F8 Day 2 Conference

21 Apr 2017

F8 Day 2 – Creating An Ambitious Future

The F8 2017 was finally concluded on 19th April 2017 and within this 2-day event, a number of innovations were announced to entice the user base further. F8 encountered on the first day a lot more about augmented reality, Facebook Spaces VR, Places Graph and improvements to Messenger, whereas the Day 2 continued to grab more announcements from the Facebook in the field of AR, virtual reality and much more. Let’s complete our voyage of F8 technology announcements, which we started yesterday. Please take a look at the remaining announcements made at F8 and unleash what you can expect from the near future…

Type With Your Mind, Hear With Your Skin

It sounds so surreal, but in F8 conference Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced a team called Building 8, which is different from every angle. With this team, Facebook aims to create “silent-speech interfaces” based on sensors aiming to type 100 words-per-minute straight from the user’s brain…looks as if we are in Steven Spielberg’s sci-fi movie, but Facebook does not stop at this, but wants to let people “hear” through their skin, a very smart technology, sadly it is not available in the near future and needs time to work on it.


Mark Zuckerberg is a people’s person, who always put his efforts through the tech-inventions carried out by the Facebook team, to reach everyone. Just to enact their words further, Facebook has announced developing small helicopters to deliver the Internet access to areas, which have poor cellular infrastructure or have been damaged due to some emergency or weather condition, then the helicopter- Tether-tenna, would come into the picture and will hook up a fibre line and draw electricity, and will then be able to broadcast a signal hundreds of feet in the air.

Apple Music On Facebook Messenger

Music lovers love to hook onto their headphones while working, eating and at times studying as well, and I am also not the exception, on the other hand, Apple products are everybody’s favorite and these both favorite aspects are combining at another favorite destination-Facebook Messenger, which will now be getting the Apple Music through the Apple Music chat extension. This move will let the users bring the music streaming app into conversations with friends and family members and share music.

Facebook Giphy

In the F8 conference, another interesting announcement made was about Facebook Giphy, we all adore the giphy images and keeping our preferences as their top priority, the F8 conference announced a suite of developer tools for Facebook Camera letting the users to choose from photo frames, interactive effects, and masks using augmented reality technologies. Giphy support for Facebook Live will let the user access broad animated images and add them to the live stream. Users are allowed to make them more interactive using hashtags in the live comments and make them appear on the video.

Caffe 2

This is the framework introduced by Facebook for deep learning. This deep learning would involve training artificial neural networks on lots of data, like photos, and then get them to make inferences about new data.

Play More with Facebook

Facebook has provided updates on its progress with its major gaming initiatives: Instant Games, Gameroom, and Gaming Video. This would certainly be joy-ride for the game-lovers, who usually spend time on Facebook playing games, with this feature, users would be able to play, watch, and share games.

If you have missed something from the remaining F8 updates, please take a look at our blog: F8 2017 – FUTURE IS DELICIOUS WITH TECHNOLOGY, and feed yourself with the latest updates driving originally from F8 conference 2017.

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