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7 Sep 2016

Unleashed- Fully Control Your DSLR From Your Smartphone

Have you ever wished to handle your DSLR with a compact remote, not with the ones, which are already available in the tech market and come with a complex size and functionality? So technology has finally invaded your wish list cart, a beautifully designed tiny Bluetooth module, packed with features: Fully control the DSLRs settings. This product can turn your Smartphone into a full remote for your DSLR camera. There is something unique about this remote; it is the tiny size of the device, which makes you forget at times, whether the tech piece is there or not. Unleashed is the name of the product and it is so small you can leave it connected at all times, and it won’t take over the hot shoe, so you can use external or popup flash, LED panels or shotgun mics. It becomes a part of your camera’s design and won’t get in the way of taking photos and videos.

On being connected the app will give you full control over your camera. The app is designed for Android and iOS platforms, which helps you changing the settings for the ISO, shutter speed, aperture, mode, flash, white balance and more with a simple click. User can also control video, or take over multiple cameras at the same time. It does not matter, whether you’re behind or in front of the camera, right next to it or further away, the entire functionality of camera would be performed without even touching the camera. If you think you need professional training to understands it’s functionality, then for your information the whole system is very simple, it doesn’t need to be charged, and automatically reconnects to your Smartphone via Bluetooth Low Energy so you don’t need to reconfigure your wifi settings each time you shoot remotely.

Once you click the picture, Unleashed sends a thumbnail to the connected Smartphone for a quick review and checking exposure, you can adjust the settings right from your Smartphone to get that shot you wanted. Unleashed helps you not to miss a single moment, when you are working with more than one camera, with the app you can control up to six cameras at once. Start recording at the same time, trigger all cameras at the right moment, or synchronize settings beforehand. A huge list of Nikon and Canon cameras support Unleashed, but the modules differ from one to another and there are multiple versions for different types of cameras.

So whether you are a passionate photographer or a professional, Unleashed would help you to bring out your hidden talent out with no extra efforts.

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