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12 Aug 2021

Can’t Recognize Beats or Music of a Song? An App Like Shazam Will Do

Have you ever been in a situation when you’re passing on a street, and a store nearby plays a song that gets your attention? However, you cannot stop and listen to the whole thing. 

How will you figure out which song it is to listen to it later in peace? 

Sometimes, you or your friends start humming a tune, but you cannot remember the song that tops your playlist. Therefore, you go from person to person asking about the same, or else you lose your sleep. 

If it happens with you, an app like Shazam is the magic wand you need! 

HOLD ON! Do you think it is an excellent entrepreneurial idea? 

No denying, many people are fond of music, and they need apps that could help them discover or explore new tunes every day. Undoubtedly, Shazam has become one popular app in the market that can identify music, advertisements, shows, etc., based on a short clip. Therefore, if you think you can offer extraordinary features and uniqueness in an app like Shazam, why not give it a shot? 

We agree that the idea isn’t brand new, and there have been numerous companies trying to sell a similar app like Shazam. However, most of them failed due to lack of great strategies and an inefficient approach. 

Now, it’s time for you to shine, but before that let’s get more insights into app development like Shazam. 

What Makes Shazam App So Popular?

Shazam App

Shazam is a tremendous music discovery app that recognizes the sound even in a crowded place. As per one of the co-founders of the app, Shazam concentrates on three dimensions of music: frequency, amplitude, and time. 

Do you want to know about the process of song recognition? Take a look! 

Step 1: The app is launched, and the user records the tune that is playing.

Step 2: A spectrogram is created by the app.

Step 3: The app checks for potential matches. 

Step 4: There, you have an accurate result!

Must-Have Features to Build an App Like Shazam

Build an App Like Shazam

To build a music recognition app, start by taking small steps. For instance, what will your users do while the app takes its time to find the accurate song? In addition, there needs to be something to entertain your users so that they feel intrigued to visit the app whenever required. 

Now, some of the top-notch features you must emphasize while building an app like Shazam are:

1. Search Visualization 

Design is undoubtedly an important element of a mobile app that either attracts users or repels them. Therefore, the app design should be top-notch so that users would want to visit again and again. 

Other apps like SoundHound and TrackID use animation in their apps which makes the app look attractive. To know the elements that will suit best for your app, connect with the app developers for insights. 

2. Offer a Social View

Integrating the social element into an entertainment app always works wonders! Therefore, you may add a section that previews the most popular songs, most popular searches, and more. 

3. Create a Profile 

Though this feature is optional, it will be very convenient for users to create a profile and save their searches. Therefore, for any device they’ll use and log in with their profile, the progress will remain saved. 

4. Song Description

The music industry has evolved a lot, and there is a contribution of so many artists behind the creation of a masterpiece. Therefore, every song must have a description that includes information like artists, album, release date, etc. 

Additionally, information like the total number of searches, lyrics of the song, etc., can also be included. 

5. Offline Mode

The best feature is to provide an offline mode to the users so that they could search for the songs and listen to them in the absence of an internet connection.

Sounds great, right?

Factors Affecting the Cost of App Development

Cost Of App Development

You must be wondering about the cost of a music recognition app development. Well, the overall price can vary depending upon a few factors as mentioned below:

  • Developing an app from scratch or using ready-made solutions
  • Number of features integrated
  • Complexity of the project 
  • Tech stack used
  • Developer’s cost
  • ETC!

In a Nutshell

Now that you know that Shazam is an existing app that has a huge fan base, developing an app to compete with the same will take a lot of sweat and blood. In order to succeed, you must develop a flawless solution that intrigues more users and brings unique value to them. 

For more insights on the development of a song recognition app development, CONNECT WITH US TODAY

Happy reading!



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