3 Jul 2019

IoT- Driven Factories: Data Challenges And Opportunities


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Can you believe that Internet of things (IoT ) can be a part of a Factory setting? Well! it is true that technology has exceeded our humanity and bringing unimaginable systems and solutions in the various sectors. Though, I must say IoT is quite different from its meaning.

At one point it describes as internet of things and on the other, it is about connecting physical objects with the sensors in a wireless network. Thus, experts call it  IT and OT fusion, and known in the factory setting an Internet of things (IoT ).

Today, around the market people are talking a lot about it. Thus, it is growing as the most engaging panel. Therefore, every business vertical is striving to leverage the potential of this technology.

Don’t you think an IoT-enabled factory can answer all the major challenges and can boost up the productivity of business. At IoT Tech Expo, last week an engaging panel tried to figure out the future of factories in the IoT-enabled world, data problems in the instances of innovation.

The focal point of discussion at the event was use of data. Actually, enterprise have realized the need to use collected data. Therefore, they have decided to continue nautical analogy. According to the Jinthan Bowl,- vice president of IoT and big data analytics at Hitachi Vantara “this is the big time to utilize the gathered data”. And! that’s what a majority of businesses are doing and notifying their strategies, instead of power them.

During the conference, a lot of things came alive, and many experts shared various aspects. The co-founder of Jugaad BV, Dr. Mayank Gupta, who is also a representative at MESA International.  The giant enterprises are sitting on the huge bunch of data, he added. But! he also addressed that those enterprises are not able to make the most of it, just because of the absence of logistics. This makes a huge buzz that tech startups are craving data more than the money.

Though the experts there also added that data analysis isn’t the goal, the use of fancy ML algorithm can boost up the data processing. But! finding the solution is essential. According to the experts at the event, AI  can solve various problems and security & data use can be handled into magical blockchain or cloud. Though, the reality is not the same.

There is a humongous need for processing data in different layers, and every layer needs to be work well to bring value to the people and not the business value.  Companies are starting to embrace the fact that without data there may not be any value. Therefore, it is essential to exploit data by the team together.

If we see toward the IoT, the industrial IoT is moving slowly and having a heavy-lifting process.  Though, the manufacturing industry isn’t able to help itself at this time.  The business development manager for the infrastructure of IoT solutions at Dell, significantly address the surprise it gets while visiting greenfield factories,

He said that he was surprised even being an IT guy when he first got into the OT part, people creating new factories even they are not advanced and too smart to fancy that you can’t expect. He also determined that  ” people have timeframes, budget and a good amount of revenue to go out. Just because In this year you want everything should be smart.

Where IoT is able to make people access the smart aspects. This technology can make a huge difference in the factories by making it more advanced. And! that’s what people are striving to do. Thus, it is driving businesses to bring changes.

Indeed, this technology is remarkable and holds the potential to transform the overall factory premises and workflow.

Not just factories can employ this technology but also the other sectors like mobile application development, healthcare, recycling and more. It needs to be looked that how this change will come, to know more about it stay tuned with Techugo.


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