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Tech-talks aims to help you unleash the layers of technology, to make you smarter, more productive and simply happier. Produced by the technocrats of Techugo, this technology podcast & vlog delivers short snippets of tech news and updates. A great treat for hardcore tech enthusiasts!
Celebrating International Women's Day 2021
Kudos to the fierce, fabulous, wonderful multitaskers... the women in our lives! Techugo wishes everyone a very Happy International Women’s Day!!
8 Mar 2021 / Aastha Rathore
mHealth Is Worth Your Venture Capital Investment
Listen from industry stalwart how the use of the right technology can help you make an efficient investment plunge into the mHealth technology and succeed.
23 Dec 2020 / Animesh Bharti
Secrets unleashed; app store review guidelines!
Turn your ears to this podcast to understand the guidelines to be followed, so your app will get through the review process quickly and be a part of a vibrant ecosystem.
5 Aug 2020 / Bhavna
Challenges encountered by iOS Developers
iOS developers go through varied technical challenges during the app development process. Let's dive into this podcast to get a glance over those technical upheavals.
30 Jul 2020 / Bhavna
Get Screen Sharing on FB Messenger Rooms now!
In the constant efforts of bringing ease to the users, FB Messenger has rolled out a screen sharing feature for iOS and Android users. Get more deets with this podcast
22 Jul 2020 / Bhavna
Unravel the secret ingredients of AR technology
AR empowers brands to engage with customers & drive revenue funnel. Get a whiff of the meteoric growth AR has brought to the technology world with this podcast.
15 Jul 2020 / Vivek Indra
How secure is the cashless-economy amid Pandemic?
Should we be really worried about cyber-security? Confused? Just turn your ears to this podcast, and unleash proven measures to evade digital threats hassle-free.
15 Apr 2020 / Bhavna
Big Data encourages better decisions & strategic business moves.
With this Podcast, understand how your business can sail a more accurate decision-making process via Big-Data technology.
8 Apr 2020 / Vivek Indra
Automation; streamlines the workflows & enhances optimization!
Automation enhances your business operations and helps it grow exponentially. Curious to know more? Tune into this podcast.
1 Apr 2020 / Bhavna
SwiftUI; reshaping the way to design & build apps
SwiftUI is unfolding the future of Apple development and helps in significantly reducing lines of code and run-time crashes. Let’s dive a bit deeper with this Podcast further.
18 Mar 2020 / Vivek Indra
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