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There might exist a gap between students’ choices and parents’ expectations while choosing the right career. Fortunately, Lifology now bridges this gap and offers more than 1,90,000 courses to students willing to expand their knowledge and skills.
Parent orientation is much needed since parents are strong influencers in their child’s decision-making.


Lifology Launched
10,000+ Global
Fellowships for
School Students

Which Fulfilled the
Dreams of Many

Here’s What Lifology’s
Treasure Hunt Looks Like

Kiran Bedi

Kiran Bedi

First Woman IPS Officer and
Indian Social Activist
Chetan Bhagat

Chetan Bhagat

An Indian Author, Columnist,
and YouTuber


There’s a Lot More
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Lifology’s best collaborations include Gems Westminster School, Dubai, which has paved the way to incredible opportunities for parents and teachers. The two esteemed educational institutions combined their expertise to provide the best assistance to the platform users.

This collab ensures holistic support and empowerment to the guardians to make an informed decision!

The icing on the cake is the introduction of a curriculum that educates children about job development and the scope for unique courses.

Lifology Lifology Lifology Lifology

The Art of Growth

Revealing the Transformation
from Blueprint to Brilliance

App's Objective /
App’s Audience /

More than any other stage of a project, the phase that predicts the chances of a project's success is discovering or planning, which consists of learning what you have, what you need, and what your business goals are. It manages the time, budget, and energy wisely being invested in the goals & vision of the project.

Wireframes /
Mockups /

The design/wireframing process becomes seamless once the discovery phase ends. With all the functionalities and features in mind, we develop the 1st version of the app while adding more detail to each step. Once getting approval from the clients on the designs and mock-ups, we proceed with the system designing phase.

Tech Architecture /
Backend /

Here is the time when we start coding and development. While following the agile methodologies, we bring into action the idea that you always wanted to turn into a reality. Our project managers look after every process and provide details to the clients after receiving the same from each department. We prefer Zoho Cliq to communicate with our clients.

Functional /
Performance /

The testing has to be done to ensure that the app is easy-to-use and intuitive from the users' perspective, so we continually redo the work. Our QA team prefers all the essential stages required to test a mobile application and examines its performance, functionalities, speed, efficiency etc.

App Store /
Google Play Store /
Web Version

Finally comes the culmination of countless hours, planning, coding, and designing. The app is all set to launch, and final testing is conducted to make sure that the platform is free from errors. After successful testing, app is released on the respective Stores, following which user feedback is acquired for enhancements.


We Elevate Excellence, and Our
Partner’s Testimonial Shines Light
on Success


Techugo has been our technology partner for more than a year. While we were explaining to them our requirements, their team was easily able to comprehend every technicality & helped us to visualise the product better.

- CEO, Lifology

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