s needs by developing digital products for visionaries.

The brood of experts has globally delivered exquisite mobile app development services to Fortune 200, Global 2000, Future unicorn startups, and many more companies.

The cost of developing a mobile app is a bit like the cost of creating a movie. You can shoot a complete movie through your iPhone for free or you can hire a gigantic Hollywood studio for half a billion dollars and create a blockbuster.

For an MVP cost of building can range anywhere from 30 to 80K USD.

For CAW or Concept Analysis Workshop, the cost is between 7 to 20K USD.

The development of the complete product takes longer than building an MVP or CAW, as it has an ongoing cost necessary for maintenance and growth. The cost of building a product can range anywhere between 40K to 500K USD.

During the ideation stage, you can protect your idea by signing a Non Disclosure Agreement with the mobile app development agencies. But as soon as a unique app idea is launched in the market, the competitors try to implement it in their digital products as well. One way to protect your idea is to get it patented, but that too will protect it up to a limit.

The only way to truly protect your idea is to roll it out before your competitors.

If you want to choose the best mobile app development company, then you need to go through the portfolios of the shortlisted companies. This will give you a clear idea about the technical expertise of the company. You need to choose the ones that have rich technology experience and deliver consistent support.

To connect with the best mobile app development company in India, you must be aware of your business requirements. Furthermore, please review the team and their portfolio for better judgement. Understand their pricing and listen to their ideas. You may also contact their previous clients for feedback before hiring the team!

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Testimonials & Reviews

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