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17 Oct 2016


Ideas and concepts can never be sufficed to a particular field. And there can be no restriction when it comes to oozing out the coherency of ideas. 

Every talent today has got a perfect recipe for success by adopting mobile technology. Apart from the usual restaurant, hotel apps and eating joints, there is one more curve in the eatery domain, which is getting highly popular.

And it is in demands these days- it is food truck business.

Food truck comes with its own set of convenience and the most important factor responsible for the ever-growing food truck mania is the slow-growing economy.

Here, commoners don’t have enough privileges to indulge in expensive breakfasts and lunches or have time constraint due to competitive era. 

To discuss further the standpoint of the business owner, kiosks, carts, trailers, and food trucks, these mobile food carriers can be moved from one place to another to attain the potential of the business. 

But a mobile app can seriously do wonders to your existing or upcoming food truck concept, read it further to know the secrets.

How mobile app can help food truck?

With no doubt involved, food truck business is exponentially increasing and would boom further in the future. Also, due to the demanding work schedule, more and more people would opt for this. But there are some of the most significant financial barriers to initiate the food truck business. 

The average food truck cost is around $90,000 to start with and is coupled with other expenses of fuel, food ingredients, maintenance and the number of employees.

Due to such unavoidable costs, business owners or food truck entrepreneurs don’t make a huge budget in the initial stage. 

The cost-cutting aspects include no fliers, no billboard, no hoardings, which is quite justified even since the location can be switched to another, in case of no business revenue and the printed fliers and hoardings can go wasted.

But some publicity is very much required to get your business recognized, in such a scenario a mobile app works as a blessing for the food truck owners. 

A mobile app gives an effective and most productive way to establish user engagement’ in the most practical way and simplifies business needs. With a mobile app, customers can get in touch with 24/7 and you can advertise the upcoming menu items or offers.

Benefits to incur from a food-truck app

A communication channel

A mobile app for your food truck would not just help your consumers to locate. But it works as a communication tool for your internal purpose as well, with the help of message boards and live chat room options and can help your entire staff to keep updated about the logistic requirements on a daily basis. 

The communication cycle created with a message or chat option provides a flawless connection between staff and vendors. 

The GPS feature allows finding the eateries in the vicinity and helping you identify the potential customers and exploring where competition would be higher.

Word of- mouth publicity

It’s hard to deny the relevance of social media in our lives and it is equally important for food trucks also. 

As it aids the word-of-mouth publicity for your food truck business.

Your potential chunk of customers needs to know where your food truck is, what you’re serving, and would lead to positive publicity from your happy customers. Your customers would know a little easier about where you are and your menu options. 

A simple connect, with third party social media channel would open the flood gate of opportunities for your business. 

Social media channels let you reach out to new customers, stay in touch with your biggest fans, and provide commendable service to everyone. 

Manage your finance

The worst nightmare for any food truck owner is to be unable to manage a truck’s spending, income, and profits. 

The mobile app works as your personal assistant and would help you stay on top of the monetary management segment and help you end up making smart business decisions.

Stand out from competitors

With the help of a mobile app, it becomes much easier for your business to carve a niche for your business. You also get an edge over your competitors, and help your business to be accessed through the mobile app platform.

Final word

No matter how simple or complex your business’s needs are, opting for making a mobile app for your food-truck business is the best option. 

Techugo will help you create a mobile app for your food truck and with the help of mobile app developers at Techugo, food truck owners can get a mobile app designed fitting their pocket and serving the needs of their kitchen business.

You can get in touch with our team to discuss further your food-truck app concept to bring into reality. 

The discussion would help you to gain a better insight into your food-truck app requirement.

You can reach us at:

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