27 May 2020

Is Python A Good Choice For Mobile App Development?

Mobile app development

Mobile app development offers unmatchable benefits to businesses. But can you trust Python for the same? To get rid of the prevailing confusion, keep reading.

The reason why the world is relishing gargantuan opportunities of an application is its undefeatable streak to deliver convenience. App technology has opened up a pandora of possibilities for small and medium-sized businesses to become top-notch. From providing the value to the user base to simplifying the process, the scope of growth is unbelievable.

That is the reason why companies from different industries are trying to integrate their process with the seamlessness of applications. The biz world just wants to make the most of the capability it delivers. Yes, apps have the potential to reduce gaps present between the audience and the businesses. It bridges the possibility of any sort of fault in the process and establishes a seamless digital connection between both.

But the success of any application project lies in the hands of developers from a leading mobile app development company. The results are derived from the potential of a skilled team and the technology that they use for creating the application. The language used plays a huge role in boosting the app’s quality. So today we will focus our blog on a language that is creating a buzz in the market by triggering curiosity in the business world.

Yes, we are talking about Python.

An Introduction To Python

Developed by Guido van Rossum in 1991, it is an object-oriented programming language that delivers quick app development. The reasons why its in demand in the field of Rapid app development are dynamic typing and dynamic binding. It uses a unique syntax that covers readability. This simple syntax makes the language simple and easy to understand.

Python has access to modules and packages that allow code reusability.

It is a very popular programming language, and its features are continuously adding up to the same. Now it has entered in mobile app development as well. But many are still unaware of it. A lot of people don’t know the reason behind its full-fledged adoption. Therefore, today in this blog we will find out the factors that explain this language’s whopping fan base.

When it comes to security, Python runs in the frontline. It is indeed, one of the most secure programming languages with a bunch of built libraries. Hence, there is no need to code a lot of functions. All one needs to do is paste the code from the library, and it’s good to go. This language is platform-independent. So it can run on any particular platform, which also makes it one of the greatest advantages.

Despite all the advantages, not many are aware of the fact that this language can also be used for creating an application. But it is time to see app development beyond the world of Kotlin and Java and embrace the perks of this language. Most of the companies lag behind in using Python framework for creating apps.

Perks Of Python In App Development

Here are the benefits that you can achieve if you choose the Python framework for the app development process. Take a look-

1. Extensive Libraries

This language provides many libraries that are already built. One can make use of those libraries in the code for the app. And there is no need to code specifically for a function. This drastically decreases the cost and time of creating an application. If you are willing to get the support of extensive libraries, then adopt Python today.

2. Better Security

Another biggest advantage that Python delivers is security. When an application is created with its help, it has access to secure and robust backend. They provide negligible scope for any kind of cyberattacks.

3. Improved Productivity

With lesser lines of code, this app delivers productivity to the team of developers. That is the reason why we can witness an increase in its adoption by the developers present all around the globe. As a couple of functions and libraries are already available on the internet, a lot of time is saved.

4. Kivy Framework

Kivy is an open-source and multi-platform library that is used to create the application’s GUI. It is basically a Python-based library used to create Frontend of the apps. It is cross-platform, so the code can be used for both iOS and Android. With the help of Kivy, an application can be built with this language.

5. Simple Integration

It is easy to integrate Python-based applications with multiple technologies and tools. This language provides the capability to the developing team to extend the application’s functionalities. This can be easily done by extending the integration of third-party tools. Seamless integration is another advantage of why developing teams use this language.


These are the exceptional advantages of Python, a programming language. If you want to take your business to new heights then merging mobile app development with the seamlessness of this language will go a long way. If you have been following traditional techniques for business, and have no idea about applications, feel free to reach out to the experts.

Connect with the skilled and headstrong professionals of TECHUGO, a leading mobile app development company, and experience excellence. In case you have more queries about this language, then reach out to us at sales@techugo.com or drop a comment. We will reach out to you soon.

But until then stay tuned to this space for more information.

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