10 Sep 2019

Android 10 Released- Get The Latest Buzz About Google’s Update!


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Android 10

Are you content with the new Google’s update? Keep reading further, if you want to know more!

If you are still not updated with the trending buzz of the market, then let me just start by telling you that Google has released its colossal new update to Android 10. But the news is that it is now available for a few other smartphones (and not just Google-made phones).

Android Q, also known as Android 10 was announced in May. And I am happy that they finally ditched the pudding based names like Marshmallow, Pie, Nougat, or even Oreo.

But don’t you even dare to think that this is the only change or update in it. Keep reading further and know all about the latest Google update.

When Can I Pick The Delivery?

Firstly, if you can no longer hold your patience, then head straight to Google’s developer site. Or you can also check for any related updates in the settings, and download it with a couple of days (only if you have Google Pixel phone).

And to my surprise, for Android, the manufacturers have joined the beforehand release schedule. Essential Phone has a full Android 10 update available all around the globe. And for Xiaomi Redmi K20 Pro, the update is available in India and China. On the other hand, Android 10 has been released for OnePlus 7 and 7 Pro, that too in open beta. The open beta is actually a part of the OnePlus long-running software series.

A lot of manufacturers are still running their developer previews. So keep your eyes open for the release of full versions. But Samsung is proving out to be the biggest exception. This company is not going to release Android 10 for the next few months.

Let Us Carry On With The Money Talks

Do you want to know how much will it cost you?

Now all the updates from Google and other manufacturers won’t cost you a dime. If you are asked to pay for the same, then you need to back off, because it is probably a scam!

What About The Applications?

Are all your apps going to work properly?

So the news is that most of the apps are going to function normally. Some of the applications are already being updated in order to match the compatibility. But some might require small updates for complete compatibility.

Enhanced Gesture Navigation

If you are aware of the introduction of a new gesture navigation system, that is a part of Android 10, then you must be knowing that it is available alongside the traditional three-button. And also along with Google’s Android 9 Pie two-button navigation option.

The new navigation gestures are apparently a combination of those used by Apple on its iPhone X, XS, and XR lines. And also of those deployed by OnePlus and Huawei.

So now there is a new thin gesture bar available at the bottom of the screen. If we swipe up the thin bar, it will take you on the home page and once you hold it up, it shows all the recently used applications. The right and left swipes on the bar are going to make you switch between the last used applications.

The newly created gestures are smooth and fast. They actually make the use of large-screen phones very easy. Especially the back swipe. Now we no longer need to go to the bottom left of the phone, just to simply tap the back button.

Smart Replies For Smart Applications 

Now the option of smart replies has been expanded a lot. They have ameliorated from a limited number of Google’s apps to a lot of messaging apps. These apps use on-device machine learning to provide you with quick replies, that too from the notification area itself.

In this, we can also open apps for things like video, address or URL. This can be done directly from the messaging app, without even copying or pasting anything. They allow the one-tap navigation direction in Google maps, or much more.

Dark Mode

So Huawei, OnePlus, and Samsung are a few of the Android manufacturers who have implemented their own dark themes. But now Google has inculcated a complete dark mode within this new update. This dark mode can be accessed all the time or during a specific schedule. It has finally joined the trend.

The people who use high-end smartphones, enabling the dark theme can help them to expand the battery life. Because the pixels that are not black are the only ones that are going to consume electricity. But some of the audience uses it just because it looks good.

What About Notifications?

In order to reduce the overloading of notifications, Android is now going to provide choices. For example, for general alerts, notifications that don’t make any noise (silent alerts), and just create a cluster in the bottom of the notification shade. Silent notification that does not make any sound or vibration, is useful for categorizing the apps according to the priority.

App Privacy

Google is trying to bridge the gap between users and control over the data. The tech giant is trying to give greater control to the users over the information or data they share with the android application development. Which is extremely necessary because competitors like Apple are leaving no stone unturned to provide security to its users. Android 10 introduces a number of new controls. This includes the ability to share the location, only if you are using it. And to top it off, it will also provide you the information about the app that is accessing your location, without any use of the same.

The new privacy control includes an app permission manager, location history, personalized ads, and last but not least, Google account activity is easily available in the settings menu too. This will help you to know what kind of data is being collected so that you can stop it immediately if you don’t want it.

From parental controls and faster security updates to numerous emojis and taking control of the notifications, this latest Google update is definitely turning a lot of heads. For more information, stay connected to this space.


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