6 Nov 2018

Google Glass- A Magical Eye For Enhanced Business Productivity


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Google Glass

RIP to my jaws which have fallen on the ground after the g the advent of technology to an extreme level.

No, it’s not the sarcastic venturing into writing something about technology, but it is the state of excitement, which made me initiate this writing with a controversial condition to my body.

What Is Google Glass?

To talk on an honest, I too had this curiosity that whether a Google Glass looks like a glass, or how is it a trending technology piece?

Basically, Google Glass is a wearable and voice controlled device, which works on the pair of eyeglasses and displays information to the user’s vision.  As an out product of Google, it is based on a version Android OS.

Years ago, Google launched the Google Glass, as a wonder to take place in the real world through the technology, but it was not that sound or capable of.

However, in the recent Google I/O conference, a real-time Augmented Reality with its AR headsets and the future lies with it.

It recognizes text and translates/copies, identifies objects and searches for related matches. It can get directions and information that floats in front of users’ vision. Glass also uses many existing Google applications like Google Now, Google Maps, Google+, etc.

What Glass Does?

Google Glass is a device to design for sharing and uploading images, video, and audio online. Across the globe, many leading top mobile app development companies  have built applications for Glass, including news apps like Facial Recognition, Photo Manipulation, Translation and Sharing Social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

What Are The Features of Google Glass

  • Google search– With this feature a voice command for search, fetches the information and shows every required information in front of eyes instantly.
  • Capture still and motion pictures– What users need to do is to ask Google Glass and it will capture images and videos in a blink.
  • Reminders– With a mere look at something, users just need to pop-out, “Remind me to…” and Glass can associate an image with that specific task and would remind you about it on time.
  • Google Now integration– This feature allows the users to receive the updated inputs about current location in real time as the augmented reality headgear integrates with Google Now.
  • Maps– Users can find directions, locations, etc., through voice commands through the glass, and don’t need to hold their phones.
  • Translation– Yes, it does the toughest job of the translation with an ease. Google Glass helps to translate and speak out a word, sentence or a phrase from one language to another.
  • Gesture control– The movement of the glass can be controlled through the movement of the head, face, and eye.
  • Voice Email and SMS– Users can respond to an email or SMS through voice dictation, it reflects the message draft for editing, before sending.
  • Voice and video chats– It allows the users to use video chats and voice-only calls and share their feeds with family and friends in real-time.
  • OS compatibility– Its functionality is not limited to Android, but can very well work on iOS as well.
  • 3rd Party app integration– The headgear also offers popular apps from big names of the likes of Evernote, Skitch, and Path among others
  • App installation– Its mechanism is much like Android Smartphone, letting any android app loading with APK file for that app. All required is the connection of Glass with the computer via a USB cable using Android Debug Bridge (ADB).


How Google Glass Benefits Different Industries?

The world of apps is huge and s ever-evolving, which makes the technology to come out of the burden of inconvenience and tumultuous affair. With Google Glass, now users don’t need to glare at their Smartphone screen with their faces down-turned, rather with the heads-up display, users can take care of something more productive.

Google Glass is the first product of Project Glass Research and Development program carried out at GoogleX, which allows the users to interact with the web world via voice commands, like “ok glass, take a picture”, “ok glass, get directions to…” to name a few.

With Google Glass, users get a plethora of benefits; some of the most sizzling benefits are mentioned herewith…

  • Enhances Productivity

It has been observed that to accomplish the different means of the required job, experienced technicians or the experts need to travel from one place to another, which consumes time and make the technicians skip some other projects. This definitely stoops down the productivity level to a lower rate.

However, there is a solution with Google Glass, which allows the experienced technicians to carry out the required measures of solutions by sitting at one particular place.

Google Glass gives the flexibility of letting the fresher to be sent on the working site, and share the site vision with the experts sitting miles apart through a mobile app, and get directed and supervised from the experts’ hands.

This lets the experts handle various issues in one time and consequently it boosts the productivity and the revenue for an organization.

  • A Game Changer For Warehouses

Being a core wearable computer, Google Glass, allows the warehouse workers to perform manual labor efficiently, with a computer clipped in front of their eyes, warehouse workers don’t need to stop due to performing other tasks, like reading instruction manuals, training material, or to leave their desks or spots to ask a co-worker for help.

  • Revolutionizing The Medical Industry

Healthcare industry is picking up the innovation and creativity and letting the up to date data about the patient automatically displayed in the corner of health care expert’s eye though Google Glass vision. The voice-activated system removes the need during surgical procedures to turn around to check a computer monitor. Also, Google Glass is enhancing the healthcare industry in a number of ways relating to teaching and consultation.

  • Google Glass & Sports

Sports play a significant role in mind and body development and it is a passion for some as well. With the help of Google Glass sports like Football, basketball and baseball players, for instance, can be more engaging, as the players can wear this gadget during practice and receive the real-time instructions from their coach. Also, the sports players can view recordings and comprehend the major roadblocks in their performance.

  • Changing The Game of Education

If certain students are unable to take the classes physically in the institutions, then for such students Google Glass improves the experience of distance learning, wherein the instructors can make first-person video guides in real time, which would replicate the classroom learning experience. Students can access the lessons and the practical demonstrations hassle free. This lets the students grasp the highly interactive environment while offering the dynamic educational experience.

Just like these businesses, there are many other verticals as well, which can help and benefit the business in abundance.

I hope now you must have got my idea that why Google Glass is not an illusionary approach to give oodles of benefits but is a very realistic approach. In current situation a lot of businesses are adopting the Google Glass enabled mobile apps for their specific businesses, you must get in touch with one of the leading mobile app development companies to help you understand and integrate the Google Glass within your app domain.

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