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Hire agile product managers that are highly qualified, skilled, experienced, and well-trained. To ensure greater efficiency and deliver a successful product in the shortest amount of time, they adopt an agile approach to product development.

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Product Manager's
Roles and Responsibilities

Collect data to generate ideas for new products or features, and decide which ones are worth pursuing.

To create products that meet or exceed current industry standards and analyze market and competition data.

Defines product vision, product roadmap, as well as product positioning.

Responsible for creating, maintaining, and adjusting the product-line-level strategy.

Balances customer needs and constraints.

Advocates for the product and team members of the board.

Assists in testing to identify and fix problems to make improvements.

Monitors members to ensure their health and performance.

What is the

We discuss the specifications of your product and assign a dedicated product manager and complete the task. We ensure that your product is subjected to thorough performance testing with automated testing tools and provides an impeccable and efficient product that aligns with your goals for the business. Please look through our portfolio of work and choose to employ us with certainty.


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Frequently Asked

Techugo will ensure the absolute security and confidentiality of the business information you give us. To ensure that you have a pleasant and safe experience when outsourcing your project, we will sign a non-disclosure arrangement ( NDA) on the first appointment with you.

The process of interviewing, recruiting, and screening for hiring a product manager could take anywhere from one to two months.

An effective Product Managers can recognize the needs of their customers, comprehend the goals, sketch the specifications or features needed, and determine the project's viability with assistance from the group. The responsibilities of a Product Manager are many. They can't be summarized in just a couple of lines, but it is possible to claim that they are the core of every product's development since they connect engineers, stakeholders, and clients.

There are many reasons to employ the services of a Product manager from India. There are a variety of reasons to Hire Product Managers from India.

1. A huge talent pool

2. No language barriers when it comes to English proficiency in the workplace.

3. Comparatively inexpensive

4. The benefits of time zone flexibility

5. No compromise on quality

6. No hidden costs or conditions

7. The diversity of expertise, knowledge, and expertise.

8. 24/7 Support

What functions of Product Management
can be outsourced?

There are a lot of product management tasks that perform effectively when outsourcing and could even give you a viewpoint that you wouldn't get from internal employees.
- Competitive analysis
- Analyses of the performance of current products
- Gathering requirements for new products as well as existing product updates
- We are prioritizing the features of products and preparing product roadmaps.
- Research on users and demographics.

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