Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is the unique type of intelligence, which replicates the humans’ intelligence and helps our lives to become easier. AI technology has the ability to think, learn, behave and understand like humans, and offers the greatest recommendations effortlessly.

Powerful & Intelligent App Solution

Artificial Intelligence app, performs tasks which require human intelligence. Its mechanism works as an Intelligent Machine and mimics human thought process. This technology lets the users solve the complex issues with more efficient and mind-blowing solutions. This technology has much to offer, and the fragment of its mechanism; chatbots or self-driving cars are just the tip of the iceberg, and in the near future much more can be expected. The very potential of this technology, has encouraged different industries and business to make it a part of their business model through the app technology.

How You Can Be Benefitted From

AI Integration

In the current business scope; unless some different experience is given to the users, they would never feel to stay connected with a specific business,hence the integration of newest possible technology in the app domain is much required.

Artificial Intelligence applications are the medley of convenience and creativity, which is much liked by the users, where everything is in perfect proportion.

Boosts Sales

The Chatbots work as the smart marketing leader for your business letting you filter the leads by asking the smart questions, using the Natural Language Processing(NLP) chatbot, which asks questions based on the answers given by lead.

Innovates Marketing

Marketing you cannot skip through any means and Artificial Intelligence in big data analytics allow the potential customer to empower the marketing with Machine Learning. It helps the audience to filter the targeted audience for an efficient marketing campaign.

Personal Assistant for Customers

The recognition tool lets the customers attain a Personal Assistant, who can help them by taking notes using Speech recognition tool and offer them an ID in response by generating a ticket in the CRM system.

Predicting Outcome

Artificial Intelligence in mobile applications, allows your business to predict the outcomes based on data analysis. It analyzes the customer behavior data pattern and helps you understand that which products are likely to be sold in which volume. The demand for the products varies from users’ perspective and for a company, it is very useful in purchasing the correct stock. The different categories of Artificial Intelligence are:

Reactive Machines

Limited Memory

Theory of Mind


Artificial Narrow
Intelligence (ANI)

Artificial General
Intelligence (AGI)

Artificial Superhuman
Intelligence (ASI)

How Techugo Helps?

The intervention of AI based applications technology has opened a new landscape of opportunities for different businesses. At Techugo we have adapted the best possible aspects of a technology and utilize our creativity to use it within the mobile app efficiently. In the current scenario, Artificial intelligence & IoT have the potential for real-world application, as the machines have the capability to understand the user-behavior and can easily understand the internal needs and conditions of your business to be perceived by human emotions.

The current Artificial Intelligence system has the ability to handle huge amounts of data and make complex calculations, as an easy part for your app.

  • Offers better customer service
  • User-Sentiment analysis
  • Competitive intelligence
  • Human Resource Management
  • More effective & efficient marketing
  • Training & coaching
  • Intelligent Cybersecurity
  • Enhances conversion rates
  • Automated workflow
  • Streamlines Manufacturing
  • Improves Workplace Communication

Why Choose AI Developers From Techugo?

Techugo holds a strong brood of AI application developers, who invest their passion in crafting the Artificial Intelligence -powered apps utilizing the Natural language processing(NLP) capabilities to help your business to communicate with humans through machine perceptions to determine a positive outcome. We offer services, such as:
Machine Learning apps, which offer interactive and actionable insights for your business data to boost the revenue.
We develop personal assistant applications, which accept the voice recognition to perform actions and control devices. This allows the users to garner the relevant information to connect targeted users to utilize relevant online services.
Our experts hold the skilled knowledge in this technology and we keep adapting the new technologies at a faster pace to help your mobile app gain the best outcome from the business domain.
We have already offered the sizzling Artificial Intelligence -enabled app solutions to various business domains like retails, e-commerce, sales, sports, restaurant to name a few. We practice developing the efficient and multi-usability chatbots through ML and AI algorithms, letting your business to get the best revenue scale.
As a team, we don’t settle for anything ordinary and never pick the formula that one pant fits all, rather we customize every solution and offer you nothing less than the best. We can assure you to craft the best AI applications suiting your specific business domain.


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