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How to build a cutting-edge app for your education startup? Have you thought about a plan to build an edTech app, but don’t have any strategies to work on the same? A top education app development company can help. Undoubtedly, online education is on everyone’s tongue and has become a helping hand for parents who want to let their kids explore their interests.
Thus, education app development has opened the door to exceptional opportunities that offer a gamut of learning in the most convenient manner ever! Techugo- a leading education app development company, makes the complex process of educational app development a cakewalk and emphasizes building a custom platform that incorporates our technical expertise and your business requirements.

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What Does Techugo- A Global Education App
Development Company Offer?

Learning is not defined by any number; thus, at Techugo- the best education app development company, we deliver the strongest technology solutions for the education industry for everyone willing to learn and grow.

Some of the commonly used education apps include:

Flashcard applications
Dictionary app
Educational gaming app
E-Book reading app
Language learning app
Learning apps for
Private tuition apps
Playroom app

Insights by Educational App Development
Company on How to Build the App?

It is significant to plan your actions before executing them. Therefore, you must have adequate knowledge about your business and its requirements to move ahead with the development phase.

Not to forget, hiring the best education app development company is must! Our take? Here’s what we have to say:

The Business Development Phase

Now is the time to implement what the app owner has envisioned. Thus, educational app development companies collect and analyze data required to build an Edtech app. Next, the gathered information is utilized to monitor if the app idea holds potential or not. If yes, the following breakdown of steps takes place:

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Consumer Research

Research must be conducted to recognize the behaviors and needs of the potential customers to use the information and fabricate a platform that meets their demands. Therefore, if your aim is to rope in a solid consumer base, market research is one of the primary and essential steps to follow.

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Competitor Examination

Once customer research is concluded, it’s time for competitor research that’ll identify businesses with similar products. The research conducted by us presents the strengths and weaknesses of other players to build robust strategies. Additionally, it may also identify market trends important for our client’s business.

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Creation of Scope and

Scope and specifications involve regulating deliverables, deadlines, functionality, and whatnot! In layman’s language, it’s a step that defines the entire functionality of a project along with its objective.

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UI/UX Design

What’s the first appealing thing upon visiting an app? Indeed, it’s the design, and it can not be denied. The UI/UX design of an app adds up as a brownie point for an app to attract customers and enhance their experience.

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Project Milestones

First of all, it is extremely important for clients and an efficient education app development company to remain on the same page in the context of delivery time. The team of developers must study the project and define a timeline that does not compromise product quality. On the other hand, clients must trust their technology partners and let them create magic!


The Technical Development Phase

The team of developers has a massive responsibility of building an app with tailored features and flawless functionality. Therefore, the technical development phase involves the following:

Building an MVP

The MVP is built to emphasize the core functionality of an app and to conduct app testing at the initial stage. It is a flexible approach that allows a business to detect the best model and identify what works best for them.

A Scaled MVP

In some cases, a minimum viable product might include some additional features that might not be crucial; however, it can enhance user engagement. Therefore, a scaled MVP can be built in the following two cases:
- In the presence of rigid requirements by a client.
- When user expectations are higher than the MVP product

Cost of Education Mobile
App Development

Reduce Cost

Most people are familiar with the factors that influence the overall cost of app development. However, some of the hidden costs comprise maintenance and marketing. Why are the two elements important? Notably, your edTech app will not operate efficiently without the two, and compromising with them can lead to a blunder. It is essential to mention that app maintenance involves upgrading its features and functionalities, server scaling, bug fixing, and more. While, app marketing involves building strategies that help a client’s product reach its right audience. Other factors affecting educational app development costs are:

Choice of the platform: Android, iOS, or other
Number of features integrated
UI/UX design
Complexity of the project
Tech stack used
Developer’s cost

Why Choose Techugo as a Top Education
App Development Company? Choice

Being a reliable education app development company, Techugo transforms young and old businesses into the best of their versions by constructing a solution that works in favor of them. Need more reasons?

Rapid Procedure

Techugo, a top education app development company, believes in spontaneity and works on optimizing strategies and procedures to deliver terrific results.

Consumer Satisfaction

Nowadays, consumers have a dynamic choice. They move ahead with the latest trends; thus, it is our priority to emphasize frameworks and technologies that are appealing to our client’s target audience. Moreover, we also opt for functionalities that are user-friendly, secure, and scalable.

Honesty and Transparency

We appreciate the ideas you bring to the table. Thus, our education app development team invests themselves into building a flawless product and provides you even the tiniest of details to maintain sheer transparency!

Elastic Engagement Models

Techugo does not swear by rigidness! Thus, we promote flexibility to our clientele to choose from varied hiring and engagement models.

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Frequently Asked

One of the functionalities that play a great role in successful education app development is one-step login and dashboard. The one-step login saves a lot of time for students, while the dashboard allows them to personalize their profile.

Following are the ways to evaluate an education app:

- The app must be relevant for its users and serve their purpose

- The app must allow flexibility of alteration to meet the students’ requirements

- An app must allow its users to provide feedback

- An education app must be able to engage efficiently

An education app development company measures the success on an app based on:

- Retention rate

- Churn rate

- Daily active users

- Monthly active users

- Return on Investment

- Cost per acquisition

Education app development can be done without coding; however, you must partner with the best education app development company to meet your needs.

The steps to design an education app development are:

- Start by generating a flawless app idea

- Conduct a market research

- Note down the features to be integrated

- Build design mockups of the app

- Create the app’s graphic design

- Put together a marketing plan

- Work on building the app

- Submit it to the App Store

We ensure to add various features like offline mode, robust UI/UX, interactive content, testing knowledge, database & sharing, multilingual support, etc. Those are all advanced features, but we also include the basic ones according to different panels on your app.

The cost to create an educational app varies and depends on factors such as app complexity, development time, features, functionalities, platform, tech integration, and others. You can get in touch with our education app development company to get a better insight into the educational app development cost.

We use various development tools to build an education app being a top education app development company. Such as:


- SumTotal ToolBook

- Articulate Storyline

- Lectora

- Claro

- Adobe Captivate

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