30 Jun 2017


mobile app

When I think of mobile app, I automatically visualize a huge concept with a bigger picture, where every single thought yields results by keeping the customers engaging, but unfortunately this tale is short-lived in imagination only, and the credit goes to the never-ending competition, which makes the survival of a mobile app in the app marketplace tougher than ever before. App developers try all the required tactics to win the game, but something somewhere goes wrong which turns the table upside sown.

Yes, you are right every app is different and so the audience too, but what you must not forget ever that there are some secret ingredients added by every app developer with different quantity depending on the nature of the mobile app, to make the app a successful dish. Do you think it is naïve to talk about such n special techniques to promote your mobile app, NO it is rather an intellectual decision to fall in for, because a little intelligence paid here, would bring the most satisfactory results. Yet if you are not convinced, listed below are some of the MUST you need to adapt to make your mobile app successful in the marketplace.

Mobile App Marketing

Many app developers fear that marketing a mobile app, creates indigestion issue with the users, but actually, this fact is little misunderstood, marketing never creates indigestion but the OVER marketing does. The one fact which you need to accept is, that for any product or services, Marketing brings harm if it is done excessively or in less quantity. So pick a marketing strategy in moderation and on the completion of mobile app development, add the marketing as a much needed leaf in your app success tree. Every feature and the functionality of your mobile app must reach your users, without a fail. Utilize every possible mode of marketing and ensure you are giving a considerable and a deserving marketing shout to your mobile app.

Let Users Get Acclimatize

After app marketing, the next biggest challenge comes on your plate is that how to get users accept your mobile app? For this, you need to follow some smart tactics, like offer discounts in the pricing of the app or offer a free trial version. You can also use free “lite” version, if your app is paid, this will help your users to experience the best part of your mobile app in the free version, provoking them to buy your mobile app. Remember, unless you showcase and let your users experience what you have to offer, they would never opt for your mobile app.

Promotional Website

This is the foremost part of your app development journey and must be adopted freely while developing a mobile app. Promotional website acts as the best business model to promote your mobile app to your potential users, even much before your mobile app goes live on the app stores, through this you can create an atmosphere among your users, that what your app is going to be all about. You only have to pay attention to a few things, like your promotional website should not be a replica of your mobile app, it should have a crisp content, it needs to have app video teasers and it also needs to be promoted wisely on all relevant social media platforms.

Blog, Blog & Blog

Yes, content marketing is way too essential to make your app a successful product in the app market, you have to get a special and precised content in the form of blogs, articles, press release, and PPT to cover every single corner where readers can read about your mobile app.

SEO Magic

When we think of SEO, then only the technical aspects revolve around us, but actually, this is not the case. Although SEO involves technicality and the expertise, but is an interesting way to reach your users. The keywords and the meta tags used by the customers work in the favor of app success. The required tags and keywords help your app reach quickly to your users without compromising on quality and service, rather they help your app to rank on the very first page of the Google organic search meter.

A mobile does not become popular in a fortnight, but requires proper planning to help it climb the success ladder and if you fail to plan any essential steps mentioned above, then seriously you are going to lose a huge deal of future success for your mobile app in the app marketplace. Many app developers have a myth that a mobile app can gain its deserving recognition if the functionalities and features are impressive enough, although it is right, but unless these features are promoted well in the market to be heard by the potential users, else it does not make any sense, so you need to have unique features and the app concept to get together, but remember these features are needed to be escalated to your users through an accessible and convenient way.

Above all, if these tactics are not followed by a mobile app development company, it all goes waste. Let me explain further, a mobile app is always required to be developed by an expert in the app industry, who knows the if’s and but’s for your mobile app and can craft a beautiful masterpiece to be cherished forever by your users. Techugo is such company which has carved its niche in the app development field, and due to the impeccable expertise and skills in the different sections of app development, today Techugo has earned a title of a top mobile app development company in Dubai for itself. If you want your app to be developed by Techugo, then please do not hesitate to reach us with your concept, we assure you that our association would help your business reach the success through our developed mobile apps. You can get in touch with our team to discuss further your concept to bring into reality. The discussion would help you to gain a better insight of your app requirement.

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