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12 Apr 2017

Fight Fake News With Google

“What is mentioned on the internet is not always trustworthy”, we all know this and can relate to this statement somewhere, since we have experienced it also at some point of our life. When you want to get a particular piece of news to be confirmed, then you never rely on one article, but rather check it on various sources available on the popular search engine Google, and only if we find it coming from a very trustful resource, then we let the actuality fall on us. On Friday, the tech giant Google made an interesting announcement that it’s adding “fact check” labels to some of the results in the search engine.

How It Will Perform

Google will show the trustworthy information from fact-checking sites:  PolitiFact and Snopes. These sites would display the richer information on Google, which would cite clearly whether the claims made are true, false, or somewhere in between. Although this step would not combat with the usage of Google’s platform to spread false or offensive stories but will help the readers to access a fair piece of information. As per the Google’s blog post, “Only publishers that are algorithmically determined to be an authoritative source of information will qualify for inclusion,” which means that Google would not show the information from all fact-checkers websites.

What To Expect

Users will be able to see a “Fact Check” tag in their Google search results, which would inform them further that claim is being checked, who made it, who did the fact check and a short summary of the fact check. Also, on the Google News, all the articles will be labeled “Fact Check.”

It is a strong step taken by Google to fight the fake news system, which always offers a delusional platform for the readers to access the wrong and unreliable source of information. We hope with the advancement of technology, there will be soon a much customized and refined way to spot the fake news on the popular search engine Google.

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