19 Nov 2019
Updated on December 15th, 2022

Men’s Health & Movember- It’s Time To Grow Your Mo For A Cause


Ankit Singh

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“Unless you are living under a rock, you must have also felt a fresh wave of MOVEMBER.”

November, or popularly known as Movember, is a month that is completely dedicated to spreading awareness about men’s health issues. For example testicular cancer, prostate cancer, suicide prevention, and mental health. This movement is an initiative to help men cope up with their uphill battle with such issues, and live life to the fullest.

So to value this global movement, let us get to know a little bit more about it.

What Is Movember All About?

As we have already discussed, Movember is the name given to the month of November. It is basically a mustache-growing event for charity. The motive behind it is to spread awareness about the major health issues related to men. From raising funds to running 60 kilometers, this month is all about gathering maximum friends and spreading awareness.

In order to change the face of men’s health, people are donating, getting involved or teaming up with a foundation. This movement is so powerful that we can easily witness a colossal amount of participation from all over the world.

Now let us see how mobile app technology is paying its due in order to improve men’s health and spread awareness.

How Technology Is Elevating The Motive Behind Movember?

We live in an era, where the pressure at work and the constant mental hindrances are unavoidable. And this is the major issue creating mental health problems among a huge chunk of the population. Since mental health is one of the issues that the campaign MOVEMBER is focusing on, it is very necessary for every single one of us to address the same.

App technology, on the other hand, is known to deliver convenient solutions to the users, even if it is to maintain basic and major health-related issues. So let us look into the advantages of the applications that focus on the health and well being of men.

5 Benefits Of Mental Health Apps

Applications are not only known to provide convenience, but they also have the capacity to heal someone. Let us expand our understanding and know more about the advantages of mental health apps.

1# Manage anxiety levels

Anxiety is one of the major root causes of spreading of different mental health issues. For people who are experiencing such issues, it is necessary for them to search through different options, apart from taking medical help. We now have the app technology that can help the users to slide through the phase of an anxiety attack.

2# Tackle depression

Most of the time, people who are undergoing different stages of depression are not even aware of it. Applications that focus on completely pulling its users out of that state are gaining huge popularity. Soon the world will be switching to apps, in order to get an expert take on their problems.

3# Connect with a community

Applications that are based on mental fitness, work well when provided support of a community. One of the greatest benefits of such applications is, they bring a gargantuan community for a user to connect with. Hence, men who are facing some kind of mental health issue can connect and offer a helping hand to each other.

4# Re-build self-esteem

Mental health apps are known to provide a wholesome support system that can uplift the self-esteem of the users. Since recreating the lost confidence is not easy, an app with a dedicated approach can help the users to slowly strengthen the foundation.

5# Relish holistic living

From managing stress and anxiety, there are so many different tasks in which health-related apps teach us to follow a holistic approach. They provide users with the confidence to take that first step towards better mental health.

Just like every single sector, mobile app development is also doing its bit for the MOVEMBER. If you too want to spread awareness, then join TECHUGO in its Movember campaign- #TECHMOVEMBER. Be a part of our social cause.

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