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22 Sep 2017

What Brings Success To Your Mobile App

On hearing the word mobile app, 10 years ago, had triggered our brain cells, but in the current scenario, it is just a necessity which handles and manages our life schedule systematically. We all love technology and I too adore it and the reasons are endless, but what surprise me most, is the usage of mobile apps on my Smartphone, to talk about, there are few mobile apps which get opened frequently in a day, and then there are mobile apps which have not been opened since the day they were downloaded.

Does it sound so familiar to you?

App usability makes a mobile app successful; I heard it a thousand times before. But what actually counts in to enhance the app usability?

A very intense question it is, and indeed users across the different sectors, are simply affected largely due to the absence of the correct dosage of app usability. To address this issue largely, I have assembled some of the essentials which enhance your app’s usability to help it gain the success further, in the today’s writing, and have tried to scribble down the every possible ingredient required to make your app successful, let’s read ahead…

  • Succinct Registration Form

The very first step users have to cross to access your services is the registration form, which is an integral part of a mobile app to ensure the safety measures, and is quite acceptable too, as long as it does not offer miles long tedious form to be filled.

Your app user prefers to shop online, due to the major factor of convenience, but if your mobile app, does not offer the convenience from the initial stage, do you really think, users would care to proceed further?

You have to ensure that the registration form is as succinct as possible and does not hold the irrelevant fields to be filled further, which holds your users to utilize the app.

You only need to include the required information, such as name, shipping address, email, and phone number to reach the user at the time of any delivery issue. But any other information serving out of this league is superfluous and must be discouraged by the app developers. It does motivate the new users as well to go and use the mobile app further.

  • Make It A Simple Piece

Your users are from the different walks of life, and don’t know how to deal with the technical advancements. If your mobile app has loads of technical aspects, which are not simpler to be used, you can trust me, your mobile app will have the maximum bounce-back rates.

A mobile app is a medium which lets the people make a convenient pace between their needs and the required services, in such scenario, if a mobile app only increases the stress more, than how it can even gain recognition in the app world.

Keep it as simple and clean as possible, which would make it an easy-to-use method by your users.

  • App Loading Time MATTERS

Unfortunately the digital path has already created an impression, to essay down every action in the fraction of seconds, and if it delays beyond the users’ expected time-frame, they start to doubt their data connection and then consequently declare the mobile app wastage.

There are many theories which go around the app development field and suggest the different loading time for your mobile app, but the accurate and the perfect loading time for a mobile app, ought to be 3-4 seconds.

Though the loading time depends on the number of images, content size and the graphics used in the mobile app, but as a general rule, try to keep your mobile app as light as possible, because your mobile app dictates your brand’s recognition, and missing out on app’s loading time, due to any reason does not give a healthy background for the app success.

  • Include What Is Required

A very famous satirical adage suggests,’ Jack of all trades and master of none’, maybe a little too harsh saying for this writing piece, but this somehow fits the bill more appropriately here J

Your mobile app needs to address the issues faced by the customers while accessing your services, but that does not mean, that you would add T-Z as well, whereas the requirement was from A-S only.

This is indeed a disagreeable act since it does not leave any room for you as an app developer to polish and enhance the only required features since your attention gets diluted to those functionalities even, which is not even asked for by your users.

Work only on the required functionalities and let the users get accustomed to using those features. The remaining features or functionalities can be a part of your app update, and worth to mention, it would help in retaining your users as well.

  • Shout Out Your App ALOUD

The various marketing tactics to promote your product is a much-needed aspect for your services and it applies same for your mobile app too. Eventually a mobile app needs a more aggressive sort of marketing since an app has to prove its worth in the jungle which outgrows the mobile app in every second.

There are various ways to do it, pick Social Media marketing, Promotional website, Content Marketing, E-mail Marketing, Media coverage and SMS Marketing and also any other marketing which covers the turf of the mobile app development field.

You need to ensure that your targeted users are getting a GOOD shout about your mobile app.

The probability of your mobile app’s success depends on its concept and design too, which in collaboration with the above-mentioned points make an irresistible recipe for your users, which they would find hard to skip.

Also, the role of a right mobile app development company plays a huge role in the success party for your mobile app. Your mobile app gets direction, new ideas, advanced approach, and the marketing galore  fit the mobile app canvas, just due to a right mobile app development company.

It is quite frustrating to know that a glut of mobile app development companies creates a successful ruckus in the market, leaving the clients bewildered. I have got a name which is trusted, offer quality-enriched apps and believe only in EARNING the business from the clients, and the name is Techugo- a leading mobile app development company.

Techugo has delivered a great number of successful mobile apps to some of the most successful brands and startups across the globe and has helped them to find their deserving niche.

Why not get in touch with the Techugo team and experience the difference. It will take you only 2 min to drop a query email to us, and lead yourself further to the success shore.

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