24 Mar 2017


Google always brings the charisma of innovation and creativity since its inception and the legacy has been carried forward with the developer preview of Google’s next version, which will be called Android ‘O’ as of now, and any change in the name would be shared towards the end of this year, with the release of the new OS and the new Pixel Smartphone. This developer preview would bring the app developers an early interesting look into the features, which are going to be integrated with this new OS. The developers would receive the update, but for our followers, we have decided to capture a glimpse of upcoming Android ‘O’ through this blog, Let’s take a look at the upcoming Android OS features:


A better battery for its users, has always been a top most priority of Google, with the new and upcoming Android ‘O’ Google has planned to restrict the activities of background apps when the user would be engaged on the other apps. This will reduce the chances of battery drain in all types of Android devices.


Undoubtedly, Android N had made the notification panel more interactive and suave, but Google has decided to take this to the next level, where now users would be able to enjoin their notifications into channels, which means the every notification would reflect under its respective channel or source only, also the users can fine tune their notifications by adding the different categories within these channels. The most interesting update the notification section would receive is to snooze the notification to be checked after a few minutes.

Top Audio Transmission

Android O would support the advanced Bluetooth audio codecs: Sony’s LDAC codec, which lets the transmission of audio takes place at 3x more than compared to the standard Bluetooth audio codecs. This upgraded feature will stream the higher quality audio during the Bluetooth streaming.

Wireless Connectivity

Wi-Fi is another unavoidable feature of Android O, it is based on Neighbor Awareness Networking (NAN), which allows the users to connect and communicate with other users in their surroundings over a secured wireless network, also the users would be able to chat with each other over the messengers, send and receive files and interestingly challenge each other in two player games without even the connection of internet.


With Google O users can customize the lockscreen shortcuts and will be able to add more options as per their requirement.

Icons Would Be Renovated

We all have become quite accustomed to the Android apps icons, but to give a twist to the app icons Google has overhauled the app icons, now user can choose the shapes and also add some animations while interacting with the apps to have a more personalized look.

Manage The Cache

The other interesting feature is the Cache management with Android O, where every user would be allocated a fixed amount of storage space for every app’s cached data, helping the user to prioritize the deletion of cached data of mobile apps, based on the limit and old cache files.

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