29 Aug 2019

How To Create An Apple Developer Account?


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A mobile app consists of several steps in the development journey, and in this process the app submission is the final stage. Apple is highly popular for its stringent quality-filled guidelines.

Apple’s recent change to its App Review Guidelines, suggests that apps have to be submitted directly by the provider of the app’s content using their own Apple Developer Account.

In the event of mismatch of the app and the developer account, Apple potentially rejects the app.

However, you don’t need to go panic, as this very process is not carried with a direct approach but there are few steps which are inevitable to be followed.

To submit apps to the iTunes Store/App Store you need an iOS Developer Account.

This account is different and requires a process to be considered. Here in this post, we have brought the step-by-step guide on how to set up this account.

According to Apple, what you need before you enroll is:

  • Now you need to select ‘Start Your Enrollment’
  • You may Sign- in using an existing Apple ID or click ‘Create Apple ID’ to create a new Apple ID
  • Further, read the Apple Developer Agreement and you need to check the ‘By checking this box I confirm that I have read and agree…’ box and click on the ‘Submit’ button
  • Cross-check and confirm your email address, name, and Country location, and select one of the options from the Entity Type drop-down.
  • Here you can choose yourself as an individual or company
  • Although we highly recommend selecting the individual, as the process is a bit fast here, and with the category of company profiles, Apple process is a bit tedious and consumes 2-3 weeks of time.
  • Fill in the Contact Information for your iOS Developer Account
  • At the very bottom of the screen, read the Apple Developer Program License Agreement, check the ‘By checking this box I confirm that I have read and agree…’, box, then click ‘Continue’
  • Confirm the Apple ID Information, Entity Type, and Contact Information and hit ‘Continue’
  • You can pick the optional auto-renewals button, then click ‘Purchase’ to enroll and pay for your yearly iOS Developer Account
  • Sign in with your Apple ID/password
  • Fill in the billing information and press ‘Continue’ to complete the payment.
  • The payment required is $99 yearly and setup the yearly iOS Developer Account.

Yes, these steps only are required to create the Apple developer account, and now you are all ready to publish your app.

Are you panicked once again?

Well, you need not to since team Techugo is here at your service to help you at every phase of development to deployment and furthermore…so you just need share the credentials with us, and the further process of setting up the app, certificates, APNS for push notifications, will be taken care by us.

Frequently asked questions

Can I waive off Apple’s enrollment fee?

Well, the good news is, it is possible, and the bad news is it is not for all.

If you are a part of Nonprofit organization, accredited educational institution, and government body based in the United States that have the authority to publish free apps on the App Store, then you can request to have your annual membership fee waived.

Note: You will need to provide Apple with a DUNS number.

Can I have multiple apps under my account?

Certainly, it is possible, to have multiple apps under your account, but apps need to follow certain criteria such as:

  • Apply directly to the business;
  • Are not of the same in nature or intent;
  • Adhere to Apple’s terms and guidelines.

We hope this article was helpful to you, for more information or query related to iOS application development process, please get in touch with the Techugo team today via email at sales@techugo.com or call +1 360-322-4913 (US).

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