7 Apr 2017

Google Play Music All Access Now In India


Ankit Singh

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Google Music App

Last year around the mid-July 2016, we published an article about Google Play Music, you can check more about it here: ENTICING MUSICAL JIBES. This article explained how Google Play Music made an entry into the Indian market, which was indeed a relief and today again we have brought some trending news about the Google Play Music and music lovers can feel the difference. Let’s check out the news further…

All Access Play Music

We all know that Google Play Music went live in India last year, and it offered the users to buy and download the millions of tracks at the cost of 15 INR ($0.20), but sadly all access of Google Play Music, subscription service which cost $9.99 in the U.S., was not available at launch in India.

But now Google has taken an initiative to make it go live at the minimal cost of 89 INR per month ($1.4). It is a deal not to miss at any level since user receives the unlimited access to Google Play Music’s huge list of music catalog. As of now, Google is offering a 30-day trial, with unlimited music from the International and Indian chartbusters in the catalog.

Since Android Market has an impressive share in India, it would be much accessible for the Google to pave its way for success.  Google play music would allow the users to utilize the service as an app and web and download the tracks to listen offline. The affordable pricing offered by Google makes Google Play Music tempting enough and would let the customers enjoy it to the fullest. Get ready and pull your socks to enjoy Google Play Music service at the most affordable cost.

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