Curbside Pickup Saves Businesses & Boosts Community

8 May 2020

Curbside Pickup Saves Businesses & Boosts Community

“Curbside pickup has emerged out to be a spectacular way to keep employees safe & employed. Take a look to know how this service is meeting the users’ demand.”

As the entire world keeps up with social distancing and the global lockdown to contain the spread of the coronavirus, things are getting a little complicated. On one hand, masses are confused about where to buy the necessary commodities, and on other essential businesses are worried about their safety. Many of us order groceries online to stay safe, while the one delivering the items remains exposed to the risk. The solution can be obtained by carefully choosing the way the products are being delivered.

Curbside Pickup To The Rescue

There is no doubt in the fact the current global health crises has an impact on everyone. Irrespective of the place and the industry, it is hard to not feel the crisis. Take brick and mortar businesses for example. Because of the global lockdown they shut all the operations and shifted to delivery or takeout. As the hustle to discover a safer way to deliver the essentials is still going on, curbside pickup offers a creative solution. It is basically a drive-thru for the processes that don’t generally do that.

The list of advantages that curbside pickup offers is never-ending. Not only it protects the customers, but it also safeguards the employees that are still working. It gives the power to businesses to stay open and serve the community, that is subjected to constant change.

More About Curbside Pickup

It is a recent venture for the retailers that take care of the deliveries. It is an effective way to develop an omnichannel strategy. As many of the stores are on users’ commuting route, a quick pitstop to grab online deliveries/ groceries would pace up the process. There is also no need for consumers to leave their vehicle to get the package.

How Does It Help The Community?

Offering curbside pickup means that a business is permitting the users to purchase the required goods online, and the drive to the location for the pickup. The good news is that there is no need to leave the car. It is basically a modification of the policy- order online & pick up in-store.

Earlier consumers opted for it to cut back on the extra packaging and the delivery charges, and now it offers a way to get the goods safely. It offers a safer way for businesses to provide essential services to carry out the deliveries. Also, the areas with no restrictions are opting for curbside pickup to keep serving the masses safely. It keeps the employees working and revenue coming in. Businesses need to make extra efforts to keep the workforce safe and community happy, by limiting the amount of person-to-person contact.

What Are The Advantages Of Curbside Pickup?

This retail service has been able to set a trend because it delivers a seamless essence of convenience. Take a look at a few of the advantages of this service-

1. Brand loyalty

Users appreciate and highly support expediency, and the brands that provide this service would soon become a synonym for convenience.

2. Low-cost delivery

It is a cheaper alternative of home delivery, that one can choose to save a few bucks. Instead of free shipping brands can opt for a much better service.

3. Better user experience

Shopping is so much easier when one can avail of the services of a drive-through. It decreases the amount of time spent while grocery shopping and boosts safety.

4. Less packaging

To avoid unnecessary packaging this service delivers the best way out.


If you run an essential business and wish to go digital with the help of an online grocery app then including curbside pickup is a must. Before initiating the strategy any further, make sure to check the government guidelines. And in case you want to know more about the technicalities involved, then feel free to reach out to the experts from TECHUGO.

But until then, for any latest tech updated, stay tuned to this space for more.



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