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Augmented Reality

To make an app grow massively popular, the integration of new technology is required. The augmented reality has the potential to transform the face of your business and helps your business to bring creativity, build efficiency and performance.

Pioneering Solution
With Augmented Reality Technology

Augmented Technology is the futuristic technology, which refers to deploying the virtual image over real-world objects. AR apps for iPhone & AR for Android, overlay the image and execute in parallel with the input received from the camera/ smart glasses. This virtual image background creates an illusion, which effectively engages the users in a virtual world.
Augmented Reality

Mobile Applications' Types

In the current scenario, there are many successful Augmented Reality apps for android which have stirred the world with the innovation that is expanding rapidly in every business space. However it is an evolving technology, which helps exploring potential and the advantages offered by this technology, to help the users to attain the creative ways to experience the services.

Location-based AR- In these types of augmented reality apps, we use the locations features, like the compass, GPS, and accelerometers. The information collected from these sensors is further utilized to display the location data over the phone.
Marker-based AR: In these apps, we take the advantage of device’s camera. The marker-based apps allow the image recognition like a face or a special object and further, this feature overlays with computer-generated graphics, which further add to the marker.
Superimposition-based AR- The advanced applications are the best platform to use the object recognition, which completely replaces the existing, views of the object with the augmented views.
How Your Business
Can Be Benefitted From AR Integration?

Considering the potential VR development and this technology holds, many businesses and industries are willing to invest in this very technology. Techugo- Augmented Reality app development company helps the users to experience some different aspects with certain businesses and also allows businesses to expand their needs.

Improves Training & Education- With augmented reality, a real-world training scenarios, get augmented further to make learning new concepts and processes easier for trainees and students.

Object Visualization -This technology helps merging the virtual objects with the real world, which further lets the developers to interact with the digital elements through app solutions.

Enhances Customer Service- The seamless customer-serving excellence, helps executives to visualize what the customers would prefer in the offered services through AR-enabled apps

The Opportunities Are Endless!!

Features And Tools Techugo Supports

The cloud storage, we integrate to create advanced AR experiences for mobile devices.
We build interactive applications using SLAM- Simultaneous Localization and Mapping, which tracks the indoor navigation and positioning.
We integrate object tracking features to craft complex AR apps.
We build advanced applications for HoloLens and Google Glass, which support gesture recognition and voice control.
We ensure to offer the incredible development services for Chatbots, which help your business to garner the users’ attention and increase the business revenue.
Augmented Reality Platforms Techugo Work With
  • Our app developers, build revolutionary augmented reality applications, which utilize the built-in camera, processors and motion sensors for iPhone apps.
  • Our developers, use the Google’s newest AR platform ARCore, which further creates engaging augmented reality apps for Android consisting, interactive maps, shopping apps and more.
  • Our team of Augmented reality app developers utilizes this very SDK to create advanced AR apps for mobile and tablet devices.
  • Metaio SDK is fully supported by Android, iOS, Flash and Windows phone, to build simple and fast app solutions integrated with various graphical models, applicable to any business environment and design.


Techugo is an award-winning app agency that has been ruling the development turf since 2015. Our technical expertise and skills have helped us to be the chosen technology partner for the Fortune 500 and Global 2000 companies along with some of the most promising startups. We've worked with names like Airtel, BJP, Godfrey Phillips and many more. Reach us today and book your 30-minute FREE app consultation.
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