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React Native brings home the incredible set of efficiency and portability on your Smartphone. The ample amount of benefits offered by it, has led many businesses and the industries to adapt it and carve a difference.

The Magical Face Of

React Native Technology?

The advancement in the technology and the native apps only has witnessed the unprecedented growth in the development industry, which sums up :
Better, faster, &
more innovative apps
Why Your Business Must Pick
React Native?

The developers from Facebook and Instagram gave the origination of this trending technology, which is the native version of the JavaScript library. It all suffices of fast track performance which is easy to be debugged and can help to create react native apps.

With this technology, developers can craft unique and impeccable solutions utilizing the Java or Objective-C. The interface used for the development is implied on regular iOS and Android.

Undeniably this fast-paced world would get the revolutionary mobile app through this mobile app technology. With this very technology, a much viable solution to write brilliant solutions, which would and are already transforming the world of mobile, can easily be experienced.

Techugo Lets your business to go revolutionize
How Techugo
Lets Your Business Go Revolutionize?

Techugo ensures to adopt every new technology to be a part of their development movement and this legacy is carried forward with the React Native devlopment process as well. We take the best features of this technology to be a part of our mobile app development journey and render the native-like features for your both iOS and Android app solutions.

We keep a charge of the view-controller of React technology/Blockchain development and programmatically generate the native apps utilizing the JavaScript. The essence of our efficient element revolves around the on-time and on budget development.

Our technical brood combines of top mobile app developers, who work regularly to offer you the easy and cost-effectively app solutions fitting the needs of your business goal, our team works endless hours passionately to comprehend the nitty-gritty of new technology, so you can get the seamless experience of the technology in the interface.

With React Native, Techugo, develops the exceptionally great web and mobile app, letting your business to experience the ample opportunities offered by this trending technology, such as:

Develops faster

Helps to reload instantly & run effortlessly

The Hot Reloading, lets
the new code to run effortlessly

It further utilizes
the fundamental UI
building blocks

It combines the
components written
in Objective-C, Java,
or Swift.

What Do We Have In Our

Compatibility For The Cross-Platform

Its APIs are cross-platform, ensuring that an app can easily be built for both iOS and Android.

Native App

It allows the developers to embed the native code conveniently, which makes the efforts and the process of development to take place efficiently.

The solution built on React Native works impeccably as the native app. The distinct features included are: usability, scrolling, keyboard interaction, and animations.

Utilizes One Codebase

It allows the developers to reuse the code written for a platform to be used on another effortlessly.

Native Widgets

This technology allows the user interface to consist of native widgets that perform flawlessly. This allows the developers to bring out the outperforming solutions with flawless performance.

Instant Live Updates

Live updates is another significant feature of it, which allows the developers to push the updates directly to the users’ phones and this does not require the updation to be made through the app store update cycle.

Modular and intuitive interface

It is designed to simplify the UI components within the development process. Also, it helps in building the modular, reusable, and intuitive components incredibly. The developers are required to design the simple views for each state, and it implicates the desired components with an ease.

Hot Reloading

Developers can create a beautiful functionality, allowing them to carry out the modifications and implement them, when the application is running, removing the need to restart it.

The Hot reloading feature refreshes the UI while the changes take place within the file, simplifying the time-consuming re-building and deploying process.

App Layouts For iOS & Android

It lets the application layouts to be made for the platforms, iOS, and Android. It offers several components, which are available for use, transforming the development process to expedite.

It is a growing technology as this very technology is coming all the way from Facebook’s basket, hence there are many chances for it to get enhanced in future and accomplish the futuristic goals and promises a better technology to be experienced in the future.

Hot Reload
Compatibility with the other programming languages
Expressive and rich widgets
Attractive and appealing UI
Seamless, faster and efficient testing process
Single coding for Android and iOS
High-quality native interface mobile apps


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