16 Jan 2017
Updated on May 15th, 2020

What Makes An iOS App Successful (Updated)

Varsha Vishvakarma

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iOS app development

An app does not build just by thought but needs a sack of successful ingredients to make it a qualifying product in the market.

The usage of Smartphone has become an inevitable part of our lives, and app technology has triggered that experience to another level. A mobile app, helps your business to work according to your convenience and provides the complete information in a succinct way to match your users’ taste buds efficiently. 

Having said that I have got an app for my business, is not sufficient, because it needs the efforts and dedication of a team. 

How an iPhone app helps your business?

A business flourishes, when it reaches to the door of its targeted customer, as per their convenience. People around the world are grasping the technology at a faster pace and are quite happy about it. People use a variety of mobile phones, but you need to do market research on it that what kinds of mobile devices your target audience is using such as Smartphones or tablets.

Once the research is performed, search out the answer to another relevant question: 

Is There A Demand for Your App?

Most of the business owners simply get diverted with the idea of an app for their business, without even determining whether an app is needed for their business domain or is it just a spark for the lark. To ascertain the factual answer to this problem, speak with your customers and your marketing team, about the necessity to integrate mobile apps for your business domain.

Don’t drink the Kool-aid, rather research for an existing app like what you have in mind, on matching the parameters of your app idea, find out how many downloads it has, how people use the app, and what they say about it in the comments. Are there any pitfalls or gaps in the existing apps that can be worked upon? Take all these points into consideration when determining whether you should pursue the development of your app.

Search for an efficient app development partner

The best formula to win this race is always to get the information about the app development companies, from the listing websites, such as Clutch, AppFutura, GoodFirms & Extract. Here, you get a bunch of unbiased information about these companies, about the projects undertaken and real-time client reviews. Your main motive should be to find out the best app development partner, so don’t get swayed away with the money factor; rather let the cost a secondary thing but the quality as your sole priority.

Set your iOS app strategy

There are various marketing terms to be utilized during the app designing and programming process. You need to be sure about these strategies since the beginning of your app development process. You can discuss it with your app developer to pick out the best app strategy process for your mobile app. It can be either from this list:

  • Paid apps – Direct app selling
  • Free App – In-app purchase
  • Freemium app

Start with the iOS app development process

iOS app development process is slightly different from other platform’s app development process and requires specific programming technology, development tools, and integration that only Apple approves. Following are the iOS development requirements:


The first and the foremost requirement of iOS Development environment is Mac computers and Apple Xcode IDE (Integrated Development Environment) with the iPhone and iPad SDKs, without which the iOS app development process can never be initiated.


The framework for iOS development is Cocoa Touch and it lets the integration of Objective-C and Swift programming languages as iOS programming technologies. One another top-level framework is an Apple UIKit Framework, which helps in UI development. For the low-level framework for graphics, app developers use Core Graphics and for the animation, part Core Animation is used, for the data and audio section, Core Data and Core Audio are used respectively.

MVC Paradigm

iOS app development process has its heart at MVC, which stands for Model, View, and Controller paradigm. The Model represents Data Object, View represents User Interface (UI)and the Controller represents App Behavior

Quality Check

Once your iOS app is ready to be launched, make sure that it has gone through the complete testing process and is not checked randomly by the app testers. Apple is very particular about its testing guidelines, failing to which, your app can receive an instant rejection from the Apple, no matter how perfect the UI is made or how well the app is developed, if your app does not comply all the rules and regulations set by Apple, then your app would never see the light.

Follow Apple guidelines

Apple is very rigid with its quality process, and doesn’t approve any app without fulfilling the requirements. Henceforth, if you want your app not to face the brunt of rejection, then you must follow the guidelines shared by Apple. Your selected app development partner should be able to integrate Apple Testing regulations, which would include unit tests and functional tests. Also, the UX guerrilla testing and in-depth testing practices help your app to receive the required user feedback before the deployment of mobile to save the horror of negative customer reviews.

Plan iOS app marketing strategy

The development of a mobile app does not mean that your app can reach directly to your targeted audience. No matter how big is your brand, but unless your mobile app gets a positive exposure, it can never boost product sales. You need a medium to market your iOS app so your users can increase your brand recognition. To know the perfect app marketing strategies for your mobile app, you can select your distribution channels carefully and your target audience for each of the following app marketing options:

  • Social Media Channels
  • Email Marketing Content
  • Guest Blogging
  • AdWords Content

Post-app development support

The iOS app development process does not halt on designing, programming, and testing, but there lies the actual support required for the lifecycle of your mobile app, which includes maintenance, support, fixes, upgrades, etc. These points are proven vital for the best output for user engagement, user retention, and user loyalty to cover high ROI and positive stability in the app market.

Final thoughts

A mobile app is a reflection of your services, and if it gets hiccups, it means your services are not worthy enough. Therefore you must invest more time in developing the successful product for your business, with efficient app developers from Techugo only.

As we have crafted mesmerizing app solutions for the Fortune 200, Global 2000 and budding startups, and we are ready to help you sail further with app solution.

Give us a call today!

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