15 Jul 2016

Enticing Musical Jibes

I am unable to find last year’s Jlo’s track? Oh, this is not the new song, but is from Backstreet Boyz…Am not able to find Enrique’s latest…these all questions along with thousands more beep on my WhatsApp account daily from my squad of music lovers. I have been considered as the Musicpedia for my friends and what irks me most, when I am disturbed on my Sunday morning sleep as well to find so and so track for my friends, but at the end I enjoy music and love to help everyone pertinent to music.

I have tried many online play music options such as iTunes but, something which has caught my attention is Google Play Music. My friends who live in the USA, have told me on numerous occasions the quality service and value for money they are receiving from Google Play music, but just for my bad luck it’s still not available in India.

While flipping the random news on Google, I found an interesting piece stating Google might finally be bringing Play Music to India as several Reddit users have been able to play selected songs from the  app’s catalogue via its web version, which was earlier inaccessible for users in the country. The screenshots shown also depict the prices written in INR (Indian Rupee), which is a clear hint of its arrival in India.

As per the tech pundits, Indian market is the platform to boost the competition, here already Saavn and Hungama are ruling the music market, so it would be a cut-throat competition for Google Play Music to embark and sustain its presence. As per the grapevine, YouTube Red, famous for watching YouTube ad-free, save videos offline, and play videos in the background, might be coming to India as there are notifications sent out to some users regarding the app.

Lucky chaps in the USA got the free subscription offer from Google Play Music on its selected services on Monday as part of its July 4 celebrations and is giving away four months of free subscription to its new Google Play Music and YouTube Red subscribers.

In the US, the subscription for Play Music All Access costs $9.99 (approximately Rs. 670) per month to its users and gives the user admission to the full music library as well as the newly launched YouTube Red service. The subscription fee for Play Music All Access India remains to be seen.

I, too desperately waiting for the Google Play Music and YouTube Red, to roll out in India so I can switch to the musical notes at any time and at my convenience.


Meenakshi Shukla


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