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15 Apr 2019

React Native – Popular Trend in Mobile App Development Practice

Over time, various technologies came into the market of mobile app development. Each technology has something new to bestow this area, and each endowment was fused with great potential. These technologies are giving tough competition to each other and thriving.

My biggest astonishment is ‘the growth of react native technology’. This technology is not just tempting the app developers but also businesses are not left untouched from its influence.

Recently, an unprecedented growth has been witnessed in the utilization of react native in mobile app development. Let’s understand why the utilization of react native is increasing in this sector.

There are a plethora of app development technologies, and it is hard to identify which technology can develop a flawless app. In contrary to this, the demands of users are increasing with the changing trends, and they want faster apps with sleek navigation and aesthetic appeal. This demand has led to the urgency to meet the criteria. To match the faster-paced world, mobile app developers need power technology to build a robust mobile application. In such scenarios, react native has emerged out as the perfect solution to write excellent apps. Undoubtedly, this technology is  rapidly transforming mobile app development market, though many people ask:

What is different in react native technology?

Well! react native is an amazing blended framework of JavaScript libraries that are used to build an appealing hierarchy of UI components for mobile app development. This technology framework is basically maintained and introduced by the developers of Facebook and Instagram. In a nutshell, it is an assemblage of features for both  Android and iOS platforms and offers native look and feel.

Experts say apps build with react native is identical to the apps developed using Java or Objective-C. The biggest functionality of this technology is that it utilizes fundamental user interface building blocks similar to the regular iOS and Android apps, though the assembling of building block done with the help of React and JavaScript.

The fact is that this technology has immense influence over the mobile app development and it is benefiting this sector in many ways. Here are some reasons for increased use of react native in mobile app development.

Cross-platform compatibility: The majority of react native apps are cross-platform, which entails that developers are required to develop a single codebase for both Android and iOS app by React Native. In result, it decreases the development cost and saves time.

Native Functionality:
The use of native widget makes user-experience smooth and soothing. Moreover, the flawless performance and usability of scroll accelerations, keyboard behaviour, and animation can augment the app popularity.

Instant live updates: The most wonderful advantage of this technology is Live Updates. As it uses JavaScript extensively, its feasible for developers to directly push the updated into the user’s mobile phone instead of performing the app store update cycle.

Apart from these, there are many more advantages of react native such as higher performance, reusability and more. However, third-party plugin compatibility is most cherished and appreciated attribute of this technology.

React native is becoming a most favoured framework for creating excellent quality mobile apps. If you need a mobile app for your business, you must consider this framework, because react native apps generally show high user retention rate.  The higher performance and smooth navigation make these apps more engaging. App developers at Techugo, have utilized this technology on the request of numerous clients and offered them with remarkably user-friendly and ground-breaking mobile apps. So, pick this technology and a trusted mobile app development company to build a unique and successful mobile app for your business.



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