Iphone 6.1

12 Sep 2018

What To Expect From iPhone 6.1, Launching Tonight

The time has come, when finally Apple would ring the bell and a bunch of iPhones would make a way to phone market.

I know when it comes to Apple, then only the sleek and the most quality laden phone is anticipated and luckily this very set of expectations are going to meet finally the destination, with the new iPhone 6.1 LCD variant of iPhone.

This launch will have the ‘affordable’ iPhone XR, the 5.8in iPhone XS and the 6.5in iPhone XS Max.

What Features Expected From These New Models?

Well, if reports are to be believed then the 6.1 handset would be called the iPhone Xr and these three supposed handsets would make an entry in the phone world by September 12, which means tonight at the Steve Jobs Theatre in the Apple Park campus.

As suggested by The Bloomberg, this 6.1-inch iPhone Xr would have an LCD display, aluminum on the sides and would come in more colors.

iPhone XS  is likely to be almost identical to its predecessors.

What Will Be The Cost?

The 6.1-inch LCD iPhone, may cost between $699 to $749, but this cost is a mere speculation, since there is a rife of rumor mills, which suggest that  6.1 may cost $799 (probably £799), iPhone 5.8 $999 (likely £999) and iPhone XS would fetch around $1,049 (£1,049).

To conclude, we can say that these three iPhones would have a lot in common, as these iPhones would come with Face ID tech, glass back, wireless charging, notched display, A12 processor, to name a few.

At Techugo- a leading top mobile app development company in india we are eagerly waiting for these iPhones to make an entry and amuse us further.

Keep watching this space for more information related to iPhone launch, just stay hooked to our new spot and let the latest tech information to reach you effortlessly.


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