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We hold an established track record of crafting successful app solutions, which are feature rich, secured, scalable and voluble. Techugo has a skilled team of PHP developers and Node.JS developers and can develop the bespoke mobile apps.

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Building Real-time Applications

PHP development is utilized further by the Fortune 500 companies for their desktop applications, real-time apps and web & mobile apps. It is an open source server framework and a complete package of Google’s V8 JavaScript engine, with a libuv platform abstraction layer and a core library written in JavaScript.

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Why Should You Consider It For
Your Next Digital Product?

Experts at Techugo, a leading node.js application development company, suggest that a business can experience exceptional ability to build faster and scalable real-time platforms with this tech. It helps brands to streamline the back-end and front-end development, because it works on the Google V8 JavaScript engine to execute the code, and the maximum modules are written in JavaScript.

Top benefits of Node.js
  • Has a great presence in IoT, cloud stacks, connected devices, and real-time web applications.
  • Techugo, a node js web development company considers it best for data sensitive platforms.
  • Attain a robust enterprise application.
  • It offers exceptional web apps and APIs to be used with robots as well as micro controllers.
  • An open source, non-blocking I/O model, with an ability of building strong server side network web applications.
  • It is famous for developing the next gen, cross-platform, web and mobile applications.

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Features of Node

Top Features Of Node.js Technology

Combination of
Thousands of Libraries

Node Package Manager holds thousands of open source libraries, which remove the stress of managing different libraries within a platform.

Front & Back-end
Front & Back-end

It is a perfect choice for other JavaScript-based technology, which not just expedites the back-end but speeds up your front-end application mechanism as well.

Rich Feature
Rich Feature

The technology utilised within this, enables various features with less number of resources to be accomplished faster. It is a perfect choice for the larger projects.

Load Handling
Load Handling

According to Techugo, node js development company in the UK, USA, Canada and UAE one can receive high scalability to handle & manage heavy application loads effortlessly.

Highly Secured

It is the technology which comes along with the full reliability, robust features and a secured application structure, to give you a best product.


You experience faster development resulting in enhanced productivity level for your business, letting you attain the best revenue generation model.

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