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9 Dec 2016


The trail of fragrances kept on following me, as I entered the Middle-East pavilion in the international trade fair. My sole reason to bear the mayhem of different people around the world in international trade fair was to buy the wonderful and exclusive perfume and attar range from Middle-East.

I love the fragrance and my love has bloomed further with experience of the exotic fragrances from all the top brands of perfume manufacturers around the world. I am fragrance aficionado and I think everyone is, we all love luminous fragrances coupled with fabulous accessories. Let’s not divert to the full-fledged coverage of perfume and girls, let’s resume, where I left…

It was already 2:30 pm and since I knew I was running late due to my never-ending responsibilities of the COO cum Founder profile with Techugo – a top mobile app development company (I mentioned my company since astonishingly, I laaahv (sic) my job a lot).

I had to almost run at the Olympic speed to the pavilion, which was set at the other corner of the world from the parking area. I reached and almost amid puff and blow I asked the pavilion owner for my favorite ‘Oud’ range by Ajmal, and he instantly picked my favorite perfume bottle in that most beautiful brown shade, then suddenly I eyed on another perfume bottle of some different brand in the mid-row of the pavilion table. And it was a wonderful perfume from Arabian Ouds and was simply mesmerizing, I did not waste the time to pick it also and then being highly excited, the pavilion owner, kept few more bottles in front of me and started showing me the testers.

How did my technical experience help?

I could not resist the fragrance oozing from the tester bottles, but had to stop at two only since did not want to be laden back from my budget crisis at mid of the month, I gently told him, “no, will buy later,” on which I got a static reply in the typical gulf accented English from him, ”Sir, some of these perfumes are not even available online but are very popular, so buy now, else you would have to wait till next year.” 

On hearing this, the actual COO from a top mobile app development company in UAE, awaken within me and I could not resist myself from asking him, “Are you sure, now everything has an online presence” and he interrupted me in between and said, “Agree, but many perfume owners are selling their products through third-party shopping carts and don’t have their website or mobile app in my city.” 

After formal exchanging of our business cards, he showed me his website and asked for my review, hesitantly I told him about the flaws and he accepted whole-heartedly by saying, that there are not many good web designers in his city in the UAE and asked for revamping his website…I was confused since I came to spend but surprisingly I grabbed a business deal. 

Although it was a glad-tiding affair, I was somehow, not sure enough with the aspect that not many perfume brands have a valid online presence in Middle-East. Henceforth, to comprehend the scenario more clearly and before starting with the perfume project website revamp, I decided to pick my own set of research to get a clear picture of the perfume industry in the Middle- East.

Perfume culture in Middle-East

It would not be wrong to say, despite sharing the space with the international perfume brands: Yves Saint Laurent, Prada, Gucci, Dior, Versace, and many more, yet the perfumes and attar range from the Middle East region is unavoidable. It has become a legendary destination for fine fragrances and exotic ouds, attracting the international and national buyers more frantically. 

The Saudi Arabia perfume market value reached US$ 1.73 Billion in 2018 and is further projected to reach US$ 2.64 Billion by 2024, registering a CAGR of 7.1% during 2019-2024.

Saudi Arabia and UAE are the two leading markets in the Gulf region, followed by the upcoming markets in Bahrain, Oman, and Qatar. The market is further expected to reach a value of nearly US$ 3.87 Billion by 2024, expanding at a CAGR of around 8.9% during 2019-2024. 

International players in the perfume industry

It is surprisingly interesting that most of the international perfume brands work and adapt the gulf consumer closely, and have introduced the customized and modified some of their exclusive product range to fit in gulf culture. 

While traveling, you can easily encounter the Arabian-style glass bottles carrying the brands, such as Clive Christian, Armani Prive, and Tom Ford. The particular range is developed specifically for this gulf region, and they can make an impressive impact on the local perfume industry in the region. As the local perfume manufacturers are struggling to achieve their international ambitions because they do not comply with global marketing requirements and lack of online presence.

Perfumes are no more a luxury!

The Arab world has a strong connection with the fragrances from religious to social platforms and perfumes are used as a mainstream component in the cosmetics, and personal care industry, people use this essential as a trend of appearance and personal care, part of the pride, self-reliance, and confidence. 

In the Gulf, the fragrance industry has strong representation, perfumes or attar is developed from Agarwood and oil that can compete with the western perfumes which are produced from flowers. The perfume industry is driven by the consumer’s unique cultural attitude to “fragrance” and luckily the fragrance industry in the Gulf has created an uncritical concept of fragrance from their production.

Marketing cycle

The Arab world is the land of mysteries, beauty, food, fragrance, adventure, and many more glorious aspects, to be associated with it. While researching about the perfume industry in the Gulf, I found numerous and wonderful perfume brand names and resented not to try them at all. However, I was  appalled to know, they don’t have a worthy online presence, maybe this had been a reason for my negligence. 

The digital revolution has shrunk the globe and has made every product made available at our fingertips, but except a few of the top perfume brands in the gulf region, none has the online presence on the mobile app or a worthy website. 

The digital existence is a robust marketing mechanism for any industry to go global and access the consumers at any point of the day, regardless of their time zone. 

How online presence helps?

Dealing with the challenges of daily life, it turns almost impossible for us to plan a trip frequently, visit the website, or pick the products from the physical stores. We all need a compact and convenient solution for our needs and Smartphone is the answer for the same. 

We can access the mobile app and make shopping at anytime, anywhere, and without disturbing our demanding schedule. A perfect mobile app or a refined website version for the perfume brands in the UAE can get the advantage of being highly accessible to the consumers across the world, and would make their product a worthy brand with the online presence. 

Advanced technologies help in abundance

The integration of advanced technologies helps your perfume brand to attain an immersive experience. With the help of technology, you can let your users to get a personalized feel, as AR/VR technology can let them take a virtual tour of your shop. And with AI-enabled chatbots, you can help your customers get the answers to their queries 24/7 without facing any obstruction of region and time barrier.

How Techugo can help you?

We at Techugo– a top mobile app development company, have already catered to various eCommerce platforms, such as fashion, restaurant, perfume, hotel, travel & taxi. With our proven skills, we have revamped the websites for some bigger and top-notch brands across the world. 

If you also have a concept for your eCommerce sector, you can get in touch with our team. I assure you that we are the top web & mobile app developers in UAE, and your concept discussion with us, would help you to gain a better insight of your requirement to fit your business requirement.

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